Stillness is Dynamic

Being married to a pilot, we fly a lot. When I take in-flight photos through the window, the propellor looks motionless. Not because it’s still, but because it’s spinning so fast!

Physics tells us that everything—without exception—is in motion. Even the Buddha statues you see in the photo below.

During my sabbatical I visited the GARDEN OF 1000 BUDDHAS in Arlee, Montana

Stillness is dynamic; it’s un-conflicted movement (no friction). We experience it when there’s unrestricted participation in the moment; when we’re unreservedly present with whatever we’re doing.

Stillness is a natural rhythm in the cycle of life. In the space that stillness creates we have the opportunity to quiet the mind and body; to re-group, re-charge, re-connect, and to find a point of reference; something to measure against.

For me, that point of reference is my inner compass. From here, I can move back into the busy world refreshed.

Do you create intentional stillness?


41 thoughts on “Stillness is Dynamic

  1. Stillness is dynamic! What a wonderful contradiction in terms! It definitely requires pause for thought. I often try breathing exercises to help me when sleep is elusive. it is so hard not to think about something and just concentrate on the moment. It requires lots of practice. I think this is what Yoga tries to achieve.

  2. Of course, stillness in being present. There is another tree that has been whisper its name to me and when I really “see” its presence the name will be revealed. This morning I realized tree reminded me of the one that had been in front of our family home for so many years…

  3. Liangong and meditation are my devises. Oh yes and regularly stopping during the day to correct my posture. Dynamic good thoughts and pictures

  4. Oh yes, the garden of 1000 white statues of Buddha in winter, certainly a case in point of stillness. And yes, in a world full of many types of noise, I do often seek stillness. I live, as I mentioned here before, on the edge of a small wetland. In the spring, especially at night, it is a clamorous place with competing sections of creatures making their presence known. I suspect, there is a whole lot of courting and jousting for attention going on. A few nights ago I was laying in bed and suddenly noticed it was quiet, so very quiet. Ahhh! Both the croaking of frogs and the totally quiet moment are valued. The quiet or stillness, though, facilitates peace within as well as the deeper connection of other types. Thanks, Laurie.

  5. Interesting read. Thanks for posting. My mind is still sitting with what you wrote. Somehow it connected to what best helps me re-set myself. I love a long, peaceful drive on an empty road. The feeling of movement combines with sitting still in a way that inspires me.

  6. I enjoyed this piece and I concur with your observations .Stillness is so essential but we dont seem to realise it or appreciate it.We spend more of our time in motion and noise and do not give Stillness a chance to work its magic

  7. What ! Stillness? I sometimes mee myself coming back …does that count ? . No seriously Laurie , I do the mountain pose when doing yoga …beautiful and perfect 🙏

  8. Your definition of stillness resonates with me. “We experience it when there’s unrestricted participation in the moment; when we’re unreservedly present in whatever we’re doing.” I’very never before thought of stillness in quite that way.

  9. Such a metaphoric post… stillness is dynamic… everything—without exception—is in motion. I thought of Heraclitus and his theory of eternal change as I read your post.
    Very well penned, Laurie… Love & best wishes! 🙂

  10. Sometimes I do wonder if I do or not. Stillness comes suddenly but more often than not is fleeting. Of course in the shadow of the ‘city that never sleeps’ it is always a tricky proposition! 🙂

    • Sam — I’m currently reading “Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Carly Simon, and I’m learning a LOT about New York. “The City That Never Sleeps is an Understatement! 🙂

  11. I love your writing and view of life , much like mind, perhaps it comes naturally with age although I have seen plenty of people my age who still enjoy drama and continuous motion without getting anything done. I guess we are all alone in our journey and find quiet and stillness when we are ready.

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