Bookends for Love

I recently shared with my friend Sandi that I view faith and hope as bookends—standing sentinel—on each side of love. In my experience:

Faith has a track record — it’s associated with something (person, place, thing, event, or opportunity) that we have confidence in; something we have reason to believe will come through for us.

Hope is brand new — somewhat like 2014, it hasn’t established a track record yet; it’s unfamiliar. Having no  previous experience with it, we hope everything is going to turn out all right.

Love outweighs everything else — a powerful ally in any situation, bar none.

© Laurie Buchanan 2014

What is your greatest hope for this newly minted year?

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are  choosing.” — Laurie Buchanan

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© Laurie Buchanan 2014

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65 thoughts on “Bookends for Love

  1. Mmmm….Well, I Hope I can make some dreams come true this year, for instance to spend more time on my painting. I have Faith that I can do this, a little better time management coupled with persistence and determination should do the job. Since I Love what I do for a living passionately, creating beautiful gardens, perhaps I can meld these two efforts into something I have not even dreamed of yet. Also that I can allow these three qualities; Faith, Hope, and Love, to guide my year successfully to fruition. Thanks, for the timely reminder, my new professional year started yesterday.

    • Sandi – Happy New Professional Year, and a grand one it’s going to be (if you don’t get pulled into shreds from everyone wanting your services) 🙂

      I, too, that you carve out more time for painting this year. And I know that nothing is going to keep you from your garden. Ever!

  2. All three in tandem create and define our life and forward motion. I agree that love is an overriding emotion that trumps all and allows one to get past the negativity that may compromise the others, Laurie. I am hoping we get Melanie set for college, and begin the same process for young Sammy who will be a high school senior in September. But most of all I am hoping for a year of health and happiness after a 2013 that strained those vital ingredients in the sphere of life. All indications are on track to bring those hankered for ideals into acute focus. Wonderful post Laurie!

  3. I LOVE the idea of faith and hope being bookends. That’s so perfect. Right now I need faith that my insurance company will give me a vacation override and let me get my medication early, so my nephew can bring it with him when he comes next week. Apparently, Humana is notoriously difficult.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  4. I so love your simplicity, Laurie. You have such a knack for summing up very deep and rich concepts into manageable bits that one can carry with them close to their hearts throughout the day (and longer!). Thank you for that. It is something I really can use in my life!

  5. Reblogged this on Aging Abundantly | Women Over Fifty | Empty Nesters | Caregivers | Aging Gracefully and commented:
    Laurie Buchanan has an incredible ability to sum up rich and important concepts into manageable bit size pieces. “Bookends for Love” is a gem to take into the new year; to roll around in your heart and use as a guiding light.

    What is your hope for the coming year? Do you have faith in your dream(s)? Or is some fear holding you back? In all things, love yourself. It is “a powerful ally in any situation”. DS

  6. I have to temper my hope with reality, and so I will go for something do-able: I hope to inspire just one person every day to do something positive: for him or herself, for others, for animals, for the planet.

  7. I had a dream many years ago , Laurie , to own a house by the sea . October 2012 we bought a piece of land in West Wales just three miles away from the sea YESSS!!!! . We now have four walls and a rather impressive roof . This year my hope is to move in to my half house ( my husband is a carpenter and he is doing a lot of the work …so it’s slow work) .
    So watch this space …I’m living half a dream so this year I hope to get the other half .
    Cherry x

  8. Hi Laurie

    My hope is that significantly more people will become aware of the commonality of all humanity, and start living beyond the ideas of tribe, country, or political persuasion and taking actions for the delivery of abundance to all humanity.

    And I have some severe reservations around the ideas of faith and hope, as I see them so badly abused.
    Some people teach that hope is “the gold plated turd” – looks good from the outside, but is full of smelly unwanted stuff in the middle; and it often occurs that way. When hope is used as a substitute for thought and action in alignment with convictions, it certainly as the “turd” aspect to it. And it is sold that way by many institutions.

    I also see faith used as a virus of the mind in many aspects.
    When faith in someone else’s words is sold as preferable to faith in one’s own ability to see and choose for oneself, then that faith, be it in church or state or political view or financial system is a killer of individual minds, individual freedom, and the growth of each and every one of us.

    Yet when people can clearly see their commonality with all other people, all other life (love) and that is joined with a belief in their own ability to make distinctions and choices (faith), and make a difference thereby (hope), then I see that as a recipe for a profoundly desirable future.

    So long as people allow themselves to give over their power to some external set of words or ideas, in any realm; then we are all at risk.

    So it is a yes and no thing for me.

    • Ted – I absolutely hear, agree, and respect what you’ve put forth here. Two of your eloquent wisdom’s especially jumped out at me:

      (1) “…and taking actions for the delivery of abundance to all humanity.”

