Can DEW Attitude

There’s no doubt about it; I have a CAN DEW attitude! When I wake up in the morning and look at my ta-dah list, I think, Yes I can!

When Len and I eloped those many years ago, we both said, I DEW. And we have, for thirty-seven years.

When meeting people, we often ask, How DEW you DEW?

When our son was growing up, we knew if we said DEW as I say, a demand was less likely to be complied with than a pleasant request preempted with a “please” and a smile.

I like DEW better than do. To me, it seems friendlier, more amicable. This from the person who intentionally spells refridgerator with a “d” because it looks nicer.

Do you have a can dew attitude?


55 thoughts on “Can DEW Attitude

  1. Ha ha. I like that, Laurie. We too play with words and to this day we still use our son’s baby talk, words like flying pan and washing manin and the Peep peep is gonna go, referring to the smoke alarm when my coking gets out of hand: Isn’t that lovelyou? And yes, we can, like Obama said.

  2. I like playing with words, too. When I meet someone, I like to know how their names are spelled–Kathy or Cathy? Laurie or Lori? And of course, the famous “Anne with an e” from Anne of Green Gables. Our family has always made up words, too.

  3. lovely photos! I’m big on always spelling correctly…but I love to find a woman with a seemingly common name, only to find out it is spelled MERRY. Changes everything!

    • Shirley — I’m familiar with that beautiful hymn and not one bit surprised to learn that it was one of your mother’s favorites.

      And I’d have to agree, there most definitely IS something spiritual about dew 🙂

  4. Laurie, I can say I have a can DEW attitude because so far, things have been getting done. The days when I look at my Ta-Dah! and think “Oh, no…I can’t do this” sometimes turn out to be my biggest victory days. Because I lift myself from a comfortable sitting position and go do the Thing, whatever it is, and Boom! Another Ta-Dah! No one ever said I had to WANT to do it, you do it anyway. This morning I planted 60 baby okra seedlings – Ta-Dah!

  5. This is a bit like saying …excuse the spelling because I can never DEW it 🤣 ‘ SUPERCALLAFRAGALISTICESBEALLDOCIOUS’ mmmmmm. Feel better for that spelt wrong or right …I was taught I can DEW anything and anything I can DEW …tee hee . Thanks for making me laugh Laurie 😂😂

  6. Love your “Ta da” list, Laurie. Makes it feel like fun. For me, dew is associated with quiet, solitude, and peace. And my Can Dew attitude is associated with energy. Hmmmm. Pondering.

  7. I think I just might have a “can dew attitude” Laurie 😉 My latest red poppy painting came from a grey misty day by the sea. Today’s Creative Potager post tells the story of its dewing.

  8. Certainly this slant is one I do practice quite often. Sometimes I take it to extremes with OCD abandon of course, but much good can come out of enthusiasm too! 🙂

  9. Love these photos. The Can Do (dew) attitude is critical for a writer. It’s so easy to give up. I got discouraged so many times after trying and trying to find the focus of my book; I’ve written tens of thousands of words that won’t be in the book. I’ve cut over 35,000 words after I wrote it start to finish. I credit my parents for the “Can Do” attitude, whether nature or nurture. Their stories, along with the racial change in our neighborhood, are told in “Redlined, A Memoir of Race and Change in 1960’s Chicago coming next April. They never gave up –not even after 2 riots and city disinvestment devastated our community, which still struggles to this day–50 years later!

  10. Dew I ever have a can-dew attitude! Sometimes my can-dew must be changed to a dew-less though…dewing less can sometimes mean accomplishing more. Does that many any sense at all? 🙂

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