Pucker Up!

On watermelon’s heels, grapefruit is my second favorite fruit. In our house, we eat it, drink the juice (unsweetened), and use it as aromatherapy by diffusing grapefruit essential oil in a diffuser. It has a refreshing, citrusy aroma.


According to MEDICAL DAILY, eating grapefruit or drinking its juice, strengthens the immune system, boosts metabolism, reduces kidney stone risk, fights gum disease, protects against cancer, and reduces stress.

According to DOCTORS HEALTH PRESS, when using grapefruit essential oil in the form of aromatherapy, the vapors from grapefruit oil reduce stress, improve mood, reduce inflammation and reduce sugar cravings. It can also help reduce systolic blood pressure.

Not everyone is a fan of this slightly bitter/sour fruit. But even if you do like it, not everyone should have it because it may interact with blood pressure medications and antidepressants. As always, it’s best to consult with your physician.

What’s your favorite fruit or essential oil?

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87 thoughts on “Pucker Up!

  1. I like grapefruit as well. My favourite fruit though is blueberries. We get them in abundance here in Spain. I throw them in my oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes, muffins etc. They are so good and good for you too.

  2. My favourite essential oil is Neroli, I find it very calming. It was a great comfort to me when my father passed and now it reminds me of happy memories of him whenever I smell it.

  3. Laurie, I do like grapefruit… but with sugar! Reckon this cancels outs its benefits. 😀😀 Like Darlene, I love blueberries and have them on my cereal every morning. The best ones are the ones handpicked in the forest in Sweden during summer. Alas last summer all the blueberry bushes were ‘burnt’ by the sun and heat, leaving only withered brown sticky brush.

  4. I am a big fruit eater and love most everything (I don’t care for bananas and watermelon too much, but I like most everything else). I love chirimoyas (custard apples), and mangos, but apples, pears, plums, cherries, melon… As for essential oils, I’m a big lavender fan. Thanks, Laurie!

    • Olga — I’ve never heard of chirimoyas. I just Googled them and they look very interesting! I’ve never seen them in the states, but now I’ll be on the lookout!

      (I don’t care for bananas, either).

    • Shirley — You just gave me a good memory, too. My family would stop at roadside stands and buy grapefruit by the bag, too. I don’t know what state(s) we were traveling through, but I remember the grapefruit were delicious! 🙂

  5. I do like grapefruit but I’m the only one in my family who does! So I don’t buy it as much as other types of fruit. We eat a lot of bananas and oranges – I should shake things up a bit around here!

  6. I love Ruby Red Grapefruit, but I take a medication that discourages the eating of it. Pineapple is another favorite but like you said, Laurie, “It eats me back”. I enjoy fruits of all kinds in their season, apples in the Fall, tangerines at Christmas and navel oranges to finish out Winter. With improved transportation methods, we can indulge an appetite for tropical fruits while watching the snow drifting down. Of course, living in Georgia, the Peach state, snow is seldom seen but the peach season is long and prolific. I love those too!

  7. Fresh grapefruit or orange every morning for breakfast and I feel so energized. I have never seen grapefruit aromatherapy! Something new to look for. Thanks, Laurie.

  8. I enjoy a good room temperature grapefruit, Laurie, especially when I’m within 100 miles of where it’s been grown. Yes, I’m one of those “buy local” advocates. It does tend to focus the attention on the actual cost of food — fossil fuels burned to bring it to me, et al. Apples are our go-to fruit up here; and we have many orchards that somehow are able to keep their apples throughout the winter. I don’t know how they do that; we tried one year and wound up with a lot of rotten apples. The next year, I made apple butter. We harvest our blueberries for the winter too. And they are a great go-to snack frozen. Full Disclosure: As I write this, I realize that we buy avocados. We do. And they are certainly not grown locally. I wonder why we stop with grapefruit (and oranges, except for my fruit salad at holiday time) but not avocados? Hmmm, the mind is a curious place to be. I think I’ll add a grapefruit to my shopping list. They’re up here anyway.

