The Elixir of Life

Author of several books, Dr. Masaru Emoto was an internationally renowned researcher who gained worldwide acclaim by showing how water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness. His message was simple, profound, and far-reaching — water reflects the intention of our thoughts and words. His landmark water study shows that words positively change the molecular structure and vibration of water and other substances.


Consumed once a day, Len and I each place a glass of water on the kitchen window sill with personal words of intent written in indelible marker on each one.

My words are: Joy, Laughter, Health, Vitality, Forgiveness, Creativity, and Peace of Mind.
Len’s words are: Health, Strength, Wisdom, Abundance, Love, Clarity, and Gratitude.

What words would you write on your glass?


76 thoughts on “The Elixir of Life

  1. What an incredibly wonderful idea, Laurie! I have admired Dr. Emoto’s fascinating work for years. The words on my glass would include: Thoughtfulness, kindness, laughter, empathy, and gratitude! Thank you, Laurie! Cher xo

  2. Lovely idea, Laurie. I’m afraid my glass would be so covered with words that I’d run out of space, but they’d include, Love, Laughter, Kindness, and Gratitude.

  3. When I see the paired glasses on your window sill the first word that comes to mind is transparency, a quality all relationships must have to endure.

    Sparkle too – that would be a good one! I love Emoto’s work and agree with Shirley on the semantic connection between his name and vocation.

    Transparency and sparkle (character trait and personality), qualities I constantly see in you too Laurie. And, yes, I would write these words on my own glass.

  4. Laurie, I have been entranced by Dr. Emoto’s work ever since I first laid eyes on his photos. I’ve always known that we should give thanks and bless our food before we eat it but this was the first time I had seen visible proof of the reasons. I’ve not followed your example of writing words on a glass and consuming my intentions as an elixir but I do bless my food with the words, ” Please bless this food to the nourishment of my body and me to Your service.”.

    • Sandi – yes, Yes, and YES again. Our family (as many others) refer to this practice as “grace” — invoking the immediate presence of Spirit at the onset of a meal (breaking bread). Thank you so very much for this wonderful reminder 🙂

  5. Thank you for this interesting and informative post, Laurie.
    What would my words be?
    That’s such a difficult question, but here’s a few thoughts…
    Growth. Appreciation. Mindfulness. Forgiveness. Fulfillment. Fun. Love. Creativity. Understanding. Courage.Empathy.

  6. Love that you chose the word vitality in addition to health. It is a juicier word 🙂 My words would include joy, abundance, and I would borrow vitality!

    • Gigi – As somewhat of an athlete, vitality (at least to me) is the energy behind health. Stamina is sustaining and maintaining it (endurance). I’m in it for the long haul so the words I choose are important to me 🙂

  7. We must be on the same wavelength, Laurie. I was just writing about Dr. Emoto as well! I love his water studies and appreciate the idea to write positive phrases all over your water glasses. 🙂

  8. While I have reservations about the conclusions Emoto and others drew, I can’t help but be enamored by the exercise you present. My words for today: perseverence, wisdom, clarity. For tomorrow: receptivity, peace, joy. Thanks, Laurie

  9. I am actually drinking a rather large glass of ice cold water, as we speak , Laurie . My son and his girlfriend are staying with us for a few days . We had a delicious meal and too many glasses of wine so I am hydrating . My words are …Buoyant , Crest, and Flow .

  10. I absolutely love this Laurie! I do something similar by writing select words in my journal each morning. Today’s words are: Love all, Knowing Power, Law of Attraction, Showing Up 100 Percent. 🙂

  11. Health and kindness are my two words I am working on this year, with deep focus on relaxation. Another crisis of $$ just arose in my life and has brought back an old worry. We are doing the same things we always do – I would add finding creative new lasting solutions – more words that will condense but so needed right now…

  12. Fabulous post Laurie, and an inspiring proposition. My words would be a combination of what you and Len chose to go with. Each paints the picture of a life well lived and living and how we move forward with the proper mind-set. Embracing all is the path to true happiness.

  13. We did this at Christmas, we all had stickers that we put on the wine glasses and could write anything on them. 2 things happened, one everyone remembered which glass was theirs LOL but the other was a lively (and aren’t they the best kind) discussion about the words everyone choose. We have a new family tradition.

  14. what a wonderful post…and a great ideal 🙂
    first word that came to mind would be to start with Gratitude….. seems to be my energy these days…
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideal…I will start now with this glass of water 🙂
    Take Care…You Matter..

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