Hop, Skip, and a Jump

We live a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Laura Moore Cunningham Memorial Arboretum. According to my VivoSmart fitness band, the rows between the trees add up to two miles. A great place for Willa to run off lead, we go there regularly to get in two of her six daily miles.

On one such occasion, Willa—a few rows over from me—stopped abruptly, put her forearms on the ground, stuck her butt up in the air, and remained stock still except for her metronome tail. When I reached her, this is what I saw (click to enlarge):

Arboretum - bunny 1 - copy

Desperately trying to blend in, this little fellow didn’t want to be seen; its only movement was an occasional blink. Willa and I left him alone so his most-likely racing heart could settle back to a normal rate.

Are you more of a blender-inner, or a stander-outer?

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53 thoughts on “Hop, Skip, and a Jump

  1. I’m quiet and shy in large groups–does that make me a blender or a stand-outer? I don’t stand out in that I want to be noticed, but I sometimes I’m standing out because I’m an observer.
    With family and close friends, of course, it’s different. 😉

  2. It depends on the situation, I can practice the art of being “unseen” or when necessary become the elephant in the room. Spending as much time as I do outdoors and often on my knees, I like to let my Spirit flow and meld with the other quiet, little lives around me. However, there are times when the purpose for presence is called for, I can roar like the Ocean, not loudly but incessantly. What a good girl Willa is! Such a kind heart to not molest the little bunny!

  3. I am a strange gal Laurie because I can wear strange clothes in outrageous colours and I stand out in that respect but I prefer to be in the corner of a restaurant or caffe . I am a Pisces which is two fish swimming in opposite directions …which is so me . Sometimes I roar like a lion and other times I squeek like a mouse …strange .

  4. It seems like I’m an outliner here. I stand out it’s in my DNA. In fact it started expressing this tendency as early as first grade when, as other children were crying and clinging to their mom’s, I turned to my dear mother with her first child starting school and I’m sure with a stern look on my face said, “Go home or they won’t call my name.” I’m more an extrovert than an introvert. In the 1970’s I became an advocate for women’s employment rights, food security (we called it hunger issues then), and fought later (before it came a norm) for healthy meals for school children. Now I’m on the board of a new Refuge. Even when I don’t want to I often end up a leader. Standing out is not always a safe place to be. I’ve taken heat for it on many occasions. And, I’ve learned how to be less of a lightening rod.
    I suspect many of the people posting here (especially those are bloggers) may not consider that they are “standing out” … actually are. Of course their statements are more valid than mine. Yet, I can’t help but think of all the writers in history/herstory who fired revolutions or gave courage to those working for justice in other ways.
    I’ll sign here with the name I was once given in the 1970’s after a strong session testifying in Congress on issues impacting the poor (fortunately I have mellowed my style since a bit since then; my heart and voice remain strong),
    Chief Agitator

  5. For me, being a blender-inner or stander-outer is a choice. Often surrounded by gregarious friends with loud voices, I blend in and mentally record their conversations. Little do they know that some day these may show up as dialogue in a story I tell. If I detect an injustice, I will quickly switch to “stand-out” mode.

    We have plenty of chameleons in Florida, and they blend in most of the time with their instant wardrobe function. Sticking out their projectile tongue would be a dead giveaway, but even an eye-blink will trigger my notice. Skadoooo!

    • Marian — I can imagine that with all all of the sisters you have, you’d HAVE to have the ability to stand out or you’d never gotten an word in edgewise. And I can see you quickly taking a stance for the underdog. A blender-inner? That’s harder for me to wrap my head around. I hope to find out in real-life-person one of these days. 🙂

  6. Usually, I like to blend in. I think most writers do. However, there are occasions when I stand-out. For example, if I’m asked my opinion — even if that opinion is unique. Or if I hear music — I’ve just got to dance.

    What a cute little bunny. I hope other dogs are as respectful as Willa.

    • Leanne — For you to be able to do public readings and public singing (I know this about you because of your much-enjoyed blog), I know that you can definitely be a stander-outer. But I can see you tucked away in the corner of a library laboring over a manuscript, wearing the blender-inner hat, equally well. 🙂

  7. My desire to stand out was clear even in childhood. Although I blend in in new surroundings, I am usually waiting for an opportunity to say or do something that makes a contribution. I like public speaking, teaching, and other stand out roles. Over time, I have become comfortable with anonymity as well as publicity. I still have bright colors in my closet and enjoy wearing them, but I also love loafing around the house in a 20 year-old beige robe.

    • Shirley — Having met you in real-life-person, I know for certain that you’ve got that positive type of energy that commands attention when you enter a room. I’ve also seen you in vivid turquoise — a fantastic color on you! 🙂

  8. Enjoying reading your post again today….I can not think of anything to say. Just how cute the bunny is and glad Willa had restraint!

  9. I used to be a blender-inner, but then work intervened and I had to become, at least to some degree, a stander-outer. Lots of public speaking does that to you. Love the little blender-inner Villa found 🙂

  10. Ha, lovely post here Laurie as always!! I guess I am one who operates on both ends of this equation. Sometimes I blend in, don’t make any waves and immerse in unison for the common good, other times I feel I must stand apart and assert my independence and accentuate what I deem a vital position. In life we must take each curve in the road with scrutiny, never taking anything for granted. 🙂

    • Tina — Like you, I think the circumstances have a lot of sway. I love to be in the background observing. But put me at a podium with a microphone at any university and they have to use a shepherd’s crook to pull me off! 🙂

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