And the Envelope Please

Saturday I was notified that Note to Self: A Seven-Step Path to Gratitude and Growth became a 2016 Gold Foreword Indies Winner in the category of self-help.

This is the fifth literary honor Note to Self has received. The other four are:
2016 Nautilus Award
2016 Idaho Author Award
2017 International Book Award winner
2017 International Excellence Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards finalist

Two of the best ways to support authors are:
(1) positive book reviews
(2) have their books in libraries

If your local library doesn’t currently carry Note to Self, will you please ask the acquisitions librarian to acquire it, and if you’ve read Note to Self but haven’t written a short review yet, will you please post one on Amazon or Goodreads?

Thank you in advance!


59 thoughts on “And the Envelope Please

  1. Your book, which I’ve reviewed, is on my shelf and your magnetic note, No mud, no lotus is stuck to our fridge, providing constant inspiration.. Your are a bright star in the book publishing world this year. Congratulations, Laurie, well-deserved honors!

  2. Congratulations x 5.! Well deserved and very exciting! My local library is horrible about accepting books (they were rude when I offered a copy of my brothers’ children’s book). But, with all this recognition, I hope they will make an exception. Our local communities deserve access to valuable books.

  3. I’m so pleased for you, Laurie, but not at all surprised. I loved being an early reader, and I loved everything about your book! I thought I HAD reviewed it, but just hopped on Amazon and either wrote my first review for your book just now, or I just wrote a second one. 🙂 xo

  4. Laurie, I want to congratulate you AGAIN for winning yet another award! Does it ever get stale, picking up awards like picking up gold nuggets? Pretty sure it doesn’t and never will! I hadn’t thought about asking our local library to carry Note to Self, but Dennis had a great Idea…Don’t wait for them to do it, we’ll just donate a copy or two.

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