Knock, Knock

I love to travel and when I do, I enjoy taking photos of doors. Each color makes a statement, and the color of our door says a lot.

BLUE exudes serenity, stability, and trust. It’s associated with knowledge, relaxation, and health.

YELLOW exudes community; someone who’s social. It’s associated with awareness, wisdom, and clarity.

ORANGE exudes warmth and wisdom. It’s associated happiness, independence, and confidence.

RED exudes welcome and hospitality. It’s associated with vitality, energy, and courage.

GREEN exudes ambition and growth. It’s associated with love, peace, and inner balance.

“Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself.” —Chinese proverb

What does your front door say about you?


77 thoughts on “Knock, Knock

  1. Not sure. My door is teal of course, the color of the ocean, calming, constant, inviting and welcoming. Just recently moved the flower pots and added a nearby cozy chair to enhance the energy. Small effort but made a big change.

  2. Some fabulous doors, in particular I’ve never seen anything like the Nova Scotian one. 🙂 I think you might like Norm’s blog, he takes loads of photos of doors, including running Thursday doors, a weekly photo challenger.

    As for our front door, I think the only thing it says about us that this is the front door we inherited from the previous owners of the house!!! (How sad and uninspirational is that?)

  3. My current front door is dark stained wood, standard in our development, but I’ve always been partial to red doors leading into sunny, lemon ice colored rooms. The yellow door you picture intrigues me. Hinges on the OUTSIDE? Nova Scotia must be a safe place!

    • Nova Scotia is a safe place Sharon but in much of Canada it is not uncommon to leave doors unlocked, especially during the day so it wouldn’t matter too much which side the hinges were on 😉

      We lock one of our five doors at night just so someone doesn’t startle us if they happen to come in while we are sleeping as we wouldn’t hear them from that room before they were standing right abouve us.

      Common practice is that if you know the person, you knock, yell hello and come in. If it is an emergency (wildfire, bad windstorm, earthquake, car broke down on winter roads), even if you don’t know the person, you do the same thing if no one comes to the door when you knock. Doors were and sometimes still are left open to provide access to your neighbours or others in need.

      In very rural settings, my grandparents left canned food and staples in the hunting cabins at the end of the season just in case it was needed by another traveler. In the summer, when we would come with them to get the cabins ready again, there would often be money or some other exchange of value and a note on the table saying what had been used. Everything would be in good order with the wood box full of split wood and kindling for the next arrival.

      • Love the spirit of hospitality. My mom and dad grew up in Chicago so even though most in the country area all the children grew up in, doors were always locked.

  4. It’s white. I hope it says “Welcome to our home,” but I never thought about it much. I hope it doesn’t mean “boring.” 😉 My wife has toyed with the idea of painting it a bright color someday, but inertia keeps getting in the way.


  5. My front door is unpainted steel, pale gray in color. I want a bold door that would convey meaning and intent, but can’t decide which color. And, I worry that the dogs would soon have the paint looking scratched and undone. The attributes you assign to each color help immensely. Thanks!

  6. Oh Laurie, almost scared to answer this one because we have so many doors. We have five outside doors on a 1,000 square foot home. Four of those would be considered yellow due to the natural wood though they have glass in the middled. These four were hand-crafted. But the front entrance door is a warm, soft, slightly muted, carmine red with natural slab sandstone steps leading up to it. One of the other four doors is a double French door but I only counted it as one. 😉 The reason we have so many doors is that each door provides access to an outside deck. We have as much outside covered area as we do inside space.

    This home has the biggest most confident, strong, and open welcoming heart of anyplace I have ever lived. The woman builder said it was a home that loved you back… so true!

    Note: There are pictures of our straw-bale timberframe home and some of the doors on Creative Potager on the la casa de inspiracion page if anyone wants to see.

  7. My door is like everyone else’s along the hall, battle ship green-gray! Some people have wreaths, or objects hanging.
    You have created a wondrous selection of doors and chakra colors to express, states of being and or feeling.

