The 59ers

On September 28 I begin the 59th year of my life. My fifties have been grand, and I have so much to be thankful for. In no particular order, following is a list of 59 things that I am tremendously grateful for:

  1. Breathing—the ability to breathe with ease
  2. My senses: taste, touch, vision, hearing, smell, equilibrium, intuition, and my sense of humor
  3. Health — body, mind, and spirit
  4. Connection with divinity, family, friends, and companion animals
  5. A world of ethnic cuisine to enjoy (especially Asian)
  6. Trees
  7. Travel
  8. Books and libraries
  9. Photography
  10. Farmers—”no farms, no food”
  11. Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, hummingbirds
  12. Gentle dog groomers who work with animals without scaring them
  13. Blue skies
  14. Thunderstorms
  15. Mountains, log cabins
  16. Oceans, lakes, rivers, streams
  17. Creativity
  18. Music and singing (I’m a rock star in the car!)
  19. Exercise: yoga, bicycle riding, swimming, hiking
  20. First responders: Red Cross, firefighters, police, paramedics
  21. Teachers who make positive, life-long impressions on their students
  22. Healing: traditional, complementary, integrative, and alternative
  23. Color (especially green)
  24. Laughter, smiling
  25. Personal safety
  26. Treats: peppermint ice cream, red licorice, BBQ chips
  27. Peace
  28. Intentional kindness
  29. Manners
  30. Backgammon
  31. Spontaneity
  32. Flying with a safety conscious pilot (Len) who keeps the ease of his passengers — seasoned or otherwise — in mind
  33. Imagination
  34. Mental acuity: focus, memory, concentration, and understanding
  35. Sensitivity
  36. Comfort with being alone (enjoy my own company), personal getaways
  37. Sunrises and sunsets
  38. Flowers, color
  39. Drinkable water that flows from a tap
  40. A roof over our heads
  41. Geothermal heat
  42. Proximity: we can walk or ride our bicycles to everything we need
  43. Dreaming
  44. Indoor plumbing, electricity
  45. Volunteers and humanitarians such as hospice, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, Conservation Society, Doctors Without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, and Conservation International
  46. Curiosity, observation
  47. Color blindness — nonjudgment based on skin color
  48. Philanthropy
  49. People who leave places better than when they found them
  50. Ergonomic desk chairs
  51. Scented soy candles
  52. Glasses that help me to see clearly
  53. Physicians, surgeons, dentists, optometrists, medical technicians (etc) with well-developed bedside manners
  54. Flying kites
  55. Appliances: refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, coffeemaker, etc…
  56. Enjoyment of learning something new
  57. Entertainment: screen, stage, and sidewalk (i.e., buskers)
  58. Uncluttered space—inside and out
  59. My lifelong partner, Len

Big, little, tangible, or intangible, name three things you’re grateful for.

Note: we are currently traveling. I won’t be able to respond to comment until Wednesday.

78 thoughts on “The 59ers

  1. I am grateful for my kitten, Luna, a roof over my head and a comfortable bed to sleep in.
    I enjoyed reading this post and I’d like to wish you an advanced happy birthday. I hope it’s a corker. 🙂

  2. What a fantastic and uplifting list of things to be grateful for, Laurie: it has made me realise how easy it is to take things for granted and it is a wonderful reminder to appreciate all the kind people in this world, despite everything. Only today, 2 most kind civil servants took pity on me and my plight and one of them really went out of her way to solve my ID and passport troubles. I am also very grateful for my unique and supportive family, without whom I would have never overcome or survived life troubles and tribulations. And I am very grateful for having found you and your uplifting blog, which I read and enjoy every Tuesday, as well as other cheerful bloggers who brighten up my day so much. Thank you to Facebook and Twitter for bringing my friends and family so close when I live so far.

  3. I just celebrated 54 yesterday – I guess I should start my list of 54 things I’m grateful for . . .Here’s three to start. 1. Pens and paper 2. A garden to play in 3. Working in a place where I get to see small children every day so I can soak up their creativity and uninhibited approach to life.

  4. Happy Birthday, Laurie!
    What a wonderful list! 🙂

    Three things out of so many? Hmmm
    My husband, my daughters, my life
    (but there are so many more, including the cat purring on my lap right now).

  5. Today my hubby fixed breakfast for me, and just now I snipped a coral-colored hibiscus to brighten a shelf. Though I am facing perplexing problems right now, I am thankful I can note these happy bits in my gratitude book for today. I read recently that “Gratitude is a potent antidote to fear.” How encouraging.

    You are a role-model for us all ~ Happy 59th, Laurie. Oh, I’m thankful for you too!

