Can You Hear Me Now?

This post is coming to you “live” from the road as we journey 1,700 miles — white knuckled through a torrential downpour — toward our destination in the Pacific Northwest.

The landscape is dotted with cell towers. These tall structures house antennas, transmitters, receivers — a myriad of electronic equipment — that support cell phones, computers, GPS systems, and other technological advancements.

With a strong signal, our electronics maintain contact with the mother ship’s energy (so to speak) on a consistent basis.


Personally, I enjoy sustained contact with source energy — divinity. Because I prefer a strong uninterrupted signal, it requires regular maintenance on my end of things.

When was the last time you “phoned home?”

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35 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Good to “hear” from you! The link up was a bit difficult coming in but connected now! Travel safe! Did you guys buy a house out there?

    You know my connection to home is taking a walk with Muffin and camera, into my little wood. and remembering to breathe!

  2. Ah Laurie, this is a ride you will always remember, both for the final coda on your Crystal Lake days, and the new beginning you in Utah. Seems like rain has cut a path from the Pacific Northwest to the East coast, though I am hearing from friends near Chicago that snow has again been falling! The very best to you both in your new home, and I’m sure I am with everyone else here in looking forward to all kinds of photos! You and Len rightfully are very happy campers I’m sure.

    That ‘phone home’ immediately brings to mind Spielberg’s ‘E.T.’ Ha!

  3. It’s raining in Virginia too, Laurie. My 87-year-old mother and I are phoning home. We are talking about death, writing her obituary, and laughing! She’s in relatively good health and visiting from her home in Pennsylvania for this week. The signal is coming in strong. Thanks for this inspiring post. God speed!

  4. Driving in the rain is a magical experience for me. I love the feeling of being encased in my own little world while being in the middle of nature. The sound of the raindrops on the roof and the windshield wipers has the power to soothe worries, sadness or any negative thought/feeling in my life at the moment that few other things can.

    I’ve always dreamed of living in Seattle, Ireland, England or any other place where rainy days are a fixture on the weather forecast.

  5. Your question immediately reminded me of my parents: Daddy singing along with his guitar “Central’s never busy, always on the line, you can talk to heaven almost any time . . . . ” Every week I talk to my mother (age 95), she on her portable and me on my cellphone. She has always had bionic ears and our conversation is usually unimpeded until recently. About 2 weeks ago, I asked her (in reference to a blog post I was putting together) “Do you remember wearing “Evening in Paris”? Her response was “Carrots? What carrots?” That’s your laugh for the day, Laurie.

    The sun is shining now in Florida but there is prediction for rain, 80% the weatherman says. I’m waiting for a rose ready to bloom on the patio. Praise God!

    Where in the Pacific Northwest are you nesting? Cliff’s dad lives in Spokane and his sisters in Vancouver, WA. Godspeed as you travel safely to your destination!

  6. Being connected across the country and world is such a gift. Your energy flows to us from miles away each week as well as replies to you abd us from as far away as other continents. As members of my family and several friends go through major health challenges …. we stay connected with news and prayers sent, shared (including from you … thank you). Birth pictures of new members of our extended family are often our first introductions … amazing joy! Being together in person is still much preferred … and yet these modern links allows us an opportunity to share our daily thoughts, small and large moments which allow connections of mind and heart and spirit until we can share physical space.
    Then as you travel you experience the “dead zones.” Yesterday as I sat with my mom as she received another chemo treatment I couldn’t get a cell connection but had a powerful conversation; unfortunately due to her dementia I don’t know how much she will remember today. I can only hope our heart energy stays with her.

    • My mother has been gone now for five years, but during the last six years of her life, she experienced varying degrees of dementia, until it progressed to the point of no recognition at all. Even so, I worked at doing exactly what you’re expressing, in that I poured my “heart energy” into her, in the hopes of bringing her some level of peace and contentment.

      In the end, it turned out to be the sound of my voice, quietly singing to her, that brought her the most comfort. Even though I am not at all comfortable singing, I did my best to fill all the space in the room with my tone-deaf and not terribly melodic voice, because the singing was my way to share my heart energy with her, and it clearly helped her relax. Best wishes to you as you continue on the journey with your mom. Trust what you already know. The connection is enough. Just keep singing.

      • Thank you for your very touching post ntexas99 .. perhaps we are both connecting with that essential love energy which bring us all peace!

