Georgia Peaches and Prickly Seed Pods

In the course of a week, month, or even a day, we encounter people expressing a variety of human emotions. Smooth as a Georgia peach, sharp as a prickly seed pod, or somewhere in-between:

Withdrawn or outgoing
Cheerful or sullen
Anxious or peaceful
Sweet or sour
Sad or happy
Hopeful or hopeless
Uncertain or confident
Grateful or unappreciative
Inconsiderate or respectful

The list goes on…


Emotionally speaking, on a scale of 1 to 10, if:
Smooth as a Georgia peach is 10
Sharp as a prickly seed pod is 1
And you can’t select 5…

…where do you think others most often experience you on the emotion scale?

Note: The peaches in the header photo aren’t actually in Georgia. I took the photo in Homedale, Idaho while Len and I were visiting their local airport.


60 thoughts on “Georgia Peaches and Prickly Seed Pods

  1. My mouth is watering now for a ripe, fragrant summer peach. There are good ones in South Jersey, too. 🙂
    Peaches are actually fuzzy on the outside, but then smooth inside. Most of us are probably complex like that, too. I don’t think I’m a 10–smooth sounds very bland, doesn’t it? I don’t think I’m particularly prickly though. My niece thinks I’m soothing, so maybe 8? My husband says 9 for me.
    I have no idea. Hahaha.

  2. Oh Laurie, the word perspective comes to mind. I didn’t realize those were peaches until the end. On my phone the fruit was tiny: my brain registered grape. Which is actually neither here nor there, just a reminder that I sometimes jump to hasty conclusions.
    On your scale? I imagine others would place me higher than I would, at least this week as I go into week three (or is it four) of not yet conquering CreateSpace and my book sales have, as a result, flatlined.
    C’est la vie. I feel prickly and as I write that I realize I’m enjoying getting to know my inner “bitch” Yes! Bring it on.

    • I absolutely loved this! You made my day -seeing you take on your inner prickly, enjoying getting to get to know her and even challenging her to “bring it on”! That is very empowering. Thank you!

  3. Cliff and I had a discussion about each other’s possible numbers on the emotional scale today. I quickly rated him a 9, and when I asked him what number he would rate me, he said “I will have to sample more peaches before I decide,” creatively non-committal, of course.

  4. This is a wonderful food for thought! I have felt a bit prickly on the inside lately and trying to sort through and process why. Externally my typical 8 or 9 is much more flavored with an edge and sarcasm as a result. Prickly pear has a bite;)

  5. Laurie, now that is a poser! Like most people I fluctuate between the 2 extremes but at any given moment I’d have to gravitate to the Georgia Peach end of the spectrum. I believe it comes naturally to me, being from Georgia, lol, as I dislike spending time with overly prickly people. I just don’t care to spend my time and energy trying to placate someone who spends way too much time focused on things that irritate them. Ah-Ha! I just used 4 words that end in 8 or “-ate” in this reply. I win! I Win! Of course I was the only playing the 8 game this morning, but I still win!

  6. The questions you pose always make me think, and most often I have no idea. I think, for the most part, others would see me as peaceful, and I think I am – for the most part. But there are those prickly days, those worrisome days, those sad days. I am perhaps, a composite.

  7. Is there really an either or? I believe most people can navigate between Smooth as a peach and a soar grape as the day progresses. That being said I’m going all out and saying 10!!

  8. I am likely a perfectly ripe plum most days. Smooth and shiny on the outside with a touch of powdery but transparent presence if you rub up against it. At first bite there is just a tinge of bitter-sour next to the surface before reaching delicious sweetness that then streaches across the palette again to lemon near the pit. And there is a hard pit so watch out for it! So I am going with complex seven this morning. Good question as usual Laurie 🙂

  9. Once again I enjoyed reading the combination of your post and the comments it generates.
    Am I a peach or a pod? Huh?
    I believe I am capable of both. But I try to be more of a peach then a pod. I figure that there is enough negativity in this world without me adding to it. So I try, but sometimes I fail. I’m human after all. : )

  10. Most folks do not experience me – I kind of disappear in quiet. I often say unexpected things that surprise people…Kiwi comes to mind -fuzzy and then tart sweet and “go” green! A 6 fruit.

