On the Rise


We never fail to be awed by the many, beautiful hot air balloons that lift off from Ann Morrison Park over Labor Day weekend at the annual Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. This year’s event was no exception.

As the air in the balloons gets hotter than the surrounding air, they rise. Walking between the balloons before liftoff, the sound is incredible! In fact, an article in the Idaho Statesman newspaper recommended that attendees leave their dogs at home because the sound—like a herd of fire-breathing dragons—can scare them.

Mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, what is it that lifts you up?

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60 thoughts on “On the Rise

  1. Lifting my eyes to stare at the moon. I just finished Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor who recommends savoring night vision. Last evening I saw a pale moon rise from our patio.

    What else lifts my spirits? Going to collect an annotated manuscript from my friend and colleague this Thursday. (Your photos are spectacular, Laurie!)

    • Marian — I’ve just added “Learning to Walk in the Dark,” thanks to your comment.

      Ohhhh, collecting an annotated manuscript from a friend and colleague. Me thinks there’s a blog post in there somewhere!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photographs. I had a blast taking them 🙂

  2. Right now, after a swim in the river Ebro in north east Spain, surrounded by beautiful scenery, I feel on top of the world.

    I too love hot air balloons. Glad to know you enjoyed your special day. 😀👍❤

  3. Uplifting photos Laurie! My heart was lifted this past week by the news that my niece and nephew-in-law’s heart desire to adopt came through with the arrival of their first girl, Georgia, a tiny preemie. Georgie joins her three loving brothers in Ohio. And,this month, another niece (actually the sister of the new mother), will be the center of attention with her fiance, at a wedding shower. Each day brings small reasons to lift my spirits s well, I only need to be open to the moments!

    • Audrey — I can imagine their hearts filled to bursting as your niece and nephew-in-law held Georgia for the first time.

      And a wedding in the near future for the new mother’s sister.

      Life is good 🙂

    • Terrill — The sea is therapeutic (body, mind, and spirit) the way you capture it in your photographs and paintings. I can only imagine what it must be like for you to enjoy it in person on Mayne Island.

  4. smiles that are true right to the eyes and the ocean – waves renew my spirit and lift me right up and over. I wanted to say good food, but apparently that weighs me down – I still love really good food

  5. One year I went to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. It was magical. I am lifted up as I walk through my garden. If ones walks daily there is magic in the changes which take place overnight.

  6. Laurie –
    I tried to take, Cyrus, my youngest grandson, to the filling of the air baloons on August 31st before they were off and away. But mis-information had us arriving when all the hot air balloons had already been filled and had flown away to locations unknown. I was waiting for Cyrus to burst out in a “meltdown” as we both just stood there not knowing what to do next. The kind owner of the clock face balloon in your 3rd photograph above, while driving across the fields of Ann Morrison Park, stopped his truck to comment to me on the fact that we looked “lost” to him. He was not able to partake in the festivities as his odd shaped balloon could not deal with that morning’s unusual wind for a safe lift off. He could see Cyrus clouding up with tears, and immediately told Cyrus that he had a gift for him! Was that a slight smile I saw forming on Cyrus’ face?! 🙂 Yes, indeed, a gift might just save the day! And sure enough. This very thoughtful man extended his hand out of the window to give Cyrus via me a colorful enamel pin with the copy of his clock balloon on its face, along with his imprinted name. I pinned that right on Cyrus and off we went . . . . . . . to the zoo, for the second time that week! And that is just another example of the kindness we can find in our fellow Idahoans! 🙂 Jan

  7. Laurie, every one of those photos deserve to be framed and hung! I am very partial to the color and excitement of hot air balloons. In giving your question some thought, I feel I am uplifted by spending time in quiet pursuits, small tasks or activities that allow me to be productive while contemplative thoughts meander through my mental landscape. Whether it is shelling peas or cleaning the pack porch, those mindless activities aren’t that mindless after all.

  8. I can only hope to share your jubilation. I live in the Philippines, a small country and archipelagic at that. Our islands are small and quite limiting to indulge in activities that adore the skies. We are however blest with blinding white sandy beaches and rich marine life.

  9. I can only hope to share your jubilations. I live in the Philippines, a small country and archipelagic at that. Our islands are small and quite limiting to indulge in activities that adore the skies. We are however blest with blinding white sandy beaches and rich marine life. Keep on posting, Laurie.

  10. Sitting watching the rain and listening to Gregory Alan Isakov on my Sonas …sheer bliss .
    The hot air balloons look fun

  11. Laurie,
    The phrase, “like a herd of fire breathing dragons,” reminded me of a nearby ballooning event and a very large gaggle of ostriches.
    A few years back, as I was leaving my house, I turned onto a road that bordered a large ostrich ranch. At the same time several dozen hot air balloons were ascending from a nearby park and passing over the concerned flock about 100 feet above their heads (which, to my dismay, were not buried in the sand at all, but rather fixated on the “fire breathing dragons” passing ominously close overhead).
    Overwhelmed by the roar of the flames and the sheer immensity of these huge brightly colored orbs, the entire herd, hundreds of the big hulking birds, ran to a solitary corner of the pasture where they stood motionless, huddled shoulder to shoulder with their faces turned away from the fire breathing invaders. At the same time, passing motorists slowed down to marvel at the wonderful site.
    You know what lifts me up?
    “Wonder” … that curious feeling that coaxes one out of existence and into being.
    “Enlightenment” … wonder … leading to new experiences greater understanding and a changed perspective.
    “The pursuit of wisdom” … brushing enlightenment onto the canvas of life.

  12. I missed this one. But I love it. Hubby gave me a hot air balloon ride as a birthday gift a few years ago and I loved every minute of it.It was on my bucket list for quite some time and was everything I imagined. Will never forget it. What lifts me up? My family, my dog, kind words, a smile.

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