Rocky Mountain High

The drop-offs on the the side of the passes traveling through Vale, Breckenridge, and Georgetown, Colorado gave  me a whole new respect for gravity. I don’t know the height at the summit, but I certainly appreciate the literal perspective of “high” in John Denver’sRocky Mountain High.”

Colorado 08-31-2011

Colorado 08-31-2011

Colorado 08-31-2011

Colorado 08-31-2011

Colorado 08-31-2011

Colorado 08-31-2011

Colorado 08-31-2011

Colorado 08-31-2011

Colorado 08-31-2011

Colorado 08-31-2011

Last evening my goal had been to reach Sterling, Colorado. However, there was a Melon Festival going on (I’m not kidding) so there was “no room at the inn,” so to speak. I continued on to Ogallala, Nebraska (southwestern corner). At dinner I was surrounded by what looked like a sea of cowboy hats and was referred to as “Ma’am,” “Little lady,” and “Hon.”

To say that I’m having a complete and total blast would be an understatement. I’m heading out shortly and will post again in the morning.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
                — Laurie Buchanan and our Facebook page

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16 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. I remember driving those Rocky Mountain High roads along mountain passes, in winter no less… just on the edge of everything and just as high!

    It is nice of you Ma’am to stop and share your photos!! Well done!

    • Barbara K., Jeff, Mona, Colleen, Nan, Terrill, Alison, Kim, Patricia, Elke, Linda, and Sandi – Thank you ALL for your comments! I know you’re riding shotgun with me. I’m having a complete and total blast! Hang onto your hats ’cause we’re getting ready for another great ride today!

  2. Oh my goodness, that incredible, endless, blue, blue sky again. Laurie, I don’t know how you are keeping your eyes on the road! Thinking that somewhere there must be a country song about little ladies and big trucks. If not, there should be. Happy travels today!

  3. Ummm, those pictures bring back so many fond memories of driving thru the Colorado Rockies Laurie. . . . .I can almost hear John Denver singing if I listen hard enough. For me, this is the land of ‘majestic’!!

  4. Well ma’am a tip of the hat to you as you step into the saddle on that trusty steed of your and keep a com’in. Photos are great and good to see you taking a break to be able to take them. Holler if you need anything we are only an email or phone call away.

  5. I can tell you are having a great time and enjoying the sides! beauty and gravity all!

    When we went to the wedding in Montana we came into a town celebrating their Testicle Festival – everyone was dressed up as steers with cowboy hats too!

    We have a slug festival near us…..OH the things people will celebrate, because we all need to celebrate!

  6. So much wonderful “ado” to… move a car from a to b.
    I am certainly not a chauffeur travelling a lot 1500 km/year.
    Yes, I know It is peanuts, but I live in a small country.
    Would like to have your courage to take up such a journey.

  7. Alright! I do love me some cowboys too! Beautiful country, bet it takes a long time to feel like your getting anywhere, in Texas it seemed you could drive 2 days towards the same mountain and still not reach it. Hot Dang! Have yourself a extra good time!

  8. God, what beautiful photos, and what a country is out there. These would have made John Ford and Anthony Mann proud, and they directly re-call a number of films that were set in similar terrains, that include wooded awesome blue skies, wide streams, hills and valleys and beautiful lakes. All the inspiration one could hope for and then some!

    I envy you Laurie. This is truly the ultimate drive.

  9. Big beautiful country.
    Ogallala makes me think of Sioux – I suppose you’re not too far from South Dakota here. I stayed on a reservation once on a cross country bus trip years ago. Huge skies, spectacular lightning. Though you seem to have been having friendlier weather.

  10. Amazing scenery – what beautiful country! So much expanse of blue, green, white and brown – nature’s favorite colors…

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