2 thoughts on “Square Peg 5 – this is the one

  1. Love this post Laurie. I’d pick the ?. Apparently I’ve been asking questions, in particular asking ”why?’ since the day I could talk. And, like you, I love to figure out license plate messages/statements. My favorite, (spotted in front of me at an Illinois I-88 toll booth a few years back), remains ‘AUDIGR’. I especially like(d) it because the lady driving the car seemed to have a sense of humor. She was driving a 20+ year old auto that had seen better days and seemed to carry herself in a natural and comfortable way. A few miles after paying my toll, I figured out that ‘AU’ is the Periodic Table of Elememts symbol for ‘gold’. So AU = ‘gold’ and ‘DIGR’ = digger. Gold digger. And she did not strike me as such, so I’m pretty sure she was being ironical.

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