Wind Beneath Your Wings

It’s no secret that Len has a mistress—flying.

A private pilot, his heart accelerates when he hears the drone of an engine in the sky. We recently went to Brodhead, WI to attend the Pietenpol/Hatz Fly-In—a precursor to the famous annual EAA Fly-In that’s hosted in Oshkosh, WI.

1920 Travel Air bi-plane — click image to enlarge

After 33 years of marriage there’s still nothing that makes me happier than seeing his kid-in-a-candy-store, split-faced grin!

2012 Zodiac 601-CH — click on image to enlarge

How does a small plane achieve liftoff, let alone a ginormous commercial plane with all that weight: passengers, baggage, and fuel? Len can explain it—with enthusiasm—in a New York minute!

Hatz CB-1 — click on image to enlarge

I don’t understand the mechanics behind flying, but what I do know is that he makes my heart soar—he’s the wind beneath my wings.

Who or what is the wind beneath your wings?

Laurie Buchanan

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71 thoughts on “Wind Beneath Your Wings

  1. My husband just spent a week at music camp in North Carolina. He too was so excited and was like a little kid. When he would call me to check in, I could see his face and it felt so great to know he was sooo happy.

  2. I love “he’s the wind beneath my wings,” Laurie. As you know, Rob is the ‘wind beneath my wings’ and he just returned (3 weeks across country) from his ‘joy’ – Motorcycle Flat Track Racing. He’s now an Official for the AMA and works behind the scenes preparing the ‘show’ for the hundreds, lines ups the racers during the show and more, and then the ‘after the show’ crew. He is definitely living his dream, and he too has that kid-in-a-candy-store, split-faced grin whenever he’s in his element.

    Thanks for your post!

  3. I enjoyed this post! I used to soar many moons ago in Lake Elsinore California. Not sure how I was talked into it or ever thought that I could figure out lifts and thermals and when to let go of the tow plane but I did! At the tune of over 30 solo flights. Thanks for reminding me!
    Love your stories!

  4. My husband has a wicked sense of humor , that sometimes I allow to ‘just go over my head’ . But, when I do laugh at him, I really belly laugh . Like you Laurie , I love to see my husband’s joy of making me happy .
    He is the wind beneath my wings.
    Love your blog
    Cherry x

  5. What a sweet post and shout-out to Len. My husband is the SAME way around aircraft with the childlike grin and fascination. The wind beneath my wings this morning was my run. I’m SO happy to be running again after being laid up after surgery. Such a boost to my creativity and well-being.

  6. I often describe David as a solid rock with only a small portion of it visible above ground and I am like a butterfly looping off and coming back to land again and again. Great photos Laurie and I can certainly see why that grin would make you extra happy – it appears to be deep.

  7. I’m so happy for you and Len. I wish my marriage had lasted as long as yours, but we lost something along the way. I recently had to spread my wings and fly to find what really makes me soar. I am so passionate about health and helping people live healthier. My husband couldn’t appreciate that or see any value in it unfortunately. I am starting fresh and only doing things and spending time with people who are as passionate as I am about health. Its very refreshing! 🙂 KC

  8. Thank you so much for these lovely photos. I learnt at a very young age to appreciate iron birds thanks to my dad. And thanks to my husband I feel the wind under my wings. Have a wonderful week, Laurie.

  9. ////////////////////////////////////////// Sorry about the hash marks couldn’t get the “enter” comment to go away. This weekend the wind beneath my wings was the joy of taking my soon to be 7th grade nephew, his soon to be 2nd grade sister, and their youngest sister and my godchild to the Dinosaur Museum in Kenosha. The youngest had special joy in pointing out her discoveries … especially the ancestor of today’s deer. And the way the all laughed as i shared a song about “keeping on the sunny side of life” which I learned at a mountain music festival in West Virginia some years ago … somehow they found both my singing voice and the song funny. I guess I can laugh with them. I see a theme about joy in many of the responses. I also personally get a sense of joy when I get the opportunity to kayak … anywhere! Audrey

  10. Hi Laurie

    As you know, like Len, I have a love of flying, and that love spreads to all of life.
    I love to know how things work.
    I love knowing that it is the shape of the wing travelling though the air that creates an upward lifting component of force by accelerating air downwards while creating a minimum amount of drag. There are many different contributing factors to exactly how that happens, which I wont go into in detail.

    Similarly I like to know how all machines work, how each of their components contributes to the overall function, and how I can train my neural networks to get the most out of operating them in different conditions. I like to know first hand the sorts of capabilities that systems have, so that I can model accurately how to deploy them in emergency situations. I like to know how life works, and in a sense see life as the most complex machines available.

