Smiling in Boise

I love the gift Len gave me to celebrate authorhood:

I’ve been thinking about getting him personalized aviation license plates that feature a small airplane and say “Fly Idaho” as opposed to “Famous Potatoes.” However, rather than 7 characters, they’re limited to 5.

An extremely thoughtful pilot, Len always hands out a “personal access bag” to each passenger prior to flight in the event of air sickness. With that in mind, I think BRFBG would be hysterical!

If you have personalized license plates, what do they say? If you don’t, but had hypothetical ones, what would they say?


57 thoughts on “Smiling in Boise

  1. Hi Laurie,

    For my 40th, Ailsa got me the plates BEARFT

    Those plates have been on several different vehicles, mostly 4WDs, over the last 21 years.

    Because back then all my friends and family called me Bear (my nieces and nephews called me Uncle Bear – most still do, though no-one in Kaikoura uses that name, it stayed in Waitakaruru, I am still Bear on my visits there), and I was usually barefoot (though about 11 years ago Ailsa made the mistake of buying me some Crocs to use as hut shoes, and I have hardly been out of them since), and my love of driving was such that my car was more like my feet than my feet were.

    So now my old Hilux has the plates, and it takes me into the back country, to places few go, over mountains, over rough tracks through steep country, through rivers – into the wilds that Ailsa and I both enjoy so much, though she is much more fond of actually walking than I am.

  2. Many years ago I requested Joyful1 or Joyful2. In Illinois your 3rd choice is the next available number so what I received was Joyful9. With 5 grown children, I “requested” 9 grandchildren so it would make sense. Imagine my delight when my daughter adopted 2 children last year bringing our count to a Joyful9. Pure manifestation and great joy.

  3. Pure genius, Len! Your gift reflects both thoughtfulness and pride, rightly deserved.

    Last week as we traveled up I-95 last week, I saw a custom plate on an RV that said TRVLR, pretty obvious. Maybe I would choose STRYTLR. What do you think? Although this consonant combo may flummox some travelers, the smart ones would get it. Love this! 🙂

  4. Good going Len! Laurie I know you’ve embraced this moniker for some time. Now it will likely bring a smile each time you see it.
    Three possibilities quickly came to mind:
    1) some variation of Kayaker; I have enjoyed many a happy moment in a kayak! 2) Peace; or 3) Exhale … something tense drivers might benefit from seeing that encouragement.

  5. I’ve always had a license plate with only my initials on it. Since this is a big prius town and I have occasionally tried to get into cars other than my own, it helps! But lately I’ve been thinking of something more interesting … like “Write On!”

  6. Since I’m two years into this bloggy stuff I would have to get one that just said #. Or maybe my daughters name, or a crosshairs image on family lawyers (better not go with that one), but probably one that just said I “puffy heart” Laurie :).

  7. Ha ha…that’s a great idea for him! I did have “vanity plates” as they are so nicely deemed here in NY and cost an extra arm and leg to have. It was “Denteen” combining my boyfriends name (Denny) along with my nickname (Teen). It was sure easy to remember when I had to fill out any forms!! Tina

  8. Ahh, I love Len’s gift to you too. So perfect, of course. My guy surprised me four years ago with a personalized license plate of: SSCS with a heart before and after. The first initials of our 4 grandkids! But right after I got the plate – my son (and his wife) and my daughter (and her husband)told us they were expecting another child! My guy had to reorder new plates: SSCSSN. And then we informed our kids that we had no more room on the license plate, so we hoped they were finished procreating!! 🙂

  9. Len is a prince – what a fabulous gift!

    I might be tempted to have something engraved on my new plates about how NEITHER of our presidential candidates in the upcoming election are worth a second thought, and that’s coming from someone who largely promotes positive energy. 🙂

  10. I do not have personalized plates but do think that is a great idea and I liked your gift very much. We also have plates that support National Parks or State Parks or Bicycle Riding. My husband would want one of those. I can not think of anything I would put on a plate at the moment, but I want to put a sign in our yard that says 98% fossil fuel free because we are!
    Thinking about the Supreme Court, the attacks on Medicare and Social Security, the opening of our National Forests to commercialization, the selling off of public lands, the closing down of public education, and the 14 million children going hungry every night – etc. and etc. I am going to vote and have a clear choice. I am working with a group which has gotten 5,000 people registered to vote in our state and I am going to give out stamps to about 1,000 of them to mail their ballots back in…..too much at stake, too much at stake to not be as positive as possible.

  11. Laurie, love the new tag! Having been the recipient of one of Len’s thoughtful Per. Acc. Bag, I know how appreciated they are. I think your idea for him is right on the money. Should I decide to get a personalized tag here in California, it will be similar to the one I had in Georgia. My white Colorado pick-up truck has been :Miss Daisy to me since day one….I have always loved “Driving Miss Daisy”.

  12. Never thought of having a personalised number plate. I used to have a yellow panda and the man at the Post Office asked me if my panda was black and white and I seriously said no it’s yellow 🙃🙃🙃 So I reckon it would have to be something with potty in it …come on you lot you’re cleverer than me any ideas …Laurie?

  13. The plate on my green Miata is:

    4 GOOD

    It comes from the song in the musical WICKED.
    If you are not familiar with the song…here’s a link:

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