Write as Rain

I’m totally stoked for the Writers’ Institute at UW-Madison this coming weekend. The past few years I’ve been there as a student, this year I’m thrilled to be one of the instructors.

There’s a wide brushstroke of workshops to choose from. For some that means learning how to incorporate the first rule of writing—show, don’t tell. For others it means wielding the sharp-edged blade of write tight—trimming the fat. And then there are those who will:

  • master the do’s and don’ts of a query letter
  • take the opportunity to pitch their project to a literary agent
  • familiarize themselves with constructing a writer’s platform
  • learn how to leverage social media
  • have their work in progress critiqued
  • discover the in’s and out’s of a book proposal
  • start blogging, or become even more proficient at growing their current blog

Rain or shine, it’s going to be fantastic! In fact, it’s going to be write as rain.

What’s your favorite writing weather?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
— Laurie Buchanan

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77 thoughts on “Write as Rain

  1. Break a pen/pencil Laurie!!!Have a great time.
    My favorite writing weather is a cool morning and whenever I am inspired by something I have come across in one media or other.

  2. Hi,
    Sounds great, and a lot of fun as well. It must be an unreal feeling for you to go from student to instructor at the same place, well done. 😀

  3. I know you are a great instructor, just from your blog posts. I love to write in any weather (or should I say, OUT of any weather?). I suppose the most productive times have been when I lived in New England, and it snowed yet again, and I was ensconced up in my little writing space, with the dog warmng my feet, typing away.

  4. Laurie,

    I know that this is a big event for you and you look forward to being present every year. To be a presenter this year is awesome! Congratulations. Learning by teaching, teaching to learn…

    It is the weather in my mind that I have to clear on many occasions for writing. many time someone else writing is a jumping off or jumping in place.

  5. Laurie. I am so very excited and proud of you! I cannot wait to hear all about your writing and speaking adventure in Madison. “Break a lip!” I do not have a favorite weather for writing. However, my favorite writing space is outside on my 3 season porch where I can enjoy the season, especially when it rains and the raindrops tap dance on the metal roof. Best wishes for a safe and successful journey! 🙂

  6. Enjoy your weekend! It sounds amazing!

    This isn’t a season but my favorite time to write is right after getting out of the shower. For some reason, that’s where my best ideas arrive. 😀

    (Love your quote!)

  7. no weather – all weather, but after 2 cups of coffee – some devotional time, the computer calls, and i’ve been found thatched-headed and in pj’s at noon; like I’m headed there now!

  8. Laurie, you GO, girl! I can just see you having a fabulous time–and sharing so many helpful hints with all the participants there. Do you know what you are going to teach already? What your main focus will be? My favorite writing weather? Let’s see–Creative Weather. (Which includes just about everything, even snow in April.)

  9. Congrats Laurie!

    I guess for me it is rain. When there is no chance of doing work outside, it is much easier to relax and write inside, without having all those outside jobs calling to be done.

    Have fun on your weekend.

  10. Laurie I don’t really have a favourite kind of writing weather but I do have a favourite time of day which is early in the morning before other thoughts, ideas and experiences take the edge off day. All the best at your workshop and I just know it is all going to be exquisite!

  11. I write best on dark cold mornings when staying indoors makes me feel safe, wanted, cared for, and my imagination is free to zing me all over the place. You are absolutely going to ROCK this weekend, Laurie. I so wish I could be a part of it but my guess is that they are going to invite you to return again and again so I will get my chance in the next couple of years.

  12. Your plans sound fabulous..
    I get the most done when it rains…anything gets done when it rains…when the sun is out – heaven help me…I have a similar feeling to the first day of snow and missing school.

    Now every once and awhile we have a summer of daily sunshine ( occasionally a heat wave) and then I just have to bucket myself to the chair and stick to it…and just about the time the rain returns, I am in rhythm and ready to go…

    I took a course in La Jolla California one quarter of wintertime….I barely passed, if I had not had an oral exam, I am sure I would have failed the course…too sunny; relentlessless perfect

  13. Any day is a good day for me to write Laurie. I especially love sitting in a coffee shop, smelling the beans roasting, watching the patrons file in and out, listening in on conversations while sipping a warm beverage. Enjoy the conference Laurie. . . .if only I could be a fly on the wall as you present!!

  14. Laurie, I would have to say a rainy day when my feet are nailed to the floor inside. Writing springs from you like water from an Artesian Well, it trickles from me like the pump needs a new seal. I know you are going to have them thinking, tapping the keyboard and taking notes like harvesting the Fruits of the Season. You are going to step smartly with all the classes you’ll be teaching, but one thing I do know. You’ve had it under control since before the the New Year dawned. Good times ahead! Maybe I’ll just come with Barbara K, just to keep you on your toes.

      • Oh no… I was speaking of myself learning to be more succinct. But if you mean a post on how to trim the fat off of words that would be brilliant and enjoyed. There is a writer that I like, Rick Bragg, he says a lot with a little!! 🙂

      • Terri – Yes, that’s what I meant. I’ll post a piece about my thoughts on trimming the fat from writing, as well as some helpful hints that others share at the Writers’ Institute this weekend 🙂

  15. Laurie:

    I recall your visit to the seminar last year as well. I love that photo–it has a painterly quality with the balance and the bluish green umbrella. I’m sure you will enjoy another fruitful workshop, and look forward to hearing about it. My favorite weather to write is when we under siege from a steady rain. There is a reflective, melancholic element that brings my deepest emotions to bear on my subject.

    Have a great time my friend!

    • Sam – “Under siege from a steady rain.” I love the way you said that, and followed it up with, “There is a reflective, melancholic element that brings my deepest emotions to bear on my subject.” A great one-two punch!

  16. Hi Laurie, just thought I’d stop by and say ‘Hello’!
    I’m still getting to know you, but it seems as though you are going to have a great time this weekend.
    As for me – well, I don’t think I have a particular writing weather. Come to think of it, I don’t have a particular writing time… or topic, for that matter! I seem to write whenever…
    Have a good day today!

  17. Hi Laurie! Wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. The post will go live tomorrow around 4:00 p.m. CST. Thanks for all you do – I like your sayings!

  18. Wishing you a fantastic time, Laurie, with good writing and teaching weather for this weekend! I rarely notice the weather when writing – if an idea pops into my head the weather is good. 🙂

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    • Kathy – I just put the finishes touches on tomorrow’s post — WRITE TO THE TOP! I’ll have it out here by 7:00am Central Standard Time. Suffice it to say I had a complete and total blast!

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  21. anytime, anywhere is my time
    I do love the energy of the rain though
    if it is nice out I m out in the gardens or making faerie houses, but I think
    I am writing in my head as i go along
    I am working with a friend to create my own tarot cards with the farie houses and gardens
    I write what i am thinking, the weather, what i see and hear…
    slow going, but I am enjoying the challenge…
    so I guess thats it, I write anytime even when I am not holding pen and paper
    and it is writen in my thoughts

    I would love to take one of your classes there !
    Take Care…

  22. Don’t mind as long as it’s not too extreme – which gives me peace to be as mild or extreme as I like on the page.

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