Action Expresses Priorities

I enjoy every opportunity I’m given to invest time with my granddaughter, Luna. When we’re together, we’re in the moment. When we’re apart, I daydream. I wonder who she’ll be, what she’ll contribute, and how she’ll show up. 

Who are you?
The answer to this question defines our personal and professional success. 

How do you show up?
Whether we know it or not, we answer this question every day with our actions.

“Action expresses priorities.” —Mahatma Gandhi

What do your actions say?


44 thoughts on “Action Expresses Priorities

  1. My actions say I care , maybe a little too much at times , however I care in abundance and that’s all that matters.

  2. My actions have said many things, not always what I would have preferred, looking back. But when done with thoughtfulness and love, the message came through even when the execution was not perfect. Luna will show up carrying your love, Laurie.

  3. That photo is precious, Laurie. I actually ponder that question about showing up and wonder if I’m doing enough. Being present and being kind is how we start, but there’s so much more that needs to be done.

  4. Babies show up in pureness and light, albeit with occasional cranky moments and stinky diapers. At this stage of my life, I hope others would say I show up with wisdom and a willingness to advocate for social justice.Truth be told, I am also apt to show up cranky, hooked by an old trigger (the adult version of stinky diapers) from time to time. On balance, I show up with a desire to live and love fully.

  5. I hope I show up as reasonable and fair – most of the time. There are those triggers that have a major affect on that however. My grandchildren are grown and off on lives of their own, but I hope they have good memories of the times wwe had together when they were young.

    • Carol — “Reasonable and fair” are two fantastic ingredients to show up with. And I bet a dollar to a donut that your grandchildren have wonderful memories of time spent with you tucked away 🙂

  6. I think I best express who I am in the care and attention I give my family. And top of the list, investment into the lives of my grandchildren–true joy! What a wonderful photo, Laurie. Precious Luna has certainly graced you and your family with an amazing gift this year. 🙂

  7. Laurie, I just want to leave everywhere I spend a significant amount of time in better shape than when I found it. Bloom where you are planted. Always stay humble and kind. Cultivate a garden of friends. Give of yourself. Cliches every one and for good reason. These are my ideals, still have plenty of room work!
    Don’t you just love tiny Starfish Hands?

  8. I hope my actions show that I am kind and caring, that I am a listener, that I am not prejudiced, and that my strength comes from faith. I particularly hope my grandchildren and great-grandchildren see this by my actions. If I have accomplished that, I have left a legacy.

  9. In my experience so far, there seem to be two outstanding times of thinking of actions and priorities: at the birth of our own children, and now with the births of five grandchildren. Both give opportunity to reflect on our own lives, what we’ve done, what we hope for the little ones. I feel incredibly luck to have both children and grandchildren, for I know many couples who don’t get to experience (or chose not to) that.

  10. How delightful that you are a grandma now. 💗 I try to show up with my full heart and attention. At times Life has me focus that on showing up for my self with such care. I keep learning how to show up in every new minute. Sometimes it feels like I’m just figuring it out.

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