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This year—2012—is like a shiny new penny. Not being one to spend time, I took New Year’s Eve and day to think about how I’m going to invest time this year.

Recently, one of my Life Harmony students wistfully said, “I wish that our mid-week check-ins were done at HolEssence. Like Mitch did with his college professor in the book ‘Tuesdays with Morrie,’ I’d like to come here each week to answer your Internal Inventory questions in person—sort of like Tuesdays with Laurie.”
And with that play on words, she laughed.

In addition to my regular energy medicine practice, Life Harmony program, article commitments, and 16 classes and workshops that I’m presenting at HolEssence this year, I’ve been gifted with two dream-come-true opportunities:

–  I’m speaking at The Writers’ Institute at UW-Madison in April.
–  I’m speaking at the first annual Women with Sacred Souls International Gathering and Retreat in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in October.

Each of these commitments requires a significant investment of thought-filled time. With that in mind, this year I’m taking a more Zen-like approach and streamlining my blogging schedule to one post per week—remaining simple, yet full.

Your place is ready and waiting with a delicious cuppa hot tea. Please consider this an open invitation to invest Tuesdays with Laurie.

Are you modifying anything this year?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

© 2012 Laurie Buchanan – All Rights Reserved

37 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Laurie

  1. Happy New Year Laurie! What a great vision for 2012. Yes, modification. There are several on the list with the top one being “Listen”. Hearing at a new level with an open heart and allowing the work to happen.

  2. Good Morning,

    I remember those mid-week Life Harmony session, even though we never met in person and sometimes the answers never got to you until the next week. Those sessions, the time outs to free write these answers was a special moment in 2011…

    Setting having “tea” with you would be a wonderful addition to anyones growth opportunity!

    Congratulations on your speaking engagements! Those events are awesome!!!

    Am I modifying anything this year? I am modifying the alone time, not the quiet/mediation time but the time that I spend not being with others in social or activity opportunities.

    Bless you and all the heart work/service you offer Laurie!

  3. It is so refreshing and inspirational to hear and read all the higher goals being considered and set this year instead of others such as “losing weight” 🙂 Not that losing weight is not a good goal, one of mine actually, for my health more than just to look good; but like others I have much higher goals for myself this year.

    The first one is to “get up earlier and stay awake, not fall back to sleep in my big chair :-)” I started today with my cup of tea in quiet time with God. Then my 1 cup of coffee for the day as I read His words and spoke to him, and listened.” My goal is to use this as my first hour of the day and then begin my To Do list. I am in the process of clarifying some other goals for myself this year. May God guide me 🙂

    Like you Laurie, I am trying to figure out my goal for a special blog project/theme for this year. I have an idea for it, but need to clarify it for myself before putting it out there.

    Happy first Tuesday of 2012 🙂

  4. Hi Laurie,
    That sounds positively delightful – I’ll bring my mug, you pour! 🙂

    I blog once a week and had not anticipated any major change to that – in fact, I’ve always had blogs scheduled on automatic a month in advance and many drafts on the side almost done. However, first my blog of Jan 1st didn’t “show up” – the title did, but no blog. Mysteriously I could not find it ANYwhere. Lost in cyberspace? So yesterday I go to my blogger dashboard – it’s all weird and I have NO drafts, no place to see what is scheduled – like did they completely change the format without telling anyone? And where are my dozens of drafts?

    OMG this is beyond frustrating – so I am being forced into something I don’t know how to deal with! Welcome 2012, haha! This could have a drastic effect on my blogging altogether – considering “moving” to wordpress but don’t want to lose my subscribers and that move alone is another huge adjustment in format I’m sure.

    I may be adding a good pour of “something” to my tea til I figure this out! 🙂

    • SuZen – I’m so sorry to hear you’ve lost your work. In June of 2010 my computer crashed and I lost everything. At first I was a wreck — a blithering idiot — but I learned a lot from the experience. Now when I write my posts (or anything for that matter) I write them in Word/Pages and save them on an external thumb drive — along with the supporting photographs. That way my work stays safe. By the way, my experience at WordPress has only been WONDERFUL!

  5. Happy New Year Laurie,
    Yes time gets away from us to quickly if we do not watch over it…it just slips away.
    Sometimes I wonder what happens to the day when I look up and find its 3pm and I did not even think about lunch!!
    How wonderful to be asked to speak and share your knowledge. Congratulations.
    I too am going to slow down a bit.
    I have a art project I have been planning for a long time and have decieded that this is the year to simply do it. It is a haiku and orginial artwork book. Haiku’s done just have to paint the paintings!!
    Many, many blessing to you this year.
    Be Inspired always,
    ~Jean Hart

  6. Happy New Year Laurie,
    How wonderful for you to be asked to share your knowledge, congratulations.
    I too will be slowing down some this year.
    I often wonder where the time goes when I look up and see its 3pm and I havent even thought about lunch!!
    I will be working on a book project I started some time ago. I would like to finish it this year.
    I little book of haiku’s and original artowk. haiku’s are done just have to paint!!
    Many, many blessing and good wishes for you,
    Jean Hart

    • Jean – I just now found your comment (it had been hiding in the spam folder). I’m excited for you and your book project – it sounds wonderful! Please let us know when it’s available to the public 🙂

  7. Hi,
    You have some fantastic times ahead, congrats on the speaking arrangements coming up, it is all so exciting for you.
    I am having my first cuppa for the morning at the moment, so I am already with you on that one. 🙂
    I am looking forward to your Tuesday posts.

