The Write Time – The Write Place

You are cordially invited to attend

The 27th annual Writers’ Institute — click on this LINK for registration and speaker information

April 15-17, 2016



  • To improve your writing craft.
  • To pitch a book to a literary agent.
  • To meet other writers and find your writing community.
  • To learn publishing tips.
  • To have your work critiqued.

Any way you can!


One of the best writers conferences in the United States, the Writers’ Institute has something to offer each and every person who’s interested in writing. I’ve attended as a student and as a speaker — it’s wonderful no matter how you slice it!

This year I’m attending as a speaker and I’d love to see you at one the sessions I’m presenting. Click on this LINK for details.

Many Tuesdays With Laurie readers are writers. This week’s question for you is: Why do you write?

Many Tuesdays With Laurie readers are not writers. This week’s question for you is: What is your creative outlet?


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48 thoughts on “The Write Time – The Write Place

  1. Good luck, Laurie. If it was closer by I’d go. In my case I’ve always loved to read and to make up stories and I’ve been writing since I was quite young, although mostly for myself. I started blogging as a way of connecting with people regarding my books, but I enjoy the world of blogging and the great people I’ve met.

  2. Like Merril, writing my blog is my creative outlet. Writing my memoir will provide a legacy for my family and a record of one unique Mennonite experience.

    Best wishes at the Writers’ Institute. How I’d love to visit Wisconsin in April and most of all, meet you, Laurie, and other smiling faces.

  3. I write my blog posts for a few different reasons, I think. Partly to satisfy my urge to play with words, put them down on paper. Partly to vent about something that is niggling around in my brain and won’t leave me alone until I put it down on paper. Partly to share photos. Partly to feel the connection with others. Most years I’ve had other creative outlets – knitting, beading, playing with some kind of art form – this year not so much. That’s okay though, because one day something will jump up and grab my attention, and off I will go.

  4. I write because I love to and because I have to. It is my way of being creative and dealing with issues in life. I write about experiences – mine and others. The latter was entwined in 35 plus (gulp) years as a freelance journalist. Now I write fiction and create characters from experience and imagination. And my stories and novels have social issues involved, sometimes something that is just wrong in the world. I want to entertain but I also want to inform and educate.

    Good luck at the writers conference, Laurie.

  5. Thank you for continuing to promote this writers’ event, Laurie. One day I will be there.

    Why do I write?
    Writing is my voice. I use it to entertain and inform–myself and others. I use it to build bridges. It’s my link with the magical. If fills and fulfills me.

  6. Blogging is my primary creative outlet now that my memoir has been published, but I also love photography and painting, two visual arts that I hope to pursue in more depth God willing.

    I looked at the conference and wished I could go, but, alas, it is too close to another trip. I wish you the very best. I know you’ll be terrific.

  7. Although I am now writing with a different purpose and goal, I realize I’ve always been a writer. In my childhood I think it was a way to both understand my evolving self as well as make sense in my high school years of a chaotic family system. It was both a loving family and one challenged by a father struggling with alcoholism. Anyone who has lived through this knows all that brings with it. Writing (in my diary/journal) was one mechanism for holding myself together. I hasten to add my father was sober for 25 plus years before he died; hundreds of people attended his wake sharing how he had guided them to sobriety. We as a family loved him deeply and had healed.
    Later I found writing gave me a way to be successful in in college and in work situations. My writing skill has enabled me over the years to advocate for causes I was/am committed to; share experiences and stories; share family history/herstory; celebrate life. I am grateful for my early teachers. I learned the basic mechanics of writing from them. Later I was introduced to the finer aspects of writing through teachers and also through the books I loved reading.
    Writing this reflection reminds me I am not a newbee writer. I am simply learning anew about new genre and audience. I do hope to see you at the conference Laurie.

      • Thank you Laurie! I’ve started writing my memoir stories. Enjoying the writing process! Appreciate your encouragement.

  8. The sessions look great you are presenting! I am not a writer and enjoy my creativity in the kitchen and around our farm. I like everything around me to be warm and inviting fitting to my personality. The reward for me is when someone walks into my home and says they feel like they should lay down on the couch or recline in the chair and read the paper. Our home is filled with the smells of homemade cooking/baking and a display of canned goods bringing some back to their roots. Great post!! Tina

    • Tina — It’s crystal clear that YOU have the gift of hospitality. Making others feel AT HOME (let their hair down, put their feet up) in your own home, is a gift. I can smell mouthwatering scents wafting from your kitchen right now…

  9. I write to communicate, to practice organising my thoughts in a way that they can effectively transfer complex ideas from my mind to the minds of others.

    I do that in an attempt to actively enhance the probability of security and freedom for sapient life generally (human and non-human, biological and non-biological) – which includes myself. And it is clear to me that in the longest term I can only have such freedom and security myself if I am part of creating it for sapience generally.

    So I write, like I did yesterday (a little over 5,000 words in my longest post yesterday) –

    And I guess part of the impulse sending me down the path I have followed (and actively chosen) was being tongue tied and unable to communicate as a young child.

  10. I guess since I’ve been blogging almost two years I’m an “armchair” writer so my muse is getting through a divorce and my daughter. Some how that morphed into dating, get rich quick schemes, pissing off my ex wife so I can get dragged into court repeatedly over complete b.s., trying to piss off every Kentuckian on the planet, and of course that crumb snatching ex KGB rodent that drinks all my booze!

  11. There are times like this when I want to be a butterfly and fly right over to you Laurie . I would love to be there at this event and see YOU as speaker …good luck my friend …just look for the butterfly casually perched somewhere near you and I’ll be there .
    My creative out let …writing …it should be on prescription

    • Cherry — I love the idea that writing should be a prescription; I think it would be much more effective than many of the prescriptions that are written today.

      I’ll be on the lookout for you in butterfly form! 🙂

  12. Laurie, I know how you look forward to this Event every year and I’m tickled that you get to once again share your hard-won knowledge and wisdom with aspiring writers. Oh, me…I am not as gung-ho as I used to be about my drawing and painting, I have found that I would much rather be outside moving around and playing in the dirt. These days my canvas consists of large swathes of well-turned soil and my palette contains mostly earth-tones, every shade of green, and a few bright notes taken from the color-wheel and affixed to blooming plants. If it were not for dedicated people like you, my life would be boring indeed as I would rather read than sleep!

  13. Congratulations on all your well received writing, and presenting achievements Laurie! Very cool that you will be one of the speakers at this writing conference. Thanks for spreading the information. I’ve always enjoyed putting thoughts to paper (or keyboard), and have written one book so far which was very fulfilling.

  14. Oh boy Laurie, what I wouldn’t do to attend this for all sorts of reasons!!! Sounds like a most rewarding weekend, and I least look forward to hear all about it. For me it is all about location unfortunately.

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