My Twitter Account Was Hacked

If you receive a direct message from “me” in Twitter, please know that it’s not from the real me. Apparently my account has been hacked.

I received the same direct message in Twitter yesterday from author, Susan Pohlman, but it wasn’t from the real her. Her Twitter account has been hacked as well.

I’ve posted a similar statement on my Facebook wall.

The real Laurie Buchanan.

28 thoughts on “My Twitter Account Was Hacked

  1. I got one of those direct messages from someone else I KNOW and i thought it was strange because it was a negative tweet. I checked with him and he said his Twitter account was hacked. First of all if anyone gets a direct message from someone via Twitter “delete” it. If you forget and open it, it will ask you to sign in…DON’T DO IT.

  2. Laurie, thanks for letting us know. I kinda thought that was a spam, especially since I had a very similar message from another twitter connection recently. I hope you were able to fix the problem and they didn’t get into anything else.
    Make it a great day!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Karin

    • Karin – Interestingly, when I tried to log into Twitter to see if I could fix or undo anything, I discovered that my password no longer works — I guess the hacker changed it. I’m going to let sleeping dogs lie for the time being.

  3. Hi,
    It seems things like this are happening way too often lately, surely you would think the powers that be behind twitter could do something about trying to stop the hacking.

    • Magsx2 – I can’t even begin to imagine what it takes to keep a technilogical wheel that ginormous moving. I imagine Twitter has all kinds of security and firewalls in place, but it seems that even those can be penetrated.

  4. Thanks for the disappointing, but helpful information. Wouldn’t it be grand if those hacker put their intellect and skills to good use instead of harmful.

  5. Are you SURE this is the REAL Laurie Buchanan? How can we be sure? What if someone’s hacked into your WordPress and hijacked you? I don’t know. It all looks suspicious to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I live in the dark ages . . . I don’t subscribe or Twit anything. The hacker is probably a 10-year-old with nothing better to do. I just discovered yesterday that my darling granddaughter (9 years old) knows how to give herself “parental permission” to get access to just about anything she wants to on the Internet.

    Regardless, it is a pain in the a_ _, and I am sorry it happened to you.

    • Barbara – It was definitely a time-consuming exercise in putting out fires. Time that could have been well spent elsewhere. January is one smart little cookie — but then the nut didn’t fall very far from her grandmother’s wonderful and very wise tree ๐Ÿ™‚

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