The Cat that Ate the Canary

I did a little reminiscing while packing photo albums for our up-and-coming move and came across my favorite picture of Paddy, our tuxedo cat who lived to be 18 years old.

Don’t let his expression fool you…it’s feigned nonchalance in an attempt to cover his bone-deep pleasure at being on the bird feeder!

Click on the photo to enlarge

Recently I’ve caught myself wearing a smug mask of triumph for packing out our home in a timely and efficient manner. If you look close, you just might see a feather or two peaking from my self-satisfied smile. Meow!

When was the last time you wore “the cat that ate the canary” expression?

Laurie Buchanan

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— Laurie Buchanan

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58 thoughts on “The Cat that Ate the Canary

    • Cindy – And while it hasn’t been “fun,” it definitely feels “lighter” (I can’t beging to tell you how grateful I am that we have so many donation centers in our town)…

  1. cats really are the masters of disguise! fantastic post. I’m not sure when I last wore that expression, but it might have had something to do with a good review I received that I tried not to show how proud of it I really was. It helped me feel confident and assertive, and I focused on that publicly–writing a blog post about how a good review can help pull an author out of a funk–rather than the fact that I really did consider it an accomplishment.

  2. I love Tuesdays with you Laurie!
    I did get a couple of wonderful compliments this week, but I was so pleased my smile was more Cheshire cat than the one that got the cream.

    The last smug smile I can remember was after the birth of my first son. He was an undiagnosed breech so it had been a very long night. As dawn broke, I was wheeled into the maternity ward, waving regally at my assembled courtiers (the nurses) and smiling like the Queen of Sheba.

  3. I just gleaned out 6 apple boxes full of stuff for charity that felt so good. Then I found 14 great prize items for Librarian Girl’s reading challenge project to school! I completed my challenge of reviewing 2 books a week on the blog and was able to take 2 days off the computer and reading to rest my eyes. The cherry in top (or feather in my cap), it looks like I have gotten kidney and liver problems healed. And then one author wrote me the nicest letter of thanks. This whole month has just felt like that feeling of satisfaction.
    Next I m tackling the kitchen!

    My neighbor is also packing up to move back to Maine. I am thinking, after watching her efforts, you need to give yourself a huge pat on the back for all your efforts and accomplishments – what a huge job WOW

  4. Loved the photo of your Tuxedo cat. My Tuxedo turned 18 in March, we have been together for almost as long. The way things are going he may not have another birthday… So I am enjoying every hour and every day with him, as I always have. He is a tough guy and he might surprise me, but when the time comes I will know he had the best possible life! Happy moving!

  5. Your cat was just beautiful!! What is it about black and white cats? Our cat Zero just left us at the age of 17….congrats on your packing accomplishments…hard, hard work!

  6. Last Thursday I shared my passion for blogging with a room full of supportive authors and readers. I’m sure I looked like I had a few feathers sticking out of my mouth–love that image, Laurie.

  7. Laughed at the photo~~and at your self-satisfied meow of accomplishment. I am just feeling smiling and a bit canary-like lately because it seems like some inner fretting has relaxed. Promise not to eat any birds, though!

  8. Love that photo Laurie 🙂 I get the same feeling when I’ve logged in a solid session of study, free of distraction!

  9. Cats are famous for their level stares and boy! Did you ever catch one there. I’m still picking the feathers from my teeth after telling the folks at Scottsdales Farmers goodbye for the Summer. I have reclaimed two days of the week for my own use and I’m stilling smiling!

  10. Wow Laurie, Paddy lived to be 18 years old? That’s quite a run. We had out black cat Iago until he was 15, but we lost him in 2011 to cancer. We do have four felines at present, and I’d like to document them for that ‘cat that ate the canary’ look! I last time I sported such a self-contented, almost gloating look was a few weeks ago when young Sammy performed at a high school concert, as a sophomore trumpet player in the school band. One also qualifies for that special look when successfully completely a task, like a seemingly small chore like cutting the lawn. Inner satisfaction is the qualifier! Ha!

    Great post and picture of Paddy on the bird feeder! And best wishes my friend with your upcoming move!

    • Sam – Having four cats in your home, I’m sure you’ve all been on the receiving end of some variation of “The Look” that felines have perfected. Sometimes it’s even accompanied by “The Flick” of a haughty, or puffed up tail — depending on the situation.

      I can well imagine the deeply contented look on your face as you watched Sammy perform at his high school concert!

  11. Congratulations! I am sure you’re feeling much lighter now! And your precious kitty reminds me of my aunt’s cat of long ago…he had that same facial coloring and was called “Charlie Chaplin.” 🙂 Hmmm. My expression? It was probably work related! When I finish a particular series of reports and because I’m the primary interpreter of the data, I do get a little “cat ate the canary” smug! I try to hide it…just like Paddy!

  12. What a beautiful picture of Paddy, you have Laurie! He was a gorgeous cat!
    And I can’t remember when I last wore that “cat ate the canary” expression! Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad!
    Wishing you well with your move, though! It can be tough but looks like you are making great progress, what with all those feathers peeking out from you mouth! 🙂

  13. I LOVE Paddy! Looks just like my brother-in-laws cat — and her name was Maddie! Hilarious ;-). You’re moving? To someplace about which you’re excited, I hope? I don’t envy you the packing circus act. One of the least pleasant things in this world to do!

    • Melissa – Paddy and Maddie sitting in a tree…

      Yes, we’re moving after 20 years in the same home so it’s as you said, a “circus” (without the benefit of cotton candy)… Our location is still a bit of a moving target, but I’ll let everyone know the moment we do. (And we’ve still got to sell our current home)…

  14. So satisfied in his majestic stance!
    love his purr that shows through
    I have been remodeling an olde workshed into my studio?
    and finished the center of the quilt I am working on in chickenscratch
    now I can see what I want to do…I sort of adlib my patterns LOls…
    I think it is more of Whew! than smug, I’ll save that for the dance when my shop is is all recycled materials…(well not the sheetrock)
    I wish you well in your move…and yes lightning the load in moving is always a happy feeling, especially when you regift to people who can use what you no longer need or want
    Take Care, Laura..Thanks for the smile….

  15. What a wonderful kitty 🙂
    My calico kitty will soon be 19, and she is still going strong.
    We will be moving soon too, Laurie.
    Best of luck to you! 🙂

  16. Aw the look on that cats face Laurie, that reminds me of the face that my sociopath would pull when he was conning and deceiving – lol, like the cat who got the cream!! 🙂

  17. What a cute cat! I, too, have a precious black and white cat, and he is now 20. BTW, thanks for the Tweet about the Life Path Numbers. I calculated all of them. I also have an issue I’d like to run by you, if you have a moment in the next couple of days. Can we talk offline? At Thank you kindly, Deborah

  18. What a gorgeous cat! You sere lucky to enjoy him for so many years. I’m glad too that you managed to downsize so efficiently. I can see myself doing that in 10 years’ time or so.
    The last time I wore that guilty by satisfied expression? When I ate my husband’s chocolate a few weeks ago!

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  20. Moving is one of the most stressful things we can do. I know, I’ve done it twice in not quite 3 years. I think I had the smug look when I carried bags and bags of my precious books (stored in my bookcases for years) to the local library for their library sale. A win/win situation. Hope you’re move is still going well. Lots of luck!

    • Roughwighting – Great minds think alike! Several years ago when I got a Kindle, I, too, took my books to our local library so they could use them in their library sale. Definitely a WIN-WIN situation 🙂

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