I Kid You Not!

By most people’s standards Len and I are considered casual—even amateur—gardeners.

But even we know that when you plant marigold you shouldn’t get cantaloupe!

Mariloupe or Cantigold? You decide!

 What’s been your most recent surprise? 

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
                — Laurie Buchanan

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27 thoughts on “I Kid You Not!

  1. That’s a nice surprise! Our best unplanned surprise is our sunflowers. We feed the birds and wild turkeys sunflower seeds in the winter. In the spring, the seeds they missed sprout up where the feeders were. And sometimes in unexpected places too!

  2. Oh that is wonderful Laurie… the blessings of compost I am guessing 🙂 My most recent surprise is on The Good, The Green and The Ugly post last week http://creativepotager.wordpress.com/2011/09/16/the-good-the-green-and-the-ugly which I know you very much enjoyed.

    I am flying this morning to catch the early ferry to bring us back some new interesting images for Friday’s post… with luck… it may end up being a Saturday post if the internet doesn’t work for me over there.

    Have an amazing week.

  3. Now that’s a pleasant, tasty-looking surprise! I vote for mariloupe. Do you have a mischievous garden gnome in the vicinity?

    Last night Tim gave me a silver dragonfly pendant with a silver peace sign on its thorax – a delightful surprise!

  4. We compost all of our kitchen scraps so have had several of these melonish surprises or bird plantings.

    My favorite in my yard is the tons of yellow and orange poppies that just fill in around the rhody hedge. I think they might be run off from my neighbor’s yard – we are down hill and some years we have massive amounts of forget-me-nots…this year none.

    We planted pumpkins one year and the squirrels moved them across the street…we had none and they had about 45 pie pumpkins which they did not plant.

    I pruned roses this morning and wrote about it for my Thursday post…I discovered a fall crocus with 5 blooms by the compost bin…I did not plant those…

    Appreciating the glory of the surprise – and I do wonder how it will taste?

    • Patricia – We compost all of our scraps too and Len’s pretty darned sure that birds transplanted some of the seeds from the cantaloupe we enjoyed throughout the summer. Your yellow and orange poppies sound lovely. And I think the story of the pumpkin relocation is hysterical!

  5. Somehow I knew Patricia would be all over this post! She’s been doing her own greening as of late, with some of the “results” posted at her place. But it is no surprise at all that you and Len are amateur gardeners, what would have been a surprise if if you told us that you were not. Well, the health and well-being benefits are many, and it’s a persuit everyone should experience in their lives. My paternal grandfather, who lived to a ripe old age of 96, tended quite a large garden for years. What tomatoes we had!

    I was surprised (and saddened) to hear that the pumpkin crop in these parts was severely depleted from Hurricane Irene. They’ve had to call in supplies from out-of-state.

    • Sam – You’ve got quite a set of longevity genes with a grandfather who lived to be 96! I’d heard about the pumpkin issue in your neck of the woods, and then my friend Sandi just informed me about the same type of thing — only with peanut crops — down in the south. Mother Nature seems to be in a mood.

  6. Could it be an “ugly duckling”? My marigolds never do that…however, Missy neighbors have grown “cuculoupes ” for some years nows and she claims they are quite good. If I think of them with Blue Cheese dressing my face gets green…

  7. What a charming garden mystery.
    My latest surprise: Yesterday I visited the seasonal gallery that sells my knitting. They’ve closed up shop for another and presented me with a box. I peeked inside and was thrilled to see two sweaters remained out of 15. Nothing cheers this knitters heart more nor makes my needles fly faster than customers appreciating my stitches.

    • Leanne – What a FANTASTIC surprise you received! My maternal grandmother was a knitter from the word go. She belonged to a wonderful group of ladies who called themselves the Knitwits! That still cracks me up 🙂

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  9. Oh how funny! I love it! Life is mysterious…with surprises every day if we are flexible enough to delight in marigolds turning into cantaloupes. God has such a sense of humor.

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