And while invention and discovery are two different things—invention means to create or design something; discovery means to find or observe something that was already there—both of these occurrences can experience breakthroughs. Here are just a few examples:

  • Scientific breakthroughs
  • Architectural breakthroughs
  • Medical breakthroughs
  • Technological breakthroughs
  • Archeological breakthroughs

Bandit Brewing Co. is a nano-brewery and the smallest brewery in Montana with a quaint tasting room in Darby, just off of Highway 93, and within walking distance of where I stayed.

When I was on sabbatical in Darby, I experienced an artistic breakthrough. I wrote to beat the band! I assure you, however, that the discovery of Bandit Brewing Co. and my writing breakthrough are not linked.

What was your most recent breakthrough?


47 thoughts on “Breakthrough

  1. I’m glad you achieved an artistic breakthrough (not connected to the brewery).
    Micro-breweries seem to be popping up all around here (Philadelphia-S. Jersey). I’ll stick with wine, which may or may not be connected to mini artistic breakthroughs. 😉

  2. How creative is that truck cab as a entrance marquee!
    Laurie, your creative breakthroughs are always action oriented, setting aside the time from everyday life to finish your book has to be a challenging and awesome experience at the same time.
    I recently went on a nature walk tour to become more aware of the eatable local plants, taking photos along the way, at the finish, I shared with the guide and her friend about expanding my blog, rebranding with added food and wellness ideas.

  3. Great shop sign: very eye-catching! No surprise it was an inspiration to your writing, Laurie.
    Every little piece of achievement working with the special needs children in our school seems like a major breakthrough to me!!!

  4. Fun! What a great image (metaphor) to hold for a breakthrough. Thanks, Laurie, for sharing your delightful Darby find. You are the master of observation!

    I’ve had a couple of small breakthroughs in recent months: 1) after a long dry spell, I applied and was accepted for a new (and out of my comfort zone) service delivery team w. my current part-time employer and I came up with new ideas for service packages/offerings for my re-emerging business; 2) equally important I’ve also broken through a wall of heavy energy to much lighter creative and productive energy.

    As we also both agree on, change follows intention and choice with a commitment to both being the new self and doing the related supportive actions or new practices.

  5. I wonder what the roots of a “sudden” artistic breakthrough are. Hard work, most likely. When we work at our craft and think about our goals, breakthroughs are the result. I never had an “artistic breakthrough.” I just plodded along, working to finish my book, hoping I’d figure out what the heck the core message should be by getting it all down on paper. I had to cut about 35,000 words to pare it down to its real message (with thousands of pages of letters and diaries, I could have written 50 different books). I decided that the one focusing on our racially changing, then changed, neighborhood in the 1960s (thanks to racist housing policies) and how my parents kept nurturing tenants and buildings after two riots and countless dangers and troubles, was the most relevant to today’s world — and to others hoping to understand why we still have such racial disparity in our country, 50 years after the Civil Rights Movement. The book will be published by SheWritesPress next April 2018, the 50th anniversary of Dr. ML King’s murder.

      • Thanks for the suggestion, Laurie. I’m thinking individual essays. I’ve used about .001% of the documentation I have in this book. It’s a conundrum!

  6. Laurie, I’d like to shake the hand of the man who conceived to the idea of the Flying Truck. I’m sure that like most people with an unusual idea to promote, he was called “Crazy man, a Dreamer, gonna get himself or some one else killed!!” Yet the truck continues to amaze and gratify the Public, symbol of a “can-do” attitude. Somewhere in the background I can hear Jim Morrison singing, “Break on through to the other side, break on through to the other side….” My latest breakthrough? You can fight the Wind until you are prone on the ground, struggling to control the circumstances, but the Wind always wins. Just requires a Change in Attitude.

    • Sandi — Now that you mention it, I believe I hear Jim Morrison in the background, too.

      Your recent “roping the wind” adventures make me smile. Having seen the gorgeous “after” photos, I’d say the wind didn’t win — it was at least a draw. Don’t mess with Hurricane Sandi 🌪️

  7. Love that truck! I bet the beer is good, too! My most recent breakthrough? Finding a slower, more comfortable pace in living. I feel better than I have in a long time.

  8. We had a malt shop here in the high desert that had a Tucker crashing through the wall right over the soda fountain. I heard it was a malt related accident. Not sure what kind of malt was involved.
    Having read your post, I told Sandi, “Breakthroughs? Haven’t had any lately. All I know is that I know a lot more than I can do.”
    She just looked at me and I said, “Maybe i should go with that.”

  9. I too love the truck–just wish it wasn’t right over the door. Paranoid? Me? Maybe.

    Mini breweries are popping up everywhere. Mayne Islanders proudly support our local one. (opening fridge) Would you like a cold one?

    Recently, I added my voice to those of the other authors reading at the Mayne Island library (as part of Festival Active Pass). During the lunch break, I had a few breakthroughs on my latest WIP thanks to the input of friends and fellow writers.

  10. Using NOTE TO SELF I was able to move beyond forgiving my siblings to finding a full release from my history with them. It was very freeing. That felt like quite a breakthrough. Now working on finding discoveries which will cause a weight loss breakthrough….very stuck there

  11. Tomorrow Laurie, yet another painting process blog will be published over at Creative Potager. The breakthrough has been confirmed to felt by another but there is, of yet, no satisfying explanation about the how of it all. I event you to drop by and see if you can help solve the mystery. 😉

  12. Today feels like a breakthrough in maintaining good health. Don’s scan showed no evidence of cancer ( 6 months and counting) and the suspicious lesion I had in my mouth has healed itself. Whew! We never know what tomorrow brings or the breakthroughs we will encounter along the way.🌼 🙏💛

  13. Such an interesting place maybe it helped to spur you on Laurie . Well if it did it worked didn’t it? Your are there and a new book in the offering👍
    I am racking my brains to think of a breakthrough. Then it came to me , this project , this house we have been building is surely a breakthrough, however we are not quite there yet we still have lists to do . So maybe not quite the breakthrough I was looking for .
    We have broke through winter into spring …so glad it’s here .

  14. I love it. As a speculative author, the muse strikes at odd times and this is a good one. The muse is different from a breakthrough, like a plot twist or how to tie up those loose threads. I find both beer and nature help in both situations.

  15. A couple of breakthroughs – one is actually a cluster of breakthroughs as I finish this rewrite of my third Beyond novel (Beyond Faith – due out this fall if I get all these rewrites done. I just signed the contract with the publisher). Answers to some of the editing questions from the publisher and also my concerns, coming forth in little bursts of ah-hah.

    The other one is a health one and to me is more a sign of the overall effect of my bad health eating my life the past two years – I now have a magnesium deficiency. Not surprising as it is an age-thing and when I read the amount of magnesium in the multiple vitamins and minerals I take daily (for women 50 and over) the amount was very low. Plus as we age, our bodies can’t take in and absorb nutrients very well. Another big minus for getting old.

    So, I focus on my writing and gardening as some sort of salvation.

  16. A breakthrough on my end is connected to my writing of a novel based on my hometown growing up. Still have quite a ways to go, but am working at it. 🙂

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