      (2) “Yet when people can clearly see their commonality with all other people, all other life (LOVE) and that is joined with a belief in their own ability to make distinctions and choices (FAITH), and make a difference thereby (HOPE), then I see that as a recipe for a profoundly desirable future.”

  9. To fully surrender to follow the flow of the Universe…that is my hope for 2014. Lovely blog post, Laurie. May we ignite to realize our faith, hope and love now and always.

    • Kathy – SURRENDER and FLOW bring to mind tubing in a water park. Some of the offerings are exhilarating, yet others are more serene. But they’re both enjoyable. Here’s to another year of tubing siSTAR! 🙂

  10. I have paid off my credit card before so I have faith I can do it again.
    I was hoping to kick high blood pressure and erratic blood sugar problems out the door. I am hoping also to double the number of readers to my blog book reviews.

    My word is apparently FLOW this year, maybe that can be a boomerang possibility that the more peaceful and loving I feel it will just flow forth into the world.

    Tearing the ligament off my right elbow joint last weekend was a rather disheartening way to start…but I did get the leaves out of the storm drain and let the waters flow away…and learned a lesson about myself and anger –

    Love your words and our connections.
    Thank you for sharing – I will do that too!

    • Patricia – I’m so sorry to hear about the trauma to your elbow. Early on last year I broke my ankle. But you know what? We’re both like Weebles — we may wobble, but we don’t stay down 🙂

      • I am typing up 2 reviews today because I am going to have surgery on Friday afternoon and since my fingers are working today I am taking advantage of the opportunity. I am going to learn my dictation program too and get it on to my new/old computer!

        I have never been a Weeble before but that is a fun concept to enjoy…ha, ha, ha Thank you for that image!

  11. I see this lovely, beautiful post as a retelling of the famous “love chapter.” Now abideth faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love.”

    My word is CONNECTION this year. I hope to connect the mindful living of each day to my family, community, church, and readers, including delightful online friends like you, Laurie. I want to share love and let faith and hope follow.

  12. My hope is that I find both Hope and Faith during this difficult period.I had major losses recently.More than a hope,I need to find these things.I loved your picture with the light shining ,that sure lifted my spirits.

    • Roamer – I was trying to find a way to capture hope, I’m glad you find the photograph uplifting. I’m so sorry about the major losses you’ve undergone. I will join my hope to yours for the recovery of what’s missing.

  13. I hope for the mental capacity to continue living a life of hope (that’s a mouthful of hope). My heart aches for those living in despair and hopelessness. Some don’t have the resources to get the help they need or they don’t have a good support system.

  14. I like your interpretation using the bookends idea. My aspiration: that the seed of faith in my head will inspire the love in my heart to move my feet in hopeful directions. Goodness, Laurie, I believe that needs some tweaking!

  15. Laurie, I needed to ponder this one more than normal…so apologies, but you’ve been with me in the bath, the bed (bet you were glad I conked out quickly) and the gym. Hell, you even popped out of the washing machine with the Little Guy’s briefs this morning!
    I hope that what I have been blessed with in life – education, health and wealth – gets spread more evenly throughout the world. And Ted Howard NZ, I hear exactly what you’re saying. My hope needs to be put into concrete action, otherwise it is worse than useless. Taking steps on that front already and I have faith that because most folks are good folks, the growing connectivity of our planet will foster even more positive change in our lifetime.

  16. Beautiful photos, Laurie. And I love the concept of hope and faith as bookends. The main character in my last novel .. her name is Hope :-).

  17. My biggest hope is Balance in mind, body and spirit. Plus: Positive Intention. To get out of my own way. To be more open. To let people in. Be present. Also, give more to those who need it – in whatever fashion that might be (this includes my dog and cats, of course). 🙂

    Have a blessed day and week, Laurie. Thanks for all you do.

  18. a super cool, unique way to look at it, and has the intrinsic ring of truth.

    Hey…didja ever notice how your image among the framework of that bridge banner–almost looks like the word LOVE?

    with a few tricky PS maneuvers–i bet you could “ooO wahh–the Magic Rebus” it!! Have a happy Saturday, Laurie. 🙂

  19. Right on and high five to all that. I hope if I don’t lose weight that I don’t gain any. I hope I’m better than I was last year and my back scratcher is readily available at the appointed time.

  20. Hi Laurie! glad to have come across your awesome blog… I’ll surf over as often as possible… my very best and have a positive, optimistic and serene year! Good luck in all your endeavours, cheers! Mélanie
    * * *
    @”Love outweighs everything else — a powerful ally in any situation, bar none.” – absolutely, I totally agree with you… 🙂 “Love – the only LIFE in this world…”(Anne Hébert):

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