In the Groove

During my last trip to San Diego, I passed a building that had ivy growing between its cement blocks. The thought that immediately came to mind was, IN THE GROOVE!

And while I definitely felt GROOVY (I was walking back to my sister’s house after this event), I had to think about being IN THE GROOVE. According to the online dictionary, it has two meanings:

  • “Performing consistently well or confidently.”
  • “Indulging in relaxed and spontaneous enjoyment, especially dancing.

Am I in the groove? In can say YES to both definitions in various areas of my life: client work, my Pathway to Publication commitment, and speaking engagements. But my favorite IN THE GROOVE area is grand-mothering.

In what areas of your life are you IN THE GROOVE?


46 thoughts on “In the Groove

  1. Feling Groovy: I used to love (I still do) that song by Simon & Garfunkel. I am definitely the second, as I have always loved dancing, but I can perform very well and consistently at work too (happily ‘retired’ now).

  2. I’d like to know more about your groovy grand-mothering. Maybe an update soon? Thank you, Laurie, for always providing a positive POV here. I count on your Tuesday boost, still in the groove of birthing my memoir.

  3. Uh oh. Be careful there with that ivy, Laurie. It feeds on the mortar and if it stays too long, there’ll come a time when pulling it out will render the building vulnerable. Surely there’s a metaphor in there too. Enjoy that lucky grandbaby.

    My groove is what you’ve called “flow.” Clearing my gardens, cleaning my chicken pens, writing when I know I have a few uninterrupted hours, and swimming. I’ve gone back to the pool for the winter. Time to head out to GOTV. What a full day.

    • Janet — Yes, I’m glad that building isn’t mine. It’s so lovely to see, but ivy can choke a building to death.

      And you’re right (write!), there’s a metaphor in there. With that in mind, this seems like the perfect opportunity for me to hand the baton to you for a blog post about that very subject 🙂

  4. “Feeling groovy!” I’m in the groove in my client work as a leader coach (and growing deeper and stronger like ivy deep in cement with each engagement). And, being in the groove professionally takes staying in a place of curiosity and continual learning groove. I stay in the groove of a purposeful life by positive intentions, groovy daily practices, and involvement. As a newbee memoir writer it takes a continual commitment groove; sitting with the page!
    Ivy in the cement groove is a perfect image for life; keep on growing forward!

  5. I’m in a groove a lot these days, although I’m not doing much dancing in this clumsy walking boot (just tendonitis, I hope). Maybe that’s because the boot slowed me down, forcing me to cancel a few events and sit at my computer instead. The writing groove always feels good.

  6. I don’t often enough feel “in the groove,” but when I have a good bit of art or writing coming together as I want it to, then. Sometimes also, completely unearned by hard work or determination, I get that feeling when just out walking in the fresh air.

  7. My favorite IN THE GROOVE area too is grand-mothering. It is better than parenting. It is blissful! Love my time with my grandchildren, can’t exchange it with any……ything! 🙂

  8. I found this question especially challenging to answer. It was only when I changed the definition of in the groove to mean what brings me the most joy that I was able to answer without hesitation–engaging in creative activities and enjoying nature and being captive by a story.

  9. My recent vacation kicked me out of some grooves that I have been struggling to settle back into: writing, walking, sleeping . . . Stepping out of the groove was fun, but now I’m looking forward to regaining some of the old footholds.

  10. Feeling groovy…. in the groove. I love it 🥰.
    There is a great song by Phil Collins, called “Groovy kind of love”, by the way. I thought of it as I was reading your post 😉 sending love, dear Laurie 💛

  11. Clever pun photo. I feel like I am getting in the blogging groove, thanks to your inspiring example. I look forward to hearing what your favorite food is from the Americas! : ) Rebecca

  12. Laurie, as you know, I am back in North Georgia and this time I’m nailing my feet to the ground! I am working towards fitting back into my well-worn groove here. And, yes, I am smiling!

  13. I automatically think of the wonderful ‘Madonna ‘ and ‘ Get into the groove’ . When I saw her perform it ( not live , on telly) I thought I wanna be her .
    Am I in the groove …well you could say I’m heading in the right direction ,

  14. Don’t you love to see plants growing in almost no soil at all? I feel a little out of groove these days, facing a major but welcome life transition. You might guess what that could be coming up. 🙂 But thanks for helping me name that as an unsettling time even when welcome.

  15. Laurie, I am with you in your choice. I have been a grandmother for twelve-plus years now. The relationship to my five grandchildren, plus my sons and daughter-in-law are priceless to me. Family is definitely my groove.

  16. What a great question. I’m feeling distinctly out of my groove as I am working on finding a new one. I’m missing my familiar and comfortable one, even as I look forward with anticipation to settling into a new one. Life: so interesting.

  17. I’m in the groove when I’m making an Art Gown, or shooting Street Art. It’s a wonderful place to be.
    There’s an old song by The Young Rascals – Groovin”. You might not remember it, as it’s from the 60’s! Anyway, it reveals the feeling. Nice post!

  18. I am thinking one area is when I write my book reviews, though this year for the other demands on my time I’ve been moving at a slower pace. I’m planning to pick up said pace though this month and into next. 🙂

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