Cow Pies – The Smell of Money

While visiting MazAmar Art Pottery in Pioneertown, California, I saw this adorable cow pie, snapped a photo, and wondered how on earth I could blog about it.

Aha! After a bit of online research, I learned that Bovine Bingo (aka Cow Pie Bingo) is a real thing that’s played with live, moooving pieces, usually as a fundraising event at a rodeo or county fair.

And while this may not rival the stakes in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, the CCV Rotary Club of Parker, Colorado and Smokin’ Brew BBQ have a fairly hefty pot. Here’s how they do it:

“A 50 X 40 grid is painted on the ground surrounded by a fence. A cow is led onto the grid to do it’s ‘business.’ The owner of the square with the majority of the Cow Pie wins half the amount raised in sold tickets, up to $10,000.”

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever bet on?


46 thoughts on “Cow Pies – The Smell of Money

  1. I love the pottery cow pie!! How clever. Being raised on a farm/ranch I know all about cow pies but have not heard of cow pie bingo before. Too funny but also a clever way to raise money!!

  2. Wonderful sense of humour in that cow pie: it takes the meaning to a whole new level. As for the competition, who would have thought that such a thing would exist? I hope the judges wear a mask! 😂😂😂

  3. Hi Laurie

    I have bet much of my life on the idea that indefinite life extension will become generally available while I am still breathing, and have devoted much of my time, energy and limited resources to thinking through ways we might successfully transition from scarcity based thinking to abundance based thinking – universally.

    I have been called mad for doing so.

    Time will tell.

    If I’m wrong, it will have been a lot of gratification delayed indefinitely.

    If I’m right, then a lot of gratification awaits in a very long future.

  4. Those are called pie birds, because they always look like a bird. Never saw on that looked like a cow, but I quite like her. I’ve been to a few events that scaled down your game and called it a duck drop.

  5. I don’t know a thing about cow pie bingo, but I remember trying not to step on the “Real McCoy” when I tramped through meadows on my cousins’ farms.

    Here’s to more creative fund-raising ideas, Laurie!

  6. Great fun, Laurie. Thanks for that. I’d forgotten about bingo. Here in Wisconsin we have the famous cow chip throwing contest. Dried pies tossed like softballs for big prizes. It always makes the local newscasts.

  7. Enjoyed the cow pie story and creative fundraising idea; context is everything I suspect. My daily bet: possibilities are abundant! The process for this type of betting is simply: be awake, reflect, throw my/your hat into the ring of life (take the risk), and engage whole-heartedly. Or as MLK is quoted as saying: “You don’t have to see the whole stair case, just take the first step.”

  8. Mercy, it’s just a fact that some people will bet on anything! I have a figure of speech that I use too often, ” I’ll bet you anything that dog’ll cross the road”‘. Whether or not it’s a dog, the chances of rain, or just the odds of snagging a seat my favorite restaurant, I’ll bet you on it. But don’t think I’m a gambler of money, they are all bogus utterances designed to give the percentages on any one thing reaching a conclusion that jives with the opinion of the utterer, my own self. I’ll use it in writing, speech and most often in thought. It means little as I will never pay up nor accept your doughnut (” I’ll bet you dollars to donuts…”). I can’t fathom the idea of Las Vegas and Reno and why they exist to satisfy the desire to gamble, but that’s just me, just like folks can’t understand why I like pulling weeds in a garden.

  9. I loved this post. I read it out loud when I was having coffee with my husband at Starbucks. Everyone around us, unbeknownst to me was listening in. And one said that this was well-known from where he came from in Saskatchewan! Its a unique way to raise money for good causes.

  10. I don’t bet EVA …I’d rather elope with next door’s son ( if she had one and she doesn’t ) or get drunk on midsummer ‘s eve and dance naked round a three hundred year oak tree or die of gluttony after eating my body weight of chocolate Easter eggs …
    I did onc3 or twice bet on the Grand National ( a horse racing event here in the uk) but then I realised it was cruel …too many horses in the event .
    Anyway that looks wacky but I still wouldn’t bet on it sorry 😂😂

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