  8. My door is a solid steel, painted white. And, I normally have a seasonal welcoming wreath. And, the thought just occurred,I could hang a triangle swag of a colored material to invite good energy in. Thanks Laurie, I love the door photos!

  9. All my doors are white. I often think about painting one or all three of them, but have not decided on a color that would work with the rosy tan exterior and the winey red trim.

  10. We just helped one daughter paint her first house She is contemplating her front door color right now. It is crisp white next to Ash-violet house paint (purple in morning sunshine then more of a grey blue the rest of the day) big decision for our introvert

  11. Thank you for this post, Laurie. I especially like the photo of the orange doors.

    Right now there’s a sign on my front door. So it literally says, Puppies in training. Please, no talk, no touch, no eye contact. Thank you. We appreciate your support.

  12. My front door is white, Laurie. Before I turn that key, I exhale–all of work stays outside–and then enter the calm of my living room: cream, beige and celadon green. I like to think of the white door as the preview…although I do love that yellow door you posted.

  13. Laurie, I enjoyed your color-filled post. There are some similarities and differences with your explanations and my Brain Color Theory. However, they all are a lovely “Brainbow” of welcoming people into our homes.

  14. The door photos are intriguing and lovely. I’m enjoying the process of thinking about the color of the front door, which is a warm red. I’ve always thought about the doorway as being most important: the place where we welcome people across a threshold from the busyness of life to what is hopefully a space where each is welcome to bring her or his whole self. I’m hoping the warmth of the red signals love and safety.

  15. If you knocked on my brown oak door, you’d find a large oval window with a hook above where an autumn leaf wreath will soon replace hanging hydrangeas. Of course I’d welcome you inside for tea or coffee, your choice!

  16. Beautiful doors… and loved reading about Colors… You once mentioned you love Blue, Am I right?!… well… It is one of my favorite colors too… and my favorite female singer, Lana del Rey, has a sort of fixation with it as well… It appears many times in her songs, and it is even the last word in her last album…. Love this post 😀

  17. Lovely photos, Laurie. I’ve always wanted a red door. Alas, I’ve had mostly wooden ones until last month when we painted our front door yellow. Now I know why. How fun. Thanks.

  18. Laurie, we have a double front door – which is never used. I’ve been here over a year and have never stepped through it. As a matter of fact, I never see it until the UPS man leaves something there. Now, the back door is another story all together, it is where the flow of Life moves in and out of our dwelling and although it is also made of wood, I usually have a seasonal wreath hung on the window portion to add some color and to say “Welcome!”.

    • Sandi — You know what? Now that you say that, it reminds me that when I visited your home, I, too, came through the gate and then the back door!

      happy, Happy, HAPPY birthday to YOU! 🙂

      • Laurie, thank you for the Birthday wishes, it was a very happy day – I am now the at the lovely age of 65 years. For me that means I have made to the threshold of a Golden Age of Maturity (or something fairly similar). Yep, your memory serves you well, I would have let you in the front door had you knocked! Instead I got one of the best surprises of my life when your smiling face appeared around the gate.

  19. Duh ! Late as usual sorry . My door is clear glass with an oak frame but we are having a Welsh porch on the front soon and that will be buttery cream …I dread to think what that says about me . Hey what’s the colour of your door Laurie ? Haven’t read any other comment as yet , if you have already told someone, I like to read them after .

  20. What color is YOUR door? Ours is warm brown wood decorated with a rose wreath. I’d love to invite you in for a cup of coffee or or tea (I have 8 different varieties) and a homemade 🍪. 🙏💗

  21. Oooh, I love your doors! My front door is the same as everybody’s in our condominium, sadly. Except a bit more dirty because our Bestia likes to help himself in opening it. Welcome to take part in Thursday Doors this week too, I’m hosting. 🙂

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