    • Patricia — Prolific reader that you are (with your blog readers benefiting from your reviews) I experience you as a straight shooter (that’s why I can trust your reviews). I like your Kiwi descriptor 🙂

  11. I like the twist about how others might perceive us Laurie! Its easy to notice other’s emotional states, but can be more difficult to gauge our own and how it impacts others.
    I would say people see me as an 8 or maybe a 9.
    Those closest know that there can be many fluctuations beneath the calm and cheerful exterior 😉

  12. Hi Laurie

    It seems to me that averages (“most of the time”) can hide a lot of reality.
    Interesting that we often use a 1-10 scale for something that is infinitely variable – where even a 1-10 logarithmic scale fails to capture even a hint of the variance available.

    I prefer not think about averages, and I do often use the Greek conception of the Golden mean – the virtue that lies between the vices of excess and deficiency, and it is not always applicable; sometimes extremes are appropriate. One of my dad’s favourite sayings has become one of mine – “All things in moderation,particularly moderation”.

    And I prefer to be present to how I am, which forms a vast multidimensional “landscape” (topology – to give it the technical term). As I look back into memories there are high mountains and deep valleys in some attributes at some times, and while there is a general flatness at a sufficiently removed vantage point, there are a lot of lumps and bumps as one looks more closely.

    And I have spent many hours cultivating an ability to seek out and promote certain aspects of being – those towards the peach end of the spectrum; and I can go strongly the other way when faced with the presence of injustice, particularly systemic injustice.

    And I do cultivate acceptance.
    I do not argue with what is or has been, and I can put quite a bit of energy into something that might become at some time quite far off, if small and persistent actions are taken over a long time.

    So I am very disciplined in accepting what is, and also quite disciplined about not continuing the patterns of the past if those patterns do not produce long term outcomes that serve the life and liberty of all.

    It seems to me that many people waste a lot of energy and creativity wishing something from the past or present was other than what it is, rather than putting that energy into creating a future that is aligned with their highest values.

    And in that process, it is powerful to know oneself, to understand to the best of our abilities what our attributes (at all levels) actually are, rather than what we wish they were (and there will always be a little fuzziness at that boundary).

    • Ted — I very much relate to your, “…I lean towards the peach end of the spectrum; but I can go strongly the other way when faced with the presence of injustice, particularly systemic injustice.”

      And I know with a certainty that you walk your talk. Particularly as it relates to “…quite disciplined about not continuing the patterns of the past if those patterns do not produce long term outcomes that serve the life and liberty of all.”

      I know you made — and remain steadfast in — large lifestyle changes that made nulled physicians fatal prognosis for you. I continue to be one of your most enthusiastic cheerleaders! 🙂

  13. There was a funny line from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” when Mr. P makes a heartfelt speech and says “in the end, we’re all just fruit”. 🙂
    Have a great day everyone!

  14. They call me the dragon in our house …need I say more . My son has experienced me thumping around the kitchen (no. 1 ) and a face like a wet weekend , then the phone has rung and it’s a customer . Then suddenly the angel (or no 10 ) appears from nowhere . Then my son ( Cameron , who is of course always no.10) says you are false mum . No , I say , I am professional. I’d say I’m about a 8 to be fair lol

  15. Such an interesting question. I think most people would rate me quite high because this persona is usually cheerful and positive. However, there are all kinds of moods which arise, from prickly to angry to delighted. These days it’s just interesting which will arise next. It doesn’t feel so personal any more. It’s becoming more like viewing weather…

  16. Some I know who would say there are times when I am a 3, but most of the time a 6 or 7 🙂 Or maybe that is just how I see myself. I know many who see me very different than I see myself…in a good way.

  17. I’ve experienced both extremes and everything in between. The good part is that I never stay mad long and don’t hold grudges, and am not a moody person at all, the bad side is that I often let my emotions get the best of me. Typical Italian-American. Ha! I guess I’m a y or 8. I think. 🙂

  18. Personally I think they should see me as way up there in the peachy end of the range 😉 But if people insist on antagonising me at work for example as they do at the moment (nothing to do with the “post holiday return to work syndrome” of course 😉 ) then I suspect they find me to be way down there at the prickly as hell and obnoxious pain end of the range 🙂 Amazing how other people perceive us completely differently to how we ourselves do!! 🙂

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