    • Janet — We enjoy a buy-local mentality, too. But there are some things that just aren’t grown around here. As you mentioned, one of them is avocadoes. And it’s a favorite. We grow potatoes by the truckload though!

      I’m curious, why do you enjoy your grapefruit at room temperature? I find that especially interesting (since we keep our in the refrigerator).

      • I know; so many eat it cold. I just find the flavors are — I don’t know, more subtle, less tart, sweeter? — better. I also don’t care for really hot food either; again, I find I can taste the food better if the temperature doesn’t get in the way. It is curious, isn’t it.

  9. I love the taste, aroma, and benefits of grapefruit. At our former house we had loads of ruby reds on a large tree. Now we are starting with a wee tree. I’m thankful for the 5 juicy fruits it bore this winter, but I wished for more. Thanks for “selling” grapefruit here today. I’m already sold!

  10. I lament that neither my husband or I can no longer eat grapefruit–beloved for many years (due to cholesterol lowering drugs). And my cholesterol isn’t even that high. I wonder if I could cheat some, you’ve made me so hungry for it! I’m glad strawberries aren’t off my list, probably my fav. Also love bananas, old fashioned staple. And of course blueberries.

  11. I love all fruits & tell my grandchildren that fruit is God’s candy for us.
    I have to be very strict with grapefruit because of medications.
    I have a few blueberries, pineapple & banana with my cottage cheese for breakfast. An apple a day with a few nuts is something I eat to tide me through until dinner.😊

  12. I love the ruby red grapefruit available in winter so we try to split one a couple of times a week. I think my overall favorite fruit is the blueberry. As for essentials oils, I’m sensitive to many flowers (especially roses) so I avoid those scents in the oils as well. I do like lavender and peppermint and orange.

    • Patricia — I love blueberries, too. Especially in oatmeal. I’m a huge fan of peppermint (both the taste and the essential oil), but it can’t be used around babies or toddlers, so I’ve put mine up until our granddaughter, Luna, is older 🙂

  13. I did not know that grapefruit shouldn’t be eaten with certain medications, although I’ve not eaten it since childhood. I like bananas and melons (other than watermelon) best, although I am trying to encourage myself to eat more oranges now. I want to develop the habit of going to fruit when I want to nibble. In the summer, I do get on a peach binge now and then.

  14. I love grapefruit, the scent as well as the food. Right now, I have Lemongrass essential oil in my diffuser. All fresh fruit is very expensive here in the winter, so I’ve been eating from strawberries, blackberries and blueberries from my freezer.

    • Cindy — I adore lemongrass essential oil (especially with a pinch of orange essential oil dropped in for good measure).

      It’s smart that you were budget-conscious and loaded your freezer with the fruits you love!

  15. My favorite essential oils are tuber rose and geranium. I love all fresh fruit. I have a “delicious” childhood memory of excitement and surprise when my parents’ order of Fruit of the Month Club arrived from Harry & David. Fresh fruit was not as prevalent in the 50’s, especially during the Chicago winters. Beautiful, delicious, and healthy fresh fruit was a treat!

    • Sheila — Not only do I enjoy tuber rose and geranium essential oils as you, but we enjoy Harry & David, too. We received a gift box of their pears over the holidays and it was a special treat. Each individual pear was wearing a little “sweater” made out of an expandable foam with breathable holes. They took great care to insure the fruit arrived without damage. I love their customer focus 🙂

  16. Hi Laurie,

    I’m not a grapefruit fan, though I do like most other fruits. Passionfruit are perhaps my favourite.

