Where There’s a Will…

The door on our carriage house is more slender than most. The couch that we purchased is larger than most.

We brought it in through the window. Voilà!

I’ve been told that getting one’s book into airport bookstores is near impossible. Gauntlet thrown. Line drawn in the sand.

We’ll see about that…

What’s your most recent “where there’s a will, there’s a way” experience?

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60 thoughts on “Where There’s a Will…

  1. Hi Laurie,

    Latest one was getting a mountain bike cycle event under way for our district. Finally, last night, the Lion’s Club Board approved the go ahead, so it is now under way.
    About 30 hours of my time have gone into it so far, much more to come.

    Have my nomination for for Mayor all filled out, just need to scan it and send it.

    The biggest one has been still being here, after being told I was “palliative care only”- but that was over 6 years ago now, and over 5 years since the last tumour.

    Life is full, running a business, and chairing 3 voluntary organisations and one district organisation, and involved in many more.

    Life is “interesting”!!!

    • Ted — I’d vote for you for Mayor in a heartbeat! And how COOL is that about the mountain bike event?! But the best example — by far — is that you’re still a contributing member of society after being told you’d be pushing up daisies. I’m so glad you proved everyone wrong 🙂

  2. Have you tried “visual journaling?” That really worked for me this past year.

    As a Tour Director, it has been my “dream” to share Michigan…especially Detroit…with visitors. Last summer, I was hired by Road Scholar…and as their website says:

    A Road Scholar learning adventure is no ordinary travel experience. And Road Scholars are no ordinary travelers.”


    The Signature City Detroit program went so well last year…I decided to “spread my wings.” Using a visual journal…I pictured myself working on a small cruise ship in The Great Lakes.

    Last week, I completed my first Great Lakes Cruise.

    Today I head north to do two programs back-to-back that will have me spending time in Traverse City, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario AND (the crown jewel of Michigan tourism) Mackinac Island.

    I am truly “living the dream” that I have created and pursued since I became a certified Tour Director in 2004.

    Looking forward to “seeing” your book, Laurie, in the airport bookstores as I pass through on my way to another “learning adventure!”

  3. Love the couch! Smart thinking.

    Right now writing my memoir is taking will and discipline. Riding the waves of doubt in my writing skills and the value of the end product, takes all the perseverance I can muster.

  4. I was determined to create my own website, and I did. I’ m not technically inclined and had no idea when I began how to do it. I have since heard great things and several people have asked me who my designer was!

  5. My money’s on you, Laurie. : )

    This weekend a friend invited me to her pool party. I asked if I could bring my dog–I seldom want to go anywhere without him. Hmm, well… Even though, I don’t swim I do enjoy playing in the pool. The trouble was Bim. He didn’t want to be without me.
    Where’s there’s a will, there is a way.
    My solution: I divided my time between comforting him and playing in the pool. It wasn’t easy, but it worked.

    • Tina — Even though I keep a ta-dah list, I know I can’t get everything on it done. I use a dry-erase board and keep moving the high priorities to the top. The low priorities? Well, like they say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” 🙂

  6. Laurie, I am working on a west to east coast Canadian landscape paintings show and would like to have it shown on both coasts when I have it ready in the spring. Not sure this can be done but I desire it ti be so – therefore, shall put the intention out there and see what we can do!

  7. We had a similar experience trying to bring an old dining table into our new home in Merry Old England – a 17th century thatched cottage. I walked to the village pub and asked if anyone knew of a carpenter. He was right there! He had to take the window out completely and re-install it.
    Needless to say we left the table there for the next owners!
    Thanks for sparking the memory Laurie 💛

  8. Pick up that manuscript lying in the corner gathering dust since November and have the will and spunk to finish it! First step. Next steps, we’ll discuss later.

  9. Laurie, back in 2008 I conceived a desire to make a road trip across the U.S., revisiting Texas and New Mexico along the way, this June that dream came true. My new husband and I did just that, from my home of North Georgia to his home of Southern California. A few years ago I decided I’d love to see the North-Western region of the U.S.. With barely a break to catch our breaths, Dennis and I were back on the road again to Spokane, Washington to see his brother be married, and took the time to visit Idaho as well. The land here in the High Desert of S.California is not the best for my kind of garden, one needs a back hoe to soften the ground and the soil is almost poisonously alkaline. Gardening is like breathing to me, I need it to live properly. Ten bales of straw, a water hose, a good helping of bacteria and I created a straw bale garden, now greening up with tomatoes, peppers, watermelons and zinnias. I have several things left on the wish list but I think I need to reorganize the kitchen cabinets before I strike off traveling again.

  10. I was determined to move to Wales like our lovely Darleen did to Spain …I am so glad I kept pushing looooove it here .
    Don’t give in Laurie …soooooo looking forward to your book ❤️❤️❤️

  11. I am leisurely strolling through the Chicago airport, enjoying the smells, sights and sounds of the “big city” and suddenly I look up and–wow!–there’s Laurie’s book right up front! To think that she accomplished this. I am smiling so big. Then a lady pauses before the book, leafs through the pages, and brings it up to the cashier to purchase. I nod again and continue on, humming merrily, and go buy a jasmine tea to wait for the airplane. Which departs on time. 🙂

  12. Sometimes we have to think outside the box (through the window in your case) in order to accomplish a goal, dream or desire. Thank you for this encouraging post it is flaming the fire for creative thinking in terms of getting my books known.

  13. My last challenge was to get lots of folks voting in yesterdays primary election and our merry band got 5,000 new voters enrolled! and it looks like all of them voted. Our next challenge is to get folks to vote in November even if they don’t like candidates National or Local….this is proving to be a harder challenge. 20% of our voters are hard core conservatives and they vote at 95% and 73% of our voters are women – they vote at 33% The main stream folks have been losing at this rate….the 20% want to close down our public school system which is fabulous….this is a major worry for me and our little group. Hope we can change the numbers. I also don’t want Trump..Whew tall order, when folks feel as though their vote does not matter. Wow does it matter

  14. Love the ingenuity. My where there’s a will, there’s a way is the current WIP. We’re having a wrestling match. It’s winning. But I will be the victor. Well, we BOTH will win! 😉

  15. I knew you were smarter than the average bear! Hmm my own personal “where there is a will there is a way” story would have to be the time I climbed onto my roof during an ice storm to clear my satellite dish of ice with out falling two stories to imminent death. Indiana University was playing that night and I wasn’t letting Mother Nature hold me back from watching it! My ex-wife thought I was nuts, but she is now my ex-wife for a multitude of reasons. Probably because she was working on being “new wife” #5 for someone not named me. The couch looks mighty comfy, if I ever need a place to crash in Potato land I know the first place I’m stopping!

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