Eye of the Beholder

Typically when the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” is used it’s because someone’s perspective doesn’t quite line up with someone else’s. For instance, one person might say, “Look at my new haircut, don’t you love it?” While the other person is thinking, “Oh my goodness, have you looked in a mirror?”

Then there are times when our perspective matches up beautifully with another person’s. Last week we enjoyed a visit from out-of-state friends. It was their first time in Boise so we gave them a tour—areal and ground level— to show them first-hand what we’ve been bragging about.

Eye of the Beholder

We enjoyed every one of their ooh’s and aah’s as they snapped photo after photo and drank in the luscious Boise-area landscape.

What’s your most recent “eye of the beholder” experience?

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29 thoughts on “Eye of the Beholder

  1. As an a photographer I have learned to see with the camera’s eye, meaning that world is a beautiful place when one takes time to “see” it, not just walk through. I have had to educate myself to “see” all art form as being worthy of looking at from the perspective of the artist purpose.

    How was your eye of the beholder experience with friends you hadn’t met yet?

    • Jeff — I’d actually had the wonderful opportunity of meeting both Sandi and Dennis in person last year in Apple Valley (southern California) when I flew down to the San Diego area to visit family. Sandi happened to be in from her-then-home, Georgia. It was WONDERFUL! 🙂

  2. No doubt most recently the U.S. election is a constant “eye of the beholder” experience. There are many head-scratching points of view expressed. I am working hard not to “get hooked” as Pema Chodron teaches.
    Through my young life, I was often awakened to an often different “eye of the beholder” perspective from my Canadian cousins. They have lived in Montreal, Quebec and for the majority of their life in Calgary, Alberta Canada. As a young adult, I was surprised to find they often saw the United States and the world in some very different ways than mine. I grew up in a very rural area in northern Illinois with a small-town and very provincial experience. They often brought a more international perspective. Yes, it was hard at times, as a young adult, to hear their criticisms of some actions of the United States. Fortunately, my response in most cases was to be curious and want to learn more.

  3. Laurie I came home on the late ferry last evening and there was this amazing sunset, not the grandest but a delicate display of colour and cloud movement. I am about to see if I was able to capture any of it in a satisfactory way. This was my latest “eye of the beholder experience.” All the best of the week to you! 🙂

  4. Cliff and I have both “beheld” our emptying house and filling up recycling bin: we agree, less is more.

    Yes, I have”liked” your author page. What’s not to LIKE? Cheers to the launching excitement I see unfolding here.

  5. I’m certain your guests had an amazing experience!

    My husband and I had two “eye-of-the-beholder experiences yesterday. We saw a Polish-French movie called The Innocents (not the Deborah Kerr movie of the same name), which made me think more about women’s experiences in war and how they are treated. Then we decided to go right home because there was a storm coming–we could see the dark clouds moving over Philadelphia as we headed east. (It hit us after we got home.) Nature and art. 🙂

  6. Laurie, I laughed when I told Dennis to check out this week”s blog…”He exclaimed, “I can’t believe she posted my ‘big butt’ picture!” Of course I told him he looked beautiful. I have been straining to find some lovable qualities about the High Desert region of Southern California, The Mojave desert has some very unique features, many of them quite strange and alien to my eyes, barren stretches of sand punctuated by greasewood and sage, rocks piled atop boulders and multiplied by thousands and oddly contorted Joshua trees that seem more savage than anything. Yet I know that there is a desolate beauty associated with the desert, one not visible every time I look, but revealed to those who take the time to search for and appreciate it. Idaho….what a green and flourishing land, a farmers delight! We so enjoyed our visit and yours and Len’s hospitality. Every image I brought back with me, mental and digital, showed beauty at every turn!

    • Sandi — I love what you said: “…one not visible every time I look, but revealed to those who take the time to search for and appreciate it.” That could be about so many things in life: people, places, things, events, and opportunities. One simply has to invest their time to search for and appreciate 🙂

  7. When we speed through life we don’t see what is happening around us. Slowing down to appreciate the beauty of the natural world, or words written on a page is what brings our eyes and mind to behold what is before us.

  8. Laurie that ever-popular adage was given ultimate treatment in one of the most celebrated episodes of the classic The Twilight Zone. Here is a clip from that show:

    • Sam – Oh me. Oh my! Those folks would be scary to see after being unwrapped. The female almost (not quite) looks like Doris Day. Beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder! 🙂

  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes… I guess the last time I experienced it was last week as I saw a very old woman in the bus… In spite of her age, she had a very deep expression and nice facial features… sending best wishes, dear Laurie! Aquileana 😀

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