    I do recall one interesting incident in respect of grapefruit from when I was about 15. We lived in an old house on a farm at the time, and there was a big grapefruit tree outside my bedroom window. Mum loved grapefruit, but so did the possums.
    One particular night I woke to the sound of possums fighting, and looked out the window to see dozens of them in the tree in the moonlight.
    Next morning I went out, and there were hundreds of naked grapefruit hanging in the tree.
    The possums had eaten the skin, but left fruit.
    After that, mum encouraged me to lower the possum density, so I took on hunting them, and killed several hundred from the farm over a period of a couple of months, but those two images of a tree full of possums in the moonlight, and of naked grapefruit hanging from the tree in the morning sunshine, have remained clear in my memory for the last 50 years.

  17. Now I am going to write too much – I am a fruit-a-holic Well! that is not so true any more. Raspberries are my favorite, everything I have eaten so far in my life I have so enjoyed – except bananas (and potatoes) as they make me very ill. Then 4 years ago I was cut back to eating only blueberries ( we have 17 bushes and get about 44 pounds a year) strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and non – hybrid apples (too much sugar in honey crisps) One year ago I was taken off fruit all together – made me sad, very sad.
    Our religious group orders a truck load of Ruby Red Grapefruit, juice oranges,satsumas,dates,coffee and chocolate – all organic- as a group fundraiser, to save on fossil fuels and to share with numerous groups the funds raised. (one always is for animals, one for the environment) I purchase a box of grapefruit for my neighbors and two huge boxes for our household. I cheat and eat grapefruit, also freeze it as juice. I keep it in the garage as storage and it lasts and lasts. I also have 4 flats of raspberries in the freezer ( no sugar added). I have flats of strawberries frozen too. Then I have boxes of kiwi in the garage too from our vine. (The kiwi make into great meat marinade – tenderizer by the way) I have about 5 quarts of seedless grapes from the yard in the freezer and 25 quarts of concord grape juice also – from the yard. We don’t let the wine grapes bloom as they killed our neighbor’s old dog. I am cheating and eating 3 grapefruit a week right now – does not seem to bother me at all.
    I only eat 3.5 days a week now, which makes me feel very much better in life and then only a few things. Every Sunday I cheat with something – this week it was oatmeal and blueberries!!! Last week French Toast with raspberries. I do so miss fruit.
    My partner gets to eat all that fruit – mostly by himself. I am amazed that when it is my turn for making dinner for my book group I always serve fruit with the meal. Of the 11 folks, at least 4 do not touch the fruit at all!
    One ad campaign for raisins I always think of – “one man’s candy another man’s fruit”
    enough Patricia enough….Too much to say about fruit I just ate a grapefruit after reading your post !!!!

  18. I love grapefruit, and used to buy fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice from our local country farm store for my breakfast. But then I read how much sugar is in grapefruit (not added, just naturally) and gave it up except for special occasions. I’ve never seen aromatherapy grapefruit but would buy it in an instance. (Although close to that would be lemongrass essential oil – always lifts my spirits immediately.)

    • Pam — Lemongrass is a favorite scent of mine, too. It smells so cleeeeeeean!

      As to the high natural sugar content of grapefruit. You’re right. I’m fortunate in that I only stay away from refined sugar. If I’m ingesting it straight from Nature’s packaging, I’m good with that (I’m tall, slender, and extremely healthy). Now watch, I’ll keel over dead because I eat too much grapefruit 🤣

      • Nonononono. After I left my comment I was banging my head on the wall. Because…guess what? I was making my own famous homemade very chocolatey brownies. Which contain no small amount of sugar. ACK. But at least I didn’t have the brownie at 6 this morning. Haha. In other words, I completely agree with you. Natural sugars are AOK. I’ll just never give up my brownies, so I monitor all my sugar intake. 🙂

  19. Great post, Laurie. I use Peppermint, YL Thieves, and YL Endoflex practically daily. The latter helps with my Addison’s Disease. Lemon is probably my favorite and most used fruit essential oil.