  8. Oh Laurie this sounds absolutely decadent! I shall be looking forward to our weekly get-together. How lovely! I am taking a different approach with my blog this year and posting short posts more frequently and spreading them through my various social networks. It feels a little like we are going in the opposite direction. However, I am guessing that we shall for sure meet up here on Tuesdays. Congratulations on your marvelous opportunities – I am hopping up and down with excitement for you!

  9. Great idea, Laurie. Less is more and definitely in keeping with our mortal limitations. And your 2012 agenda sounds like a bell chiming … a beautiful bell. Many blessings for the new year. With heart, Daisy (bright sun overhead today … thinking sunny thoughts about change and spiritual inquiry … so yes, I may be doing a few new things this year in SunnyRoomStudio … but still pondering!)

  10. Laurie,
    I seemed to have started the new year in spontaneous mode…I have no focus word, or goals or ideas popping into my head or settling down on my goal sheet for the year – this is not like me at all….I am posting off the seat of my pants schedule this week and wondering if I should give up on Biking Architect altogether as no one seems interested in anything but the biking posts and I am more interested in the energy efficient/Green materials

    I lost much of my advertising on the PW blog over December, because I still cannot get subscribers….the reader numbers are high but the subscribers?….also I have had over 7,000 readers from the UK and Canada this fall but not the USA….

    I am listening to a High School student memorize a lot of Shakespeare for his February play, but no one else to listen to at Wise Ears….I seemed to have found a newsletter format that works for me….but once again have to find subscribers, which is not a strength of mine???

    So I am making chicken quinoa soup today….and simmering to see if I can get my spirit back and plans made….maybe I should just stay in the spontaneous mode for awhile – something I have never done before?

    Your year sounds fabulous…and well thought out….with a trip to Mexico…Ole’

  11. Wow, Laurie! 2012 has already begun Splendidly for you. I am thriled reading all your grand news! I am sending your all my Blue Best Wishes for many Blessing of Good Health, Love, Joy, Peace in your Heart, Prosperity and Laughter! 🙂 Sheila

  12. Tuesday with Laurie sounds like a good plan, I don’t know how you keep up with things as it is. Lots of diligence and good timing! As for my own plans, well, I’m semi-retired again. Not sure how that is going to work yet, I can’t seem to find time to do nothing, but I can always find time to read and do some serious goofing off. More time for the gardens, and maybe get some painting done. Well, if it’s pretty outside…the painting can wait.

    • Sandi – I know that nothing will suffer in your semi-retired state: not the Chicken Ladies, the gardening, or your creative outlet…painting. You’ll spin those platters (and family, friends, Master Gardening obligations, etc) just beautifully 🙂

  13. Congratulations on your presentation in Mexico, Laurie! You had told me about the writer’s conference earlier and I am so very happy for you. Preparing for presentations is incredibly time consuming and I know you will be awesome at both! My time investment this year is to get through my first year of clinical practice at Loyola. It is going to require 10-hour days and weekends, plus a lot of side reading and writing. However, if I am going to pursue a career as a spiritual counselor, this is the time to discover what I do well and what I need to work on. Besides, I have nothing else that I would rather do (except play tennis, but I will still do that!)

    • Barbara – As long as you balance those 10-hour days with whacking the bajeebers out of that tennis ball with all your might, you’ll do just fine. And you’re already a wonderful spiritual counselor; all you need now is that doggone piece of paper that allows you to hang the shingle that proclaims it’s so 🙂

  14. Congratulations on your speaking opportunities, Laurie! I am very excited for you, and can totally understand that you need to pare down your blogging time, at least for a while. (Smiled at the title–Tuesdays with Laurie.) As you know, I am totally focusing on deep spiritual work in 2012. Not sure how that translates to paring down…that will be an adventure to see how and if it does. Blessings, blessings!

    • Kathy – I oh-so-admire your 2012 focus. It may — or may not — have to do with paring down. Or paring down every once and again. You’ll know what’s right as you cross each bridge.

  15. There are few people out there who invest time more thoughtfully and more successfully than you Laurie, and those upcoming speaking opportunities must not be adversely affected by a the continuation of a torrid blogging schedule. I completely agree with your new strategy.

    As to whether I successfully negotiate my pledgesof moderation in my own life, well it remains to be seen. Ha!

    • Sam – I imagine that you and yours are back at school this week. We are experiencing the most magical non-snow weather and I’m tickled pink! We’ve had two flirtations with flurries, but not enough to even stick. If I have my way, we’ll remain snow-free throughout the entire winter 🙂 If you’re as snow-free as we are, it makes it easier to get to and from the theater.

  16. Looking forward to *Tuesdays with Laurie,* Laurie… The gathering of sacred souls in Mexico sounds thrilling!

    Modifying… continuing to modify our diet and am spending a lot more time cooking heart-healthy vegan meals. Learning to use our new camera with all its mystifying bells and whistles. And spending more time gardening so my garden will look a little more loved.

    Anticipated adventures: into the Big Apple to visit daughter and her boyfriend in a sixth-floor walk-up, and down to Georgia to visit son and daughter-in-law and Cumberland Island National Seashore.

  17. All sounds good, and exciting.
    As for blog activity – I suspect I’ll have a burst of it and then become overwhelmed by life outside the computer (which is not such a bad thing).

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