I Was Minding My Own Business…

…reading a suspense novel—The Night Before by Lisa Jackson—while enjoying a beautiful afternoon at Veteran’s Acres Park. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the leaves were dancing lightly in the breeze.

Enjoying a beautiful afternoon at Veteran's Acres Park

Enjoying a beautiful afternoon at Veteran's Acres Park

You know how when you’re watching a movie and the music score changes to let you know that something scary is about to happen?

All of a sudden I hear a “whomp, whomp, whomp” noise and turn my head to look. Rising from the lush green tree line I see a helicopter. The “whomping” sound is the tell-tale noise of the helicopter’s rotary blades.

Rising from the lush green tree line I see a helicopter

Rising from the lush green tree line I see a helicopter

I turned to see if anyone else heard or saw the helicopter. The closest people—guys on the basketball court—are engrossed in their game, oblivious to everything else.

The helicopter hovered in that same position for several minutes. Through my zoom lens I could see that it wasn’t “Life Flight,” the police, or a news helicopter. Then it took off—practically over my head.

Then it took off -- practically over my head

Then it took off -- practically over my head

The following day I checked the online edition of the Northwest Herald local newspaper to see if there was any mention of it—not a word.

When was the last time you saw something out of the ordinary in broad daylight that nobody else seemed to see, or care about?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               — Laurie Buchanan

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23 thoughts on “I Was Minding My Own Business…

  1. It’s your “Blue Brain” intuitive observations skills. I encourage my clients to think about one of my mantras: If you are aware the gifts are there!” Keeping looking up… it’s a wonderful metaphor for how you live your life, on so many levels.

  2. As I opened my eyes there was a mosquito right above me, rather like a helicopter…I clapped my hands together and that was her end. I did not even have my glasses on!
    Bicycle Guy was in the bathroom, home yesterday from his trip, and he asked if that was my new wake up routine – made me laugh 🙂

    We seem to be in the eye of a wind and rain storm – some calm moments and sunshine breaking through. Everyone keeps thinking we have moved right into winter…it certainly feels like fall to me and not winter and it is very humid, which is not normal at all.

    Awareness…my healing adviser is suggesting that the reason I am not losing weight/ or letting go is that I have some deeper fear to resolve…I am moving that idea to the forefront and see if I can bring it into my awareness.

    Nice pictures you share and Terrill too…

    Thank you

    • Patricia – Clapping first thing in the morning does sound like a fun way to start the day 🙂 We’ve had some pretty good rain here as well — I’ll take it over snow any day of the week. Your healing advisor sounds like a wellspring of wisdom – I’m glad you’ll spend some time looking inward (in the Life Harmony program I refer to that as an Internal Inventory).

    • Kim – I can well imagine that your “old stomping grounds” held some dear memories for you. And I know what you mean… I, too, have some photos that wouldn’t mean much to others because they wouldn’t share the same emotional investment as me.

  3. Maybe the helicopter was being used for training a new pilot.

    As for “When was the last time you saw something out of the ordinary in broad daylight that nobody else seemed to see, or care about?”
    A few years ago, on a Friday evening after I had gotten home from the last day of a job assignment and I was standing on my porch. It was a lovely afternoon in September.
    I had been having these Cicada Killer Wasps which are really big…about 2 inches long around my front yard. So, when I saw out of my peripheral vision something fluttering to the right of my head i thought it was one of those. I kept very still and only turned my eyes to look and there was a Hummingbird holding its fluttering right there about 2 feet from my head. It was awesome.

  4. Ah ha! An unexpected sighting! We have lots of strange airplanes flying overhead that we can never ascertain their purpose. Once the folks were mapping. Another time they were looking for minerals (in the air?) Can’t recall the last unexpected sighting that no one else seemed to see or care about. Will come back and tell you if one pops into memory. 🙂

  5. We are completely on the same wave length Laurie! I had the same copter blues just a few days ago while riding in Manhattan with Lucille to a film screening. While stopped at a light we were concerned at the sudden appearance of two helicopters behind two tall buildings that were apparently descending. Usually this indicates that the police are involved, which of course means trouble ahead. I never got to know the reason for the daytime intrusion, but for at least a few minutes we were tense.

    But seeing a helicopter where you did is even more startling!

    • Sam – I think that seeing a helicopter under the conditions that you described would be much more hair raising! We’re in a sleepy little town. You’re in a gigantic metropolis. Not that we can’t experience non-positive things, but man-o-man, folks in your neck of the woods…

      Well, I’ll just stop there.

  6. Hi, Laurie — well, I am a few days late in responding (I am up to my eyegills in homework!). My retroactive thinking mechanism is remembering little things I saw that no one else did: the quick slip of a woman’s hand as she plucked a fruit from the bin at a Safeway and slid it into her purse and the fox who trots in utter confidence past my kitchen window at dawn and at dusk (no one else has ever seen him). I am sure there are more and they are happening all the time around me.

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