  20. I love grapefruit, Laurie, and I eat it like an orange – always at room temperature to enhance flavor. I have not used grapefruit essential oil, but if it helps reduce sugar cravings I need some! I don’t eat a lot of sugar but have dark chocolate covered almonds in the cupboard and eat a few every day when my sugar craving hits. I suppose it could be worse (and has been) but if I could eliminate even the chocolate covered almonds I’d be happy! I use ‘On Guard’ essential oil this time of year to ward off colds (so far so good!)

    • Molly — You’re the second person who’s said that eating citrus fruit at room temperature enhances the flavor. I’m going to try it!

      Similar to “On Guard,” I use “Clean the Air” — a wonderful blend by “Now” essential oils. 🙂

      • I like all my fruit at room temperature, Laurie. I think it makes it juicier and much more flavorful. If it’s been in the refrigerator I microwave it on low just to take the chill off! My oil is from Doterra. I don’t know if it’s effective but it smells divine!

      • Molly — I’m learning from commenters to stop eating cold citrus fruit. I had no idea it was supposed to be eaten at room temperature. The next batch is going in a bowl on the counter.

        I’ve never used Doterra oils before, but I’ve only heard good things about that brand 🙂

  21. Nopenopenope! … I puckered up just reading that! … my poor Anglo-Saxon digestive system informed me many years ago that it would not entertain any more than a modicum of acid-y comestibles. 😀 … I can perhaps have a sweet orange, at room temperature, once or twice a week.

  22. Your love of grapefruit mirrors my husband’s tastes. We eat a lot of fruit, but I don’t put any citrus at the top of my list, and he does. I tend towards berries and bananas and try to at least eat one apple or pear each day. I do diffuse citrus essential oils when I want to be energized, and cedarwood at night before we go to sleep. I sleep well regardless, but my husband thinks it really does help him. It’s funny, but the power of suggestion–I’m actually thinking I’d like a grapefruit. That almost never happens. LOL!

  23. Hi Laurie, I love Ruby Red grapefruit juice, the smell is lovely too. Funny you should mention aromatherapy. I’m diffusing lemon grass, sandlewood and violet into the air right now. The house had that winter stale smell and now it smells lovely.

      • Oh my Laurie! It is strong. I started with boiling water so it filled the room right away. I have the old fashioned diffuser that you use with a tea light. It is lovely. The violet essential oil on its own smells a bit rancid, but in the diffuser it blended well with the other oils. It smells fresh and bright. I like it, but I don’t think the cat does very much.

  24. You ‘re asking a Cherry what her favourite fruit is ? Actually it was my Mum’s favourite fruit. I not a fruit fan at all I wish I was I have to force my self to eat it because I k ow it’s good for me . It’s always in my house and always the last to go . I don’t hate it It just don’t ‘do’ it for me . I all veggies and salad so I’m doing ok I suppose.

  25. Every morning my husband prepares ½ of a grapefruit for me, he eats the other half. Unfortunately I can no longer indulge in eating different fruits every day because of my elevated glucose levels. My my all time favorite fruit is papayas and my favorite smell is lavender.

    • Gerlinde — Your husband sounds like a very thoughtful man. Like you, I enjoy papayas, and the smell of lavender, too. Lavender essential oil mixed with a bit of grapefruit is another really nice scent 🙂

  26. I like grapefruit, and most other fruits as well, however grapefruit juice and some medications do not mix well according to the FDA. Go figure?

  27. Irrelevant but I was passing by a coffee shop with large windows last night and saw some girl reading a book titled Tuesdays with Morrie and was telling the person I was with that I heard a reference to that book just last month and didn’t know it was famous and now I’m assuming your blog is titled as a reference to that too (or it’s just a coincidence because your name is Laurie and you post on Tuesdays???)

  28. I too love grapefruit and know well it is a great choice for weight loss. For the longest time I consumed blueberries with abandon, but I had stomach issues related to gerd and acid as believe it or not this premium cancer fighter (mainly the skin) is one of the highest fruits for acid. I have since returned to it but only in moderation. I love green granny smith apples and of course bananas, strawberries and pineapples.

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