  6. Happy birthday, Laurie! Three things I’m grateful for: The sighting of a monarch butterfly yesterday after a couple of years of not seeing much of them at all in my area of Wisconsin, my friends, and comic strips that make me laugh daily.

  7. Happy Birthday, Laurie!!! I’m grateful for you, your generosity, your creativity, your marvelous sense of humor, your encouragement to others (including me) to write or express our creativity in alignment with our gifts, your blog, your upcoming book and so much more. May life continue to bless you! Audrey

    • By the way, I am grateful for:
      – good health and life;
      – an ever growing family with lots of love; a new great niece born over the weekend (joy!); and a great circle of friends;
      – meaningful work and creative expressions.
      And yes, a very long list more, to express gratitude for!

      • Audrey — Oh how wonderful to have a new great niece. If she’s anything like her great aunt, she’s going to be a positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing force 🙂

  8. Happy birthday, Laurie! I hope you are a wonderful day.

    It’s very hard to pick just three but I’ll try…

    -a sense of belonging
    -people and animals that make me stronger.
    -thought provoking questions, discussions and blogs (like this one)

  9. Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful way to celebrate. I am thankful for so much but three would be, fabulous friends, amazing family and the ability to travel and see the world.

  10. Happy Birthday Laurie!

    I am grateful to have written a new blog for the first time in months.
    I am grateful that I have been taking care of my health and well being on an whole new level.
    I am grateful for everything I have not yet received !

    • Jeff — I’ve been over to the fresh post on your blog. I’m grateful that you’re back. I appreciate your gratitude list, especially: “I am grateful for everything I have not yet received.”

  11. What a grand list! It reminded me of all the things I take for granted, many of which are available in only certain areas of the World; clean water, adequate health care, freedom to travel, ect. Today I am grateful for my Spiritual Connection with the Master of the Universes, my emotional connection with all those wonderful people i love, and my physical connection with Gaia and the Flora and Fauna she nurtures and provides for. I am also most grateful for you, My Dear Friend! I hope this will be the Best and Happiest Birthday yet!

  12. What a beautiful post and happy, happy birthday!!!! I am grateful for the gift of motherhood, even if it is the hardest thing I’ll ever do. The roof over our heads. My strength. I find hope that my 50’s will have the potential to be as fabulous as yours have been!

    • Catherine — When our son was born my mother said, “Motherhood is the best and worst thing that will ever happen to you.” I didn’t understand the seeming contradiction at the time, but I’ve discovered it’s oh-so-true! May blessings continue to rain down on you and yours 🙂

  13. Your list is perfect. Wow…only 3 things…that’s a hard one…First…I’m grateful for my Faith, Second for the health of my children, Rob and myself, Third for the blessings of the life I am able to live because of #1 and #2. Great post…Tina

  14. Whooooops a little late . I bet you are having the best of birthdays …I’m sure you are .
    Wow Laurie , what an incredible list you have there . Here’s mine ;
    I am grateful to be alive , to be here on this amazing planet .
    I am grateful for MY wonderful life partner who has no idea how much I love him . I really must tell him more often because he deserves it .
    I am grateful for the Angel , that I always say is literary heaven sent , who came into my life 11 years ago in November , my beautiful dog Oscar .
    Like you , I could be greatful for a list as long as my arm but there is three of them .
    ❤️🎂🌻 Cherryx

  15. A great list of things to be grateful for. Here are my three (though I could easily list another hundred): Supportive, loving husband; two kind and talented sons who are past those tough teens; a country that doesn’t suppress women by law (though plenty of women still have a really rough time–and we have to continually stand with all women to fight against abuse and FOR our rights!

  16. Happy birthday, Laurie. I’m thankful for the idea of listing things you’re grateful on your birthday. I’m thankful for the reflection list you sent – I’ve scheduled a post on my blog for October 4. I’m thankful for my husband, son, sister, and granddaughters – all of them, in any order, on any given day.

    • Joan — I enjoyed getting a peek at the beginning of your lengthy list of gratitudes. I’ll be thinking for you as you dive into the book-launch-waters. I’m so glad I’ve got you ahead of me as a role model 🙂

  17. One of your all-time greatest posts – how could it not be with that subject – but oh what an arsenal of beautiful memories and life elements. You are surely blessed with all that and that Prince of a gentleman Len as the end all capper. Little is life can match that line-up, in fact nothing can. I am most grateful for my wife Lucille and five beautiful kids, all life’s disappointments are soundly mitigated by that blessing.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday, Laurie. This way you get to extend it out a bit. I hope the next is full of blessings, excitement, some challenges and the thrill of knowing you’re alive!
    xx Rowena

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