Blue Moon

Remember in last week’s post I shared a few of the things I did while on the first leg of my book tour in the San Diego area? Well, there was one more thing. But first, let me set the stage:

  • I’m going to be a first-time grandparent at the end of this month. 
  • We know the baby is a girl. 
  • We know that her name is going to be Luna Bleue.

That said, I wanted to do something to honor the momentous occasion, so I had this artwork done:

Ink Wisdom
“A good tattoo isn’t cheap and a cheap tattoo isn’t good.” 

I’d done my homework in advance and went to EvenTide Tattoo in Cardiff by the Sea— the best of the best in the area. 

Do you have a tattoo?


79 thoughts on “Blue Moon

  1. Grandmother love in a blue tattoo. No, I don’t have one, but if I’d been brave, I would have had one designed and placed on my ankle when my first grandchild arrived – Sophie – who now at 10 is deeply spectacularly close with me, and I with her. However, soon after Sophie, five other grandchildren arrived (3 for each of my kids) and my leg would have been covered, so I’m glad I never made the (needle) plunge. 🙂

    • Pam — I love that Sophie is “deeply spectacularly close” with you! Six, one for each grandchild, would be a LOT!

      If my son and daughter-in-law have another child, they will name her/him “Sol” (sun), which would be easy to weave into my current tattoo ☀️

  2. How beautiful and thoughtful! Your son, his wife and Luna Bleue are bound to love it and feel very touched you went to such lengths to welcome your granddaughter into the world.
    I don’t have any tattoos, but Peter’s arms are covered in them.

  3. Your tattoo is stunningly simple and beautiful in design and color. I’m thinking of the day Luna Bleue will learn that your tat was added in her honor. What a joyful moment that will be.

    No, I don’t have a tattoo. My father had his Marine Corps tat.

    My youngest brother surprised us this year with his decision to get his first tattoo.. It’s powerfully symbolic of his chosen life purpose now. His tat is a knelling knight with a sword and a crusade type cross on the knight’s shield. It reflects his commitment to children with cancer. Keegan, their oldest girl (of two young daughters and two sons) in their family, was diagnosed with cancer, ALL (acute lymphatic leukemia). Keegan went through 3 years of horrific treatment, experiences (no little girl should go through) and thankfully is now in remission. As my brother and sister-in-law went through this journey with her, they connected with other families in the same situations (several of whom had children who died). All this resulted in the creation of a foundation, they are both board members, for children and their families providing support and moments of leaving cancer on the side and bringing joy into their lives. A knight for children with cancer, his purpose, in being and action, and now his tat.
    He is planning to add two more tats over time, Another brother drew the art work for these next tats. One is a little boy laying on the ground with a small sword in hand, knights helmet laying behind his head. The other a little girl angel, holding a small sword in a prayer like pose. Both representing those children who fought and died from cancer.
    After his first amazing tattoo, I embraced tattoo’s with a new understanding of their potential value.

  4. My word, Laurie, you’ve always been experimental. Now you’re experimenting on yourself, a bold move. 🙂

    No, I don’t have a tattoo, but a while back my students thought I should get butterfly tattoo on my ankle. A small one.

  5. I’ve envisioned a tiny teddy bear poking its head up from wherever my tank top stops. But my vision of the pain it would take always wins out. Got my ears pierced in college; that’s was enough pain for beauty. You surprise me, Laurie. In a fun way.

    • It’s so very interesting you took the trouble to mention this — and, as well, that I happened to scan these comments, which is an activity for which I regret usually to have little leisure…

      Fact is, one of the more amazing stories of this life involves both a butterfly on my own shoulder and a tattoo of one in precisely the same spot on the shoulder of another — a story which also involves my survival of a love-bite by a black bear, an automobile fire, acts of over the top humanity and a perfect double rainbow…

      So, your comment here took me down a beautiful path on Memory Lane, as well as serving as a timely affirmation for me at the major life crossroads upon which this morning I stand.

      So, that’s all to say thanks! 😘

  6. Absolutely stunning tattoo, Laurie! My older daughter is a tattoo artists, so you can imagine how many times I was told I needed to have one. I didn’t think I ever would … until I found a design that practically said “Put me on your body!” and so I did. It represents me and my two daughters, and the fact that my own daughter did it makes it even more special. She is an amazing artist!

  7. I absolutely love the thought and meaning behind your tattoo. I do not have any, nor do I think I will at this point….but one never knows!! Both of my daughters have tattoos that are meaningful and special to them, and I’m good with that.

  8. I do — wavy lines, stars moon and planets running all along my hairline, from the front of one ear up to the temple, across the upper edge of the forehead, and down in front of the other ear.

    Yours is beautiful!

      • It never ceases to amaze me that compliments come to me for it from absolutely everywhere on the demographic spectrum — age, social status, none excepted — which, considering I shave my head as well, is saying a lot!

      • G-awww…

        Actually, come to think of it, I’m legendary among those who know me for being approached by total strangers to be told their life stories, whether that be someone strolling by or a little waitress just off the boat whose English can barely be deciphered. I’ve been given flowers by those who simply walked or drove away afterward. Once I even had my hand kissed by an older black gentleman. Hmm — guess you’re right! Thanks!

