The Good Life

Proudly displayed on freeway signs, in rest stop areas, and on many of the state-issued license plates, “The Good Life” is Nebraska’s state slogan. The folks here are friendly and the drivers are courteous as we loosly follow the historic Overland Trail making our way toward the endless horizon, dotted with countless turbine wind generators lined up like white-clad soldiers against a flawless blue sky.

Nebraska 09-01-2011

Nebraska 09-01-2011

Nebraska 09-01-2011

Nebraska 09-01-2011

Nebraska 09-01-2011

Nebraska 09-01-2011

Nebraska 09-01-2011

Nebraska 09-01-2011

I leave Altoona, Iowa (state slogan “Fields of Opportunities“) this morning and expect to reach home — Crystal Lake, Illinois — this afternoon where I’ll get a rib-crushing bear hug from Len, and my hands and face will be licked to within an inch of my life by Willa, Lexi, and Claire as their tails beat out an enthusiastic “Welcome Home!” against my legs. 

It has been a pleasure to share my adventure with you. I’ll return to my regular posting schedule — Tuesday and Thursday — the day after Labor Day.

By the way, sometimes it takes a while to discover, but all vehicles have a name. As we’ve gotten to know each other over the past two thousand miles, I’ve learned that the big, beautiful, smooth-running Ford F150 goes by “Clover” — it suits her well.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
                — Laurie Buchanan and our Facebook page

© 2011 Laurie Buchanan – All Rights Reserved

18 thoughts on “The Good Life

  1. It has been a great journey! Thank you for sharing it with us. Hope you have a few days to rest in the comfort of your loved ones once you get home!!
    Daisy, hmm? well I guess you know “her” well enough to call her by a name! LOL~

  2. Great post Laurie and I always enjoy the photos. When I traveled to California, while there and back I saw several areas with the energy producing white windmills. I actually like them. Much better than seeing the poles cluttering our cities with big cables stretching from one to the other.
    Glad you had a safe trip home and warm welcomes from your “family” 🙂

  3. Laurie, it’s been such a pleasure and a treat to travel these roads with you! Thank you.

    Nebraska is so green this time of year. Very easy on one’s eyes …..or so I’m imagining from your wonderful photos and vivid descriptions.

  4. Welcome, again, to the Ford family, Laurie! I hope that you, Len, and Clover have a wonderful life together…here’s to many happy adventures.

    Arrive safe and sound; hugs and kisses await you!

    Thanks for the ride!

  5. I just love a road trip! Thanks for sharing this one with us. Usually I’ll get in my truck and drive, with the camera on the seat beside me and never stop to take a shot or two. Always thinking that the next mile will show something more worthy of my time, stopping and snapping. You, on the other hand, take life’s moments at face value and record them for the enjoyment of others. Thanks. Now I want to see a picture of the truck! Oh, Miss Daisy, my truck sends a cheerful blast of her horn to Clover saying, “Hi there!”

  6. Looks like Dakota! I should have dropped down to Nebraska and said hello! Great pictures, enjoy your reunion with your family … with heart, Daisy (did the peace of the prairie capture your heart en route?)

  7. The cornhusker state has certain open country allure, which you accentuate here with these alluring Americana photos. While we do have our share of friendly people over here in the Northeast, I would that “courteous” drivers are a rarer breed! Ha! But heck, the yello cab drivers set the tone here. I look forward to what will surely be a glorious summary report during your resumed summary post.

    And I’m sure that great big hug from Len in Crystal Lake will rightly be just what the Doctor ordered. Welcome home.

  8. Wow, Laurie — I’ve driven 2,000 miles by myself before . . . on at least 4 occasions, all of them from El Paso, Texas to the East Coast. It is a great way to travel, especially when you enjoy the company you are with (yourself!). Thank you for sharing your journey, all of your lovely pictures, and welcome Clover to the family.

  9. I imagined Nebraska to be more desert – which reveals my ignorance – I was mixing it up with Nevada. I’ve a feeling Nebraska is one of those states that foreigners forget exists if they try to name all 50 – and that’s despite Bruce Springsteen’s best efforts.

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  11. I’m with Ann, I love seeing wind turbines and think they are beautiful, unlike telephone poles and wires… So much to see in this huge country of ours! Thanks for sharing your glimpses of it as you zoom home!

    • Barbara R. – There were places were there were multiple dozens of wind turbines at one time (but no safe place to pull off the road and photograph them). They are ginormous! And I was astonished that they didn’t make a sound — at least none that I heard.

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