Discovering the Seven Selves

For those of you who’ve already shared with me in my excitement via the HolEssence newsletter or Facebook, thank you! 

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet…

Last week the trailer for my up-and-coming book was completed and it’s available for viewing. Simply click on the “play” button below.

Discovering the Seven Selves:
Your Key to Offloading Baggage and Increasing Joy – Now!

The Buzz

“An invaluable resource to help individuals transform life’s obstacles into opportunities, develop a healthier level of self-esteem, and cultivate a splendid sense of joy, now!”

— Sheila Glazov, author of What Color Is Your Brain? A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Others

“Laurie walks you through the web of your own life and gives you practical exercises to explore your deepest desires, fears, and motivations, and shows you how to move past yourself to create the life you want now!”

— Julie Murphy Casserly, author of The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth from the Inside Out

“This book is unique in that it goes beyond the usual simplistic discussion of the chakra system to a comprehensive but practical understanding of the seven dimensions of identity.”

— Susan Wisehart, author of Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future

Are you ready to offload baggage?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
— Laurie Buchanan

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57 thoughts on “Discovering the Seven Selves

  1. Congratulations Laurie, on your book debut! I CANNOT wait to read it and transform my way of thinking…have been avoiding and ignoring at least “six of my seven selves” and need to re-acquaint myself with them. Great trailer, too! I know your book will be a huge success!

  2. I know this is a path you have journeyed on for sometime now, congratulations! I love the Trailer, only thing I noticed it seems be geared toward woman…

    I am thrilled for you, and look forward to the book and our interview!

    • Jeff – You’re absolutely right! In the nonfiction world a writer has to be able to state, and write for, a specific target. And while I hope that everyone will enjoy and benefit from reading the book, my target audience is Baby Boomer Women 🙂

  3. Congrats Laurie – enjoyed the trailer. I’m sure your book is going to be a real gift to many. Great achievement and wish you well with it. Look forward to reading it. All the best.

  4. Your question made me think of the U2 song, *Walk On*
    “The only baggage you can bring is all that you can’t leave behind…”

    Yes, I’m ready! Eagerly looking forward to reading your book, Laurie! Congratulations!

  5. Bring it on! I am ready to lighten up my traveling gear. I would just like to carry what’s already in my pockets and leave enough room in my head for the newer, lighter version of Life.

  6. What fun and now I need to know when I can get a copy of the book so I can read and review on my blog…Awesome trailer

  7. Totally awesome, Laurie. Love the trailer (and uplifting, energizing music!). Thought I was having a struggle with the one of me until now I hear there are seven of me. Good grief, I’d best get your book! 🙂

    • Sorrygnat – I don’t know any of the details yet. I believe it will be available in traditional paper, Kindle, Nook, and other electronic formats. I don’t know the price. I’m tickled pink that you enjoyed the trailer. Thank you for letting me know.

      • Well I don’t have one any of those tablets, only my laptop and my cell phone (with no internet access). So it will only be traditional paper for me. Maybe one of these days I will break down and spend the money for a tablet of choice 🙂 But not just now.

      • Ann – I completely and totally understand (depending on your laptop, you might be able to put a free Kindle app on it. I have a MacBook Pro with a free Kindle application on it and I can ready any Kindle book through my laptop)…

  8. This is stupendous news Laurie!!! Awesome, spectacular, thrilling, and every other proclamation of burst of hyperbole imaginable. This great accomplishment is the result of a super positive world view and a long standing grasp of the human condition.

    A toast to you Laurie on the great success of your new book. The trailer is absolutely tremendous. I will be ordering my copy as soon as the order can be taken!

  9. Dear Laurie, you are astonishing! I love the trailer and just can’t wait for your new book. It is absolutely overjoy. Regards

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