Gated Community

I’m all about INclusion as opposed to EXclusion. 

So while we live in a “baby-gated community,” it’s not to keep others out, it’s to keep our big dog, Willa, from wandering freely as she’s inclined to do at this time of year. And to keep Luna, our granddaughter, from joining her.

gated community

I’m about sharing our similarities and celebrating our differences. 

I’m about crossing cultural, language, social, and economic barriers to build community cohesion, understanding, acceptance, and peace. 

I’m about celebrating our shared humanity.

What are you about?


49 thoughts on “Gated Community

  1. I am about celebrating it too! Someone we all know has been on a Tweet rage this morning, creating divisions once again. Therefore, even more so, a big YES to celebrating our shared humanity!

  2. I am all about peace and harmony – unless you push my buttons. I am about tolerance – unless you’re being incredibly dense and stupid. I am about being human, but trying to be the best kind of human I can be.

  3. With you on your “abouts” and for myself I would add, I’m about compassion, equity, justice for all, possibilities … and bringing forward peace and love from my hippie years!

  4. Laurie, I would say I am about Stewardship. Not only of our land that feeds and provides for us, but for the people or persons given to you to care for. Setting standards for children, living a decent life to lead by example. Be the font of Decency for the next generation. I don’t always meet my own standards and that’s alright, ain’t nobody keepin’ score. Or as my daughter Cameron quoted back to me as we were packing for the new house, ” Leave a place better than you found it”.

  5. I couldn’t agree more . Without a shadow of a doubt . I’m with you one hundred percent . What can I say …YES! YES! YES!

  6. I’m much about the same things, Laurie. Twenty years ago I studied a book in a small group setting focused on “Cultural Creatives,” which included people with the same desires and aims as you outline here, just a bit more detailed. I have recently started answering the question that comes to me from time to time about my political party associations with the statement, “I am a Cultural Creative.” That stops people a bit cold, but it reminds me of what’s important in my life. Love your doggy/baby gate! 🙂

  7. What am I about? Right now – communication. I’m trying some new things – new podcast, and a book out – finally.
    It’s tiring though.

  8. I too am all about INclusion and I find myself too often pulled into political discussions on the matter. I am no fan of our WH occupant but I’ll say no more here and just stand by my principals! 🙂

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