  7. What an awesome adventure trip and move. I feel we are all with you in the back seat with the dogs. Have a safe trip. That is a good question about phoning home. My home is in CA now but used to be CO so I would count that I phoned my husband today 🙂

  8. Rain has always felt like a baptism to me, Laurie. . .a cleansing away of the old and a making ready for the new, prayers answered. Can’t wait to see more pics after the ‘white knuckle’ part is over. . . so glad YOU phoned home HERE:)

  9. Laurie, as I am an avid gardener, I am in touch with the miracle of life on a daily basis. Each time I see a baby seedling poke it’s head out from the soil I get a quick thrill of pleasure in knowing that I had a helping hand in it’s birth. It’s a Divine Energy that pulses through out our Planet at all times, I am only a willing helper. I am a Ga. Master Gardener but there is a Universal Master Gardener that I take my questions and difficulties to. He gives advice, comfort, hope and strength and has a 24/7/365 Hot Line that is never busy. I am often uncertain about how to handle certain situations and so I hit Speed Dial and hear him say, “Don’t worry about this, I’ve got it. Let me deal with it and remember :Everything is going to be alright.” Safe and Happy Travels!

  10. Strong consistent contact makes all the difference.
    We’ve always got to position ourselves where signal is strong.
    Faith establishes the link with divinity.
    Lovely read, Laurie!
    Keep up the good work.

  11. You’re driving 1,700 miles to your new home ? Wow !!!!. Now you do realize that here in England it’s really Hobbit Land … l my husband complains when we have to drive ( wait for it ) 140 miles to our new half house in Wales , which is Double Hobbit Land, a mere snip compared to your journey . I bet you’ re so excited to get to your new house… can’t wait to hear about it .
    All next week we’re in Double Hobbit Land ( Wales) so hopefully I will receive your blog but might not be able to reply . Fingers crossed I ‘ll be be able to do both because I really looking forward to next week’s installment .
    Have a really safe journey and lots of luck for the future .

  12. Exciting to join you on this journey. And sending you golden rays of sun from my island home.
    I like your terminology–phoning home. I translate it to mean: connecting with the greater, connecting with the source, connecting with the divine.
    I was raised to ‘phone home’ by sitting in quiet contemplation. I’m learning to connect in other ways–through exercise such as Tia Chi, Yoga and long walks.
    Like you, Laurie, it is vitally important for me to remain connected.
    Enjoy your journey and travel safe.

  13. Yep lots of heavy rain a sign of great fertility. What an adventure.
    3 cities in PNW just were highlighted for their health or lack of.
    Bellingham WA. For the healthiest , least obese city – lots of out door activity they are # 4 in the Nation.
    Yakima wA. As the 4 th most obese city in the Nation. And
    Olympia WA for the city that eats most healthy in the nation. The highest number of folks vegetarians and most belong to CSA’s. I know you know Bellingham still so curious about your destination

  14. Wow Laurie – as I’m from the Pacific Northwest and follow the weather, the Easter weekend is not looking that fair. We will be journeying from Vancouver Island to the big city to connect with family, and hopefully the rain will let up a bit. I love your reference to connecting with divinity and not just cyber space. Good reminder, especially during holy week…. really, every week.

  15. I spend time in nature, and I have practices to keep the channels open between conscious and subconscious systems; which is my translation of divinity.
    I don’t see any intention or purpose in it, just systems doing what systems do within the rules at play.
    And there are a lot of systems out there, doing a lot of stuff, far more than we can consciously deal with in detail.

    Safe Journey Laurie & Len.

  16. We woke up under a blanket of snow…pretty, but we need to start the spring yard work soon. Enjoy your new adventure. Paul and I took over a month to make our journey to our retirement life, visited many friends on the way there and stopped wherever we were to toast the sunset every night.

  17. Phoning home keeps me grounded and panic-free.So,I do it often.
    You are going to a progressive state,Holistic Health is sought after.
    Better get used to the rain,you will see plenty more,they call it liquid sunshine.!!
    Good luck with the move and wish you a wonderful new life with plenty of rainbows

  18. I too am curious about your PNW destination. To break free of the rain, come visit us in the Rain Shadow on the Olympic Peninsula of WA 🙂

  19. I hope you arrived safely at your destination and can now shake off the road a bit! But I love the direction of your words, and I, too, need to “phone home” often. Spiritual awareness is central to how I get by, quite frankly. And this week, a Holy Week for me as well as millions all over the world, is a good reason to think even more deliberately about connecting rather than disconnecting. Thank you for that gentle reminder, my friend.

  20. What a great metaphor to illustrate the importance of staying connected. With me, lately it’s been more along the lines of one of those party-line affairs, in that I’ve been listening in on all sorts of conversations, and jumping in from time to time, using the strength of many to help keep me connected to home. Hope you have an enjoyable and safe journey. 🙂

  21. As you traveled cross-country, did you find big gaps where you didn’t have cell phone coverage? Or were the major highways well-monitored in that regard? You can get fairly good cell coverage across the UP, except in certain spots. Our home is one of those spots. However, I LOVE maintaining phone contact with my family! One of the best parts of life!

    • Kathy – There were a few patches that didn’t have any reception, whatsoever. And there were a few patches where it was hit-or-miss spotty. Thankfully, for the most part, we maintained strong reception.

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