Our Little Secret

One afternoon while walking along, minding our own business, something registered in my peripheral vision. Willa and I stopped. Looked. And what do you suppose we saw?


Much to our surprise and delight, hidden in a hedgerow we saw a sun-dappled faerie village. And while we haven’t spotted any of its occupants—yet!—I’m confident that with a little patience, one of these up-and-coming dusks we will.

This village brought to mind the gnomes my mom used to have. No more than ring-finger height—including their pointy red hats—you’d turn around in the kitchen and find a rosy-cheeked fellow peeking at you from behind a cookbook; or look over your shoulder in the living room and see the beard and belly of one who hasn’t fully pulled himself behind a collectable on mom’s display hutch.

What’s your most recent encounter with whimsy?

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58 thoughts on “Our Little Secret

  1. I am your very first today Laurie ,because what you have said ,about the delightful faerie village that you and Willa found , has struck a major cord …twice actually . Hope you have the time ❓🎭 then I ‘ll begin .
    1st May this year ( May Day here ) we ( my hubby and Oscar (dog)) found a delightful wood , it was pouring with rain , which made our wood even more enchanting , it was full to brimming, of blue bells and other wild flowers, that instantly made our encounter’ kind of ‘surreal .
    . Just before we left , my eye spotted something at the foot of a drenched tree …a tiny fairy door and the more I looked ,the more I spotted others , I was delighted …my husband thought I was potty but that is nothing new . ( if look on my Facebook page Queenie , that’s what I call her , but it’s Rebecca really . Queenie short for Queen of the fairies )
    When I picked up the tiny door there was Facebook address on it . So being naturally nosy , I got back I went on this amazing lady’s page. I discovered she only lived a few miles from me . She is a potter ( apt in the circumstance) and makes these little doors in her workshop and puts then around the wood ,to encouage children to walk in nature .
    It all started with a , now late dog of hers …bless ❤️ , that she reckoned was always away with the fairies, when walking together in the wood . We have been chatting through Facebook ,and I’m meeting her next week shall be fun .
    Also I have been writing a series of Blackcountry Magic stories ( set in the Blackcountry In the Midlands U.K.) it started with one , everyone liked it , so I did a summer special , then a Christmas one . Now I’m working on one for my friend who hasn’t been well.
    The little people rule O.K. ✨✨😀😊✨✨

    • Cherry — Oh my blessed word, reading your magical comment has me tap my toes in utter delight for YOU! I want to hear all about your meeting with the faerie door maker, and I want to know when/where your Backcountry Magic stories can be found.

      • Just on computer or paper but we have a Blackcountry archives centre that puts on literary events , I’ve been to a few when I lived there , I’m thinking Of writing to them with my ideas , what do you think ? you never know …look what happened to you 🌟A book …can’t wait to see it my friend .

      • Jeff , thank you so much …where are you my friend ? I miss your reluctance . Hope to see you and your photos sooooon ❤️

  2. Just been to Ste Eulalie on the river Lot, one of the villages that are classified as The Most Beautiful Villages in France and which happened to be a very artistic little place. A couple of shops had put some finely dressed up real size dolls outside their doors and I was quick to snap them. I wish I could share a picture here: I think you’d love them!

  3. Lovely image, Laurie. I went for a walk yesterday afternoon at the Pennine Railway Track and by one of the train bridges, a local craftsman (he does wood sculptures) had sculpted a smiling face in the stump of an old tree. (He’s also carved an eagle that’s by a bench in the same track). It brought a smile to my face. I love the village. I hope you come across some fairies soon

  4. Last night, I was about the mundane chore of taking out recycling and garbage when I sensed something watching me. Turning around I saw a yellow cat sitting quietly just below my car bumper on the drivers’ side. She only looked up at me and cocked her head slightly. Did I see a smile? I greeted her with a sweet hello. As I proceeded to roll the containers out to the street for pick up, she sat still and confident. I went back and had another word with her and then she moved on. It was a delightful visit. So, knowing cats may have magical meanings and seeing your post this morning on whimsy, I looked up the meaning a visit from a cat. I found, “Most certainly when the cat comes into your life – someone or something is trying to tell you something. Listen carefully! Trust your intuition.” I could dismiss the moment as simply my neighbor’s cat finding some comfort near my car or consider the visit in a more playful or magical way. I choose to be open to listening to the whispering voice of intuition.

    • Audrey — I loved reading about your encounter and am oh-so-glad that you’re open to listening to the whispering voice of intuition. I’m in utter agreement with the information you found online. Yes, indeed 🙂

      • I did find a lovely unexpected example today in a class I was teaching for seniors. This older lady arrived with a Tonga t shirt on. I asked her where she was from and she pointed to her shirt and with a huge smile said “You watch Olympics? I am from Tonga! We will win medals in Rio!”
        At all ages we can connect to that innocent enthusiasm, imagination and joy for living that was so alive in our childhood.

      • Val — I love your example. I hope to always “connect to that innocent enthusiasm, imagination, and joy for living that was so alive in our childhood.” Thank you! 🙂

  5. When I don’t encounter whimsy in the world, it pops up in images online – like a front door carved into an owl image, or a colorful yurt! I always share them with my son who shares his whimsy finds with me! It’s a delightful arrangement. (I love gnomes and have a few spread about myself.) Enjoyed your post, as always! 🙂

  6. Well if you look at the “fort building” that has been going on in our woods, you will see the whimsy (and I use that word lightly lol) the kids have been spending their summer vacation on which I shared on my blog page.