  9. My legs have so many bad veins on them (one leg in particular), and elsewhere on my body I’m guarding against thin skin as I get older (the physical kind) so no…. no tattoo, although when I read Bruxy Cavey’s, Reunion, book telling why, as a pastor, he has a big tattoo on his arm and why there needn’t be a religious kind of objection to tats, I saw the issue differently for the first time. I know they’re certainly popular but I wish I could take away some of the marks on my legs… let’s see, (marked skin and coloration from a dog’s chain snapping against my leg 20 years ago), the spiders I’ve had since my early 20s, you get the picture. But yours is pretty and special!

  10. Your tattoo looks magical, Laurie. Clearly, you’re going to be the ‘cool’ grandma. : )
    I’ve occasionally thought, maybe… But so the thought of needles in my skin for an extended period of time has resulted in no tattoos for me.

  11. No tattoos for me, but I love yours. Congratulations on reaching grandmotherhood. You’ll love it! I foresee a challenge if you have more grandchildren, first to find dermal real estate on par with #1, then to ensure future grands’ names translate well into tattoo art.

    • Sharon — They’ve assured me they’re only having one child. On the outside chance there’s going to be another one, they’re going to name him/her “Sol” (sun). A good tattoo artist should be able to work that in beautifully with my current tattoo 🙂

  12. Hi Laurie

    No Tattoos for me, but Jewelia has many.
    Well done to both of you, the pain is significant.
    Right now I am feeling some pain – a knife backwards in the knife draw put its tip under the fingernail of my right index finger last night, and this morning at 4:50 as I started to light the fire, a wasp hiding in a piece of firewood stung me (first wasp sting in over 40 years).
    So between those, back, ankle, and right elbow – it is getting tricky to get things done.

    I love the idea of having you granddaughter on your arm. (The pedantic geek in me is saying – but stars don’t shine from the shadow on the moon – but its art, not reality 😉 )


    • Ted — Oh. My. Blessed. WORD! A sharp knife under the tip of your fingernail sounds hideous. Yet you topped it with a wasp sting; a downright nasty, Nasty, NASTY combination! I hope you feel better sooooooon!

  13. I can barely live with the same colour of nail polish in a pedicure for more than a week, so I definitely don’t think I could handle the permanency of a tattoo. I’m such a different person from what I was twenty years ago. What will the next 20 bring? I don’t think I could settle on something that I could believe would be meaningful to me in the same way when I’m 76 as when I’m 56.

  14. I adore the name of your granddaughter…wasn’t there a Luna in Harry Potter? Blond girl , Irish accent …lovely characters.
    No I don’t have a tattoo , never really fancied one but I did have a dimond stud ( not a real one ) in my nose when I was forty …everyone hated it but me . It caused me pain so I took it out .

  15. Nopenopenope … can’t do it. I haven’t even had my ears pierced. 🙂
    It was never something I grew up with, and then, in my mid 20’s, I had a horrific motorbike accident whereby I gained a great many very large scars. I think that cured me of any desire to willingly choose to have my person punctured any further. 🙂

  16. Congrats again on the granddaughter arrival and yes! A lovely name indeed.
    The first rebellion when I arrived at college, as soon as the parent group drove away, I went into the bathroom and pierced my ears! I used a bit of ice. When it comes to tattoos I just do not want to do it. I think they can be beautiful and one of my daughters has several. I hated the bolt she had in the back of her neck piercing, but she has let that grow back. After 12 major surgeries to repair a cleft palate for her I am not very fond of the ink arts. The deal at our house was if you have the $3K to have it removed before you get it, and you think carefully about it – okay. On the other hand my one daughter designed a stunningly beautiful dandelion puff for her math Prof’s arm and it is sensational. 2 of my daughters are allergic to die and metal..
    I have very noisy and loud scars all over my body from surgeries and one dog bite – I just work at keeping my skin covered up. Psoriasis and Waxy Seborrhea and lots of fat storage keeps me very covered up! I HAVE ZERO ARTHRITIS, I am so lucky 🙂
    I do take lots of Vit D and Vit B as since my last round of chemo I have huge deficiencies.
    Think I am writing a book here today! I apparently have a lot to say about skin art!

    • Patricia — I enjoyed reading the backstory of why you don’t want to get a tattoo. Your daughter who had twelve major surgeries to repair her cleft palate is extrmely blessed that she has parents who had the resources for that type of care. There are so many people who aren’t as fortunate.

      • Oh we didn’t have the resources! We just keeping working at whittling the bills down. Selling our house was good too and having our daughters pay their own college. We just used out imaginations and worked a couple of jobs each!

  17. What a lovely tattoo, and you couldn’t have chosen a better reason. I love the baby’s name! Luna Bleue. Truly love it! And I’m so happy for you, Laurie. A new little granddaughter is a life-changing joy. Do continue to share. 🙂

  18. Laurie, sorry, just have to smile at your new tat, quite nice! I really love the design! Somehow I never pegged you for one that goes for the ink but you have surprised me more than once. Actually, I have 2 small tattoos, both acquired at the World-wise and weary age of fifteen, both of them done by my sister who was fourteen at the time. Not much better than a jail-house tat, 50 years later they are still very discreet and unless I am wearing a backless mini-dress, which is NEVER, not liable to be seen again anytime soon. One is my painters’s logo, the other is the female symbol of a disc perched on a plus sign, about the size of my thumbnail. I’ve always said you are tougher than I am!

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