The Art of Sowing Seeds

In the driveway area, we noticed a small evergreen growing smack-dab along the fence line. Wind must have carried the seedling to the fertile soil and now it’s thriving. Not healthy for the fence as it continues to grow, we’ll relocate the sapling in the spring to a spot that has plenty of elbow room.


Intentional — like Johnny Appleseed — or not, each of us sows seeds along life’s journey.

What’s sprouting in your wake?


46 thoughts on “The Art of Sowing Seeds

  1. What is sprouting in my wake? Right now, I put the loving kindness of my grandchildren as the seed I am most aware of. I also scattered some seeds in my memoir. It’s so rewarding when someone plucks one of the sprouts and plants it where it gets sunshine and warmth and moisture.

    • Shirley — I love the photographs I’ve seen with you and your grandchildren. And I can say with certainty that you did, indeed, plant sacred seeds in your memoir, as I was blessed to be on the receiving end 🙂

  2. Laurie! Ha! Right up my alley! I love baby trees and that one is adorable. Hmmmm…very good question that… Let me say that I hope I have sown seeds of Love, Joy, Faith, Strength, Wisdom, and Grace. Add to that a scattering of Peace, Unity, Harmony, Goodness, Humility. Mercy and Compassion. These are the Gifts I request of the Master of the Universe every morning so that I may give them away to all I encounter, and give them just as freely as He has given them to me. I love that baby tree, please pat it for me and offer my warm regards from Georgia.

  3. Once upon a time I had a small evergreen on top of the desk in my office at the college. I decorated it with little bows and balls for Christmas one year and then took it home. Eventually, I planted it in my patio garden where it grew until it is over 10 feet tall, a little bit of the north in our southern climate. I don’ t know for sure why it thrives but it does, sharing space with palmettos and cactus.

    What is sprouting in my wake? Continuing our family legacy as we sort and delegate new homes for our mother’s possessions. We are scattering seeds by helping the needy, assigning treasures to a museum for safe-keeping, and sharing with family. Some of these seeds of memory have sprouted into blog posts, eventually a book.

    Oh, and strengthening the bonds with my sisters and brother, a blessing in itself.

    • Marian — I love the story that you shared about the little desk-top tree that grew (outside) to be over ten feet all!

      And I oh-so-appreciate the multi-seed-sowing that you’re doing with your mother’s items, while at the same time strengthening family ties.

  4. It’s a very good question that we don’t always focus on while speeding through life. I’m just hoping the seeds I’ve left behind are mostly good ones…seeds that should grow with plenty of elbow room. I always smile when I remember my son telling me (at 16) that when he was about to make a questionable choice, he heard my little voice in his head advising him. He’s grown up to a wonderful man and dad, so it can’t be all wrong 🙂

  5. Dear Laurie,
    What is it about these volunteers? Although I’m not a gardener, I’ve heard that these are the best-growing kinds, because they’ve found the perfect conditions to thrive. I’ve also heard frustrated gardeners tell me that they’re perplexed that the seeds they plant don’t seem to do as well as these ones.
    I wonder if it’s the same in the rest of our life, that things grow more strongly not where we want them, and don’t grow as well as where we want.
    I go on to wonder if we might take a closer look at our wanting.
    I remember a saying from, I think, one of those pithy postcards by Ashleigh Brilliant that read: “Shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target.”
    Maybe you could move the fence a little? 🙂

  6. Writing is Laurie . Since I set my challenge 1st Jan this year, to be sure to write a chapter ( or more ) every day, stories are sprouting quicker than beans . Even when I haven’t a clue where anything is going . It’s just like magic . I know it’s a bit early but my New Years Challenge is to work at getting something published …it’s just another of my hair brained dreams .
    I love the questions you ask it really gets me thinking sweet Laurie .

  7. What is sprouting?
    After years of disguising certain aspects of myself, I’m learning how to stand up and say, “This is me. This is what I believe.”
    And to my great surprise, I am being hear and respected. These experiences are empowering leading me to a richer self.

  8. Interesting question Laurie

    My intention is to leave a spreading wake of impulse towards questioning assumptions, testing boundaries, accepting diversity, and creating freedom and security for all through promotion of cooperation at all levels.

    It seems clear to me that adopting strategies that promote universal abundance of all the necessities of life for all individuals is the single most powerful promoter of universal freedom and security.

    To that end I choose activity and engagement in a wide diversity of activities, from picking up hitchhikers and engaging them in discussions, to working with local service groups and charities, to involvement in local, regional and national political and governance processes, to engagement in various levels of discussion – here, KurzweilAI, Ideadpod, Foresight Institute, Capital Institute, ANG, Lifeboat Foundation.

    My intention is a wake of discussions that promotes higher levels of awareness, security and freedom for all.

    How effective I am remains to be seen.

    And sometimes it involves planting trees, or transplanting trees 😉

    • Ted — “…adopting strategies that promote universal abundance of all the necessities of life for ALL individuals is the single most powerful promoter of universal freedom and security.”

      yes, Yes, YES! I love the seeds that you plant! 🙂

  9. Laurie, I planted a seed today in my work life which had been given to me by others. No sooner then having lifted the shovel with the click of the “send” button and I wanted to go dig it back up! I felt it just might get to big. But when I turned it over in my mind, it had already started to sprout in my imagination with these long roots going down through the rubble and a sturdy stock stretching up towards a possibility. I decided to leave it and maybe come back and water the thing once in a while.

  10. Interesting Laurie, both the little sapling growing in your driveway, and your question. I like the visual in your question “What is sprouting in your wake?” and it resonates with me right now. I do have an inner sense of something happening, but what it is preparing to sprout I am not sure! Maybe a huge surprise 🙂

  11. I once killed a cactus. It’s not overstating it to say I’m terrible at gardening. In April I bought some red hanging flowers to decorate the front of my house for my friend’s baby shower. They were pretty much dead by the time my mother moved in with us in August.

    Mom had stage 3 lung cancer and was told she had 12 months to live. I wanted to throw those plants away but she wouldn’t let me. Instead, she and my kids watered them every day and they still bloom today, almost Thanksgiving.

    What do I hope to sow? Hope and faith in the fact that we are tougher than we look; that if given the chance and the proper attention we can still bloom past our prime.

  12. You have seeded some interesting comments…I am still thinking…also recovering from a badly broken shoulder. Although, what shoulder is ever goodly broken?

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