    Wings need air to hold them up.
    I like to have many options to hold me up, in all domains.
    The realm of sexual relationships is the exception to that rule. In that realm I have chosen Ailsa and she alone.
    I spoke to her last night for the first time in the two weeks since she left NZ for Madagascar. She has had many adventures, and is planning quite a few more before coming home. It is not my sort of place. It is not safe to go out after dark, and there is military and political instability that could explode into violence at any minute; and she is handling it all, and it is a great boost to her self image and self confidence to be out there doing it.
    And having Ailsa here is definitely a major lift to my wellbeing, in many different domains. I like the look of her, I like the way we interact, I like her support, I love her creative humour. There are so many more ways that her presence contributes to my sense of wellbeing.

    And there is also a sense in which I am about as self sufficient an individual as I have ever met. I often get very focused, and my own physical wellbeing can be simply slip out of my attention, and I have been fairly focused on looking after myself while Ailsa has been away.

    And there are many networks of people who contribute to creating me as I am – and you and Len are definitely significant members of those networks – and for that I thank you both – for being not simply part of the wind beneath my wings, but also the air that I breath, part of the substance of my being.

    Thank You!

    • Ted … I will keep your dear heart Ailsa in my prayers for safe and satisfying travels. I always enjoy reading your postings … I usually learn something from them. Many thanks. A.

    • Ted – Oh my gosh, you made me cry — happy tears 🙂 You and Len are definitely kindred spirits when it comes to flying. And I can well imagine that you’re missing Ailsa, but just think of the homecoming!

  11. This is so sweet. What I love best about this is your appreciation for his joy. To be able to be delighted by another’s delight…that is a gift indeed.

  12. I am fairly grounded right now and feel “on my own” as my partner is deeply depressed about work and probably not ever being able to retire and he is unable to hear my cheerleading. I think for him the opportunity to change the community with his energy amazing/earth friendly architecture – then to enjoy the earth in all it’s glory and beauty hiking or biking is the only thing lifting his spirits right now.

    ALEC and our own legislature just gave all his work to the super stars in the big city, because if you make lots of money you must be successful. He does not want to start all over again and he has to say goodbye to another round of dreams.

    Making applesauce now, celebrating the rewards of our efforts and making the house smell good….

  13. Oh Laurie! This loving post about your husband, warms my heart and lifts my spirit (like the wind beneath my wings). Thank you Laurie. I send you and your hubby love and my heart smiles.

  14. It’s been a week since we were carried across the big pond on a Virgin Atlantic aerobus. A bit of minor turbulence, but generally a wonderful flight. My own wings? My loving, effervescent wife Lucille!

    • Sam – Can you even begin to imagine the aerodynamics involved in getting a huge “air bus” with all of those people, baggage, and fuel across the Atlantic? It boggles my mind! Enjoy the rest of your adventure 🙂

  15. How wonderful to still be in love after so many years–hoarding habits notwithstanding! LOL

    Sara is definitely the wind beneath my wings. And she’ll being flying back to Ecuador tomorrow. She’s been in the US getting our container ready to ship. Can’t wait for her to come “home.”

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  16. How wonderful for him! I’m sure he feels lighter in the air – pure freedom from the pressures of earthly living. I get the same sensations from jet-skiing. Not brave enough to fly or jump outta planes — yet! Have a glorious day Laurie. 😀

    • 1EarthUnited – I’ve never jet-skied, but I’ve seen them on the Fox Lake go whipping by in a blur, a mist in their wake the only evidence they were ever there. Not that’s got to be exhilarating! 😀

  17. Like you, I’m a lucky one, with a man who lifts my wings, in good times and bad. I do get a kick at what makes him get that twinkle in the eye and the little-boy-look. The WEATHER. He’s a closet weatherman, and when we take long walks together (or even short walks) he looks up at the sky and explains the entire weather pattern, with wind pressure da de doos, and jet stream la de das. As you can tell, I don’t really listen to his descriptions and explanations, I’m too busy enjoying his joy.

  18. We share some similarities, here. We’ve just celebrated 37th anniversary, and I get it. You couldn’t have described it any better.

    There is nothing like observing your closest love in an activity they most enjoy doing. It makes you smile, for them.

    After 37 years, my wife can be very cute at these times.

  19. My husband is the wind beneath my wings, too. A computer wizard, I cherish the memory of the look on his face when he opened the big cardboard box delivered to our house one day oh so many years ago. His first privately owned personal computer!

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