    I love your picture. So cute and perfectly decorated. Tina

  7. My grandchildren encountered some fairy villages in the woods also and were quite excited about them. You gave me an idea. Maybe Grandma needs to hide some fairy dust at the beach in ten days when we are all together there! Hmmm.

  8. No faerie villages, but I just remember something my husband and I saw on a walk a while ago along Wissahickon Creek outside of Philadelphia. Someone had put a knit hat on the back of a bench and pulled it down over a post to make a face. It was so funny to see. It had to have been deliberate. 🙂

  9. I will never forget on one trip to Ireland when we were seriously considering investing in piece of land that was absolutely spectacular and surrounded by an ancient stone wall. That night as I was drifting off to sleep I heard quite an ado on the road outside the window. I could hear feet marching as if there were an army out there with lots of high pitched chatter, giggling and laughter. I got up and lifted the curtain to see what was going on and there was nobody there. We were told the next day that we’d had a visitation from faeries who’d heard we were contemplating a purchase. We never did buy any land there but I will never forget that experience.

  10. Oh I love it Laurie! 🙂 This past week I was in a very ancient northern rainforest. The standing trees were maybe only 60-70 or possibly even 100 years old but under our feet was a different story. Huge 10-15 feet across and maybe larger trees had long ago fallen, like more than 200 years ago, maybe in a bad winter windstorm. As we walked, I could feel the ground thump and spring under our feet. This is when I started to look more closely and realized the ground we were walking on had once been fallen trees – big trees. At various points along the trail, under some of the standing trees, old benches of rough wood were decaying and becoming part of the forest again. The place felt like we were the small elves and fairies in the giant woods. It was magic!

  11. Am in search of whimsy right now and laughter….the roofers are on the second day of scraping and pounding towards a whole new roof – the old heat ducts are spewing junk all over the floors and Zip is barking nearly non-stop at the 4 men on the roof. I am on the schedule for 2 many reviews ( 2 books are 800 + pages) this month and then I had 2 book group books also – I feel behind. Then yesterday I started reading a book at 2pm and looked up at 7:30pm ( finished book) and realized I had just missed my book group gathering – now too far a drive to go to….Ah me…I guess I will just start another book – 800 pages about Natchez, Mississippi Historic fiction Trilogy. Grapes are falling on our heads and the driveway – I reach to pick a fig and it is squirting all over me and And the weird, unknown tree, is now growing shoots ( hundreds) all over the yard. I found some whimsy just writing this….we have a square hole in our front porch concrete – we took the wooden decking off the top and there was this 6/6 12″ deep hole….well something is growing up in it – as it blooms today we think it is a tomato plant!!!! a fairy gardener has been at work in this little spot ! Whoo Hoo…..smile 🙂

  12. At a recent visit to our local large gardening center, I noticed they had created a fairy garden, complete with a tiny house, toadstools, frogs, gnomes (about 1/2″ high), etc. and many fairies hiding or sitting among the plants.

    The plants are cleverly marketed as “Fairy Plants,” and each has a tag with a short “personal account” from one fairy or another saying why she loves this particular greenery. They were so adorable, and the setting so engaging, I bought a glass-enclosed terrarium, planted several of the plants, and added a few fairy accoutrements. When I was a kid, I started a fairy club for the little girls nearby, leaving them capes, crowns, and wands to become a “real fairy.” My miniature garden is a reminder of a simpler time when we could still believe in fairies.

  13. Laurie, it was with a sad heart that I left my Gnome Garden back in Georgia but I did not feel that taking up the miniature evergreen trees would be the best thing for them. And of course, the cast iron gnomes who inspired the garden would have been out of place in the heat and sand of the desert. However, on my way through New Mexico I encountered an old friend, that fabled Storyteller and bringer of good luck, Kokopeli, the hunchback trader and his magical flute. At a roadside stand a Native American artisan, a silversmith, was working a piece of silver, Kokpelli in relief. Now Koko is suspended from my neck by a leather thong and sparks cheer and conversation when we go out.

    • Sandi — Excellent example! Kokopelli fits hand-in-glove with your new geographic surroundings. I’ve seen the beautiful piece in person and know full well that it sparks cheer and enthusiastic conversation!

  14. My most recent encounter with whimsy was Jenna telling me about a faerie village she created, a clever wee world I remember her making a few years ago. What it looked like: ferns mingled with faerie ornaments.

    Grandson Ian is more fascinated with gremlins. He imagines he sees them everywhere in his 8-year-old mind. He loves to be scared and even resorts to scaring himself. Ha!

    My current whimsy, if you want to call it that: looking at ducks gliding on the small lake from our screened in porch, serenity after the harum-scarum of moving.

  15. What a beautiful idea for a post Laurie! For me this is easy. I recently watched the ravishing blu ray of the fantastcal Eastern European film masterpiece VALERIE AND HER BOOK OF WONDERS. Heartily recommended for those who like to combine their whimsey with some measure of darker context. 🙂

  16. This little village is indeed an unexpected sight on a walk! So cute – I’m glad you snapped a photo to show us 🙂 Let’s see… I came across whimsy recently in a photo I saw online of a couple smiling at one another on their wedding day. I couldn’t help but feel their love for one another – even though I have never met either of the people!

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