Mary Poppins-esque

My friend, Canadian artist Terrill Welch, periodically gifts her readers with step-by-step photos of a painting being born. So revealing, those posts are among my favorites.

With that in mind, I’m sharing with you the behind the scenes “magic” of what took place to capture a photo of me — Mary Poppins style — for an up-and-coming event.

Using the camera in my iPhone 5S, Len was the photographer. As you know, we have loads of fun together. Sometimes we even get carried away; in my case (almost) literally:

Select a location site


Insert prop into the scene


Wait (and wait and wait and wait!) for photographer to get ready


Catch a gust of wind


Erase prop — Voilà!


Coming to a night sky near you


When was the last time you got carried away?


© Laurie Buchanan

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87 thoughts on “Mary Poppins-esque

  1. Oh this is great! Love this “inside” view of how to create a Mary Poppins scene! Thanks for the big smile this morning. I’ll bet you were grinning when posting this.

  2. Love your combination of whimsy and wisdom, all boiled down into universal questions at the end. I wondered whether you considered wearing the high-waisted long skirt, but that became a moot point by the end of the series.

    Get carried away? When I’m looking into my grandchildren’s eyes; or totally relaxed after 15 minutes of meditating; or listening to choral music in a great music hall . . .

  3. Now all the magic is gone! LOL
    I think you two, you and Len that is have too much fun! if that is possible. Cute Idea by the way and using Terrill’s process as an example is brilliant.

    I have not been carried away in a long time.

  4. Hilarious! It worked so well! I enjoyed your artist friend’s post too, about how she created her masterpieces…amazing! I always like a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into another world.

    Personally, I get carried away when I’m writing. With my books, I have to be strict with myself, because I am writing my characters’ stories. In my blog posts, I can relax, because I can let myself be a part of what I’m writing, it’s my take on something. and I have the freedom to express myself there. But researching is a different matter entirely; I can get lost in the past for DAYS, lol!!!

    Emotionally, I am swept away regularly, but I’ve never been carried away physically… well, maybe once, but I’m not telling!

  5. Oh Laurie! You are movie star 🙂 I just lover your show and tell. Thank you for the event ion by the way. Most appreciate. Like you I am a carried away often kinda person. Yesterday I had an idea for gift baskets. So I went out and got what I wanted for the contents. The thing is, now I have to take the ferry to town for the bakers and cellophane to cover them. Ah well, they will be beautiful when I am done.

  6. I find I’m most carried away in the midst of most creative endeavors. They may be something simple like baking bread; the sensual experience of the scent of yeast, the feel of kneading dough, the joy of seeing the baked bread (and smelling) the raised glory of it. Last winter I totally enjoyed putting together jars of home made peppermint foot soak for my sisters and sisters in-law; again sensual.
    And I’m happy to say there are moments with coaching clients where we can get carried away with insight. Thank you for the delightful Mary Poppins process and pose; live your flights of fancy.

  7. This is one of my favourite blog post, by you, Laurie.
    First, you start by mentioning one of my most favourite people–Terrill.
    Then you follow-up by imitating a personal hero–Mary Poppins
    And the photo is so cool. I have no idea how you erase something in a photo. But that may be a good thing. Who knows what I would do with such power? (evil laugh)
    : )

  8. I love the photos they are really cool …such fun . I love Mary Poppins …I can never resist watching her when I know she on . I am a child of the 60s so she has always been around since I can remember .
    I got carried away when I went to a new class last Sat . A Pranic Breath and Relax Meditation class . I have never been to anything like it before . It was a young man of 25 ish that took it and I swear he was a 21 Century Jesus . I’m not hugely religious but I have always said if Jesus came back I want to meet him . Well Laurie I think I just did . LOL …I’m back there again on Sat . Oh and he takes a yoga class tomorrow so I’m going to that too . Oh it’s not because I fancy him it’s purely for the amazing relaxation I feel when leaving him class …That’s what I tell my husband anyway lol

    • Cherry — Your response has made me smile, Smile, SMILE! Good for you and the classes you’re taking. You can’t go wrong with breath work, meditation, and/or yoga — they’re the foundation of my life (and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re taught by someone who’s easy on the eyes) 🙂

  9. How fun is this! I think I was carried away by the Happy Medicine after the colonoscopy last week. No pain, No headache, No muscles spasms and I slept 24 hours straight.

  10. What fun – love the resulting final photo! I got carried away last Saturday celebrating my surprise birthday dinner with my family. And I try to get carried away a little every day with the incredible lightness of being! Cheers!

  11. Hi Laurie

    I can just see the measuring tape – “Practically perfect in every way!” 😉

    The last time I got carried away was just over a year ago when walking the dogs late one night in a strong southerly gale, and I got literally blown off the car park at the lookout by a strong gust of wind that I estimate was over 90 knots (the wind was blowing at a steady 70 knots, with occasional gusts). I was leaning into the wind, and even leaning at about 45 degree angle, could not maintain sufficient traction with my feet and was quite literally blown backwards and over the edge of the hill (where I got out of the main force of the wind and stopped moving).

    It was quite an “interesting” experience.

  12. Well, you cracked me up good and plenty with this one! And you are such a down to Earth person! Put a trowel in my hand, set me down in a flower bed that needs some work and I am off and gone until my stomach quite growling and starts screaming or it gets to dark to see. Time really does not exist in The Zone.

  13. I love it! We post step-by-step visuals for Marty’s paintings, too, and we’ve also done a few time lapse videos of his creations. There’s something so magical about getting to go behind the scenes!

  14. Ha Laurie those photos of you a la Mary Poppins are really classic!!!! You have great balance and agility too, and Len really knows how to shoot!!! Let’s see….I get carried always almost all the time! Whatever I engage in I always go the distance. This propensity does have its good and its not so good! Moderation is always the best policy! 🙂

  15. Miss Laurie, I wonder what Julie Andrews would think of your super post?!… 🙂
    excellent, as usually… ❤ tons of inspiration and respectful regards, cheers! Mélanie

  16. Love this whole idea! I got carried away, literally, on my 40th birthday by a group of friends. I almost hit the ceiling 🙂 Otherwise, I get carried away all the time by this and the other creative endeavor…

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