Jetson Style Luggage

When we’re born we arrive without any luggage. No backpacks, fanny packs, briefcases—not even a small coin purse. But by the time we draw our last breath, many of us have acquired a large set of luggage filled with stuff!much of it debilitating. The strain from lugging it around is enough to break our emotional backs.

People claiming their baggage

Have you heard about the “futuristic” type of luggage that’s powered by a Bluetooth remote-control? “Hop! The Following Suitcase” does just that. Simply aim your smartphone at it and it’ll follow wherever you go on caterpillar-like treads.

My preference is to “travel light — travel fast.” Carefully examining the contents of our baggage and offloading what doesn’t serve us well makes for a lighter life — creating space for even more gratitude, health, peace of mind, and joy.

Is your baggage following you?


54 thoughts on “Jetson Style Luggage

  1. When we’re born, we have parents to take care of our every need, we don’t need packs.

    As we grow, we need to look after ourselves and our kids.

    I rather like Terry Pratchett’s sapient pearwood luggage.

    I don’t do travel light. I’m the ultimate boy scout – “be prepared”.
    Right now I have a swiss army knife and 5 USB drives in my pocket (all for different purposes – one bootable linux, one bootable windows, one a U3 drive, and a couple of backups).

    My typical multi-day tramp is with a 90 litre pack – that typically weighs about 90 lbs.

    Most of my baggage is here in the house, and fairly well secured – I’m letting the planet carry it through space and time for me ;).

  2. This is great blog and a good wake up call!

    May your life be colorful magnificent,shimmering and Joyful, As the magic of Christmas spreads on you Merry Christmas.

  3. I thought about my “mom purse” when my children were young. I always had crayons, band aides, and snacks in it, along with all the other stuff. That came in handy a few times!

    I don’t think my baggage is following me. . .I’d like to think it’s more of a backpack of memories and useful knowledge. My portable (good-hearted) yenta is there, too. More will be revealed about that at some point. 🙂

    Happy holidays, Laurie!

  4. You connect the dots in the most fascinating ways, Laurie. And you have inspired me to place cleaning out my clothes closet even higher on my #Yuletidy list. Have a wonderful time, traveling light, with luggage or without!

  5. I certainly agree with the value of off loading unnecessary and negative emotional baggage. It’s the type of baggage that only gets heavier and costs us plenty as we travel through life.
    I do also look for balance with physical possessions. Although I’m not a minimalist.
    I’ve started as I’ve likely post before to become a rational “prepper” … ready for short term emergencies. And enjoy simpler living in the form of increasing cooking and baking from “scratch” and making more personal and home goods myself. So in some ways it’s more about the quality of the mix with a little less quantity.

    • Audrey — I enjoyed reading your descriptors: “balance,” “rational prepper,” “simpler living,” “baking from scratch,” and so on. From where I stand, you’re observation about QUALITY is spot on! 🙂

  6. Luggage and baggage are not pretty words. I got rid of a big plastic box of “stuff” in our bedroom yesterday, and you have inspired me to persist in tidying up.

    I hadn’t heard of the the Jetson-style luggage, Hop. Maybe it could be nicknamed Hop-along Cassidy. Another timely post, Laurie – thank you!

  7. Books , books, books in three words that is my baggage … if you can call it baggage . Books go everywhere with me . So they bought me a kindle …400 books on kindle later …

    Because our house is still a half house, all my books are in crates everywhere. I don’t think I’m ever going to see them on a proper bookshelf again but I know I will . In the cottage, that we are renting through the winter, piles of books have begun to accumulate . Is there such a thing as a literary doctor ? Do you think I am sickening for something Laurie ? but books make me feel so good, The sight , touch and smell of them
    I wonder if Santa has any in his sack for me this year . Have a very merry Christmas Laurie your blog is a delight I have enjoyed it so much all year .
    Take care CHERRYX

    • Cherry — I had to laugh at your wonderment of the existence of a literary doctor. If I was going to opt for any type of baggage, I, too, would choose books. As it is, I let the local library carry and manage that load for me. I pretend that the library is my personal bookshelf and make regular use of it. Full enjoyment without the weight — it’s a pretty good deal 🙂

  8. Laurie, I love this post and the photos you used ti illustrate it. Early on in my grownup life I developed a habit much like Ted’s, “You never know when this might come in handy, take it!” I think it came from having a diaper bag hanging off my shoulder for years at a time. Instead of a purse, I carried a tool bag, complete with lunch, books, and quite often even a hammer. These days I carry nothing that won’t fit into my pockets, keys, wallet, comb, change. Emotionally I try to do the same thing, leave the Past behind, it’s done. Deal with the Present, it’s here and needs me. Be mindful of the Future, because if we are lucky enough, we will live to see it. Have a Merry Christmas and give Willa a big hug from me!

    • Sandi – And while I enjoyed them immensely, I’m so glad the diaper bag days are in the rearview mirror 🙂 I admire your streamlined approach: if it doesn’t fit in my pockets, it doesn’t come along.

      I just gave Willa a big squeeze from you. Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!

  9. Clearing out closets is akin to clearing out the mind. We should do it a least once a year, if not two or three. It’s quite amazing how empty spaces fill up with stuff that we don’t really need and that stuff often makes life clumsy.

  10. Thanks Laurie. I’ve been thinking about this myself recently as for a variety of reasons I’ve been moving around a fair bit and been wondering how many of the things I have I really need. I think my conclusion is “not that many”. Have a good holiday season.

  11. Just as soon as I unload one piece of luggage there seems to grow space enough for something new – an idea, a new theory, a different perspective – it hangs around awhile and then is nudged aside by something more compelling. Ideas – they are the baggage that occupy more than their fair share of space in my psyche. Consequently, the mundane bedraggles of my daily activities piles up around me as I’m not paying attention to what my hands are doing while I’m dancing across the cerebral landscape. The out of sight, out of mind follows me wherever I go like a magnet on the bottom of my feet. My ta da list requires removing the shackles from around my ankles, but I can’t find the key! Love your blog, today and always! Thank you for opening up vistas of thought and new perspectives for the weighted down and completely fettered. Happy holidays to you and yours! 🙂

    • Dorothy — Don’t wait until you find the key, siSTAR — get an axe and whack the chains attached to those manacles binding your ankles. Then in Richard Pryor style yell, “Feet don’t fail me now!” and run like greased lightning 🙂 The happiest of holidays to you and yours.

  12. Materially I have shed a lot over the last few years of moving about. My mental and emotional baggage has gotten much lighter over the years; and I continue to work on shedding more to lighten my spirit 🙂 It is so refreshing to let go of material stuff, and negative thoughts 🙂

  13. I used to carry a big purse full of all kinds of stuff that was of course very important. Bob was concerned about my back and over the years has gotten me down to a small card case, keys and a small cell phone — all carried in pockets. For me that is symbolic of all the emotional baggage I’ve also dropped along the way — luggage following you around is a big pain. 🙂

  14. I always bring too much ‘baggage’ with me when I travel. Yet, when I land at my destination, I realize that I didn’t need to bring so much. May we all feel lighter in the new year, and discard any baggage not needed!
    Hugs and blessings to you.

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