The Four-Letter “T” Word — Test

Due to an up-and-coming birthday, and because I haven’t been tested in 8 years, when I received my Illinois driver’s license renewal notice I was informed that I would have to take the written exam.

I don’t know about you, but when I drive I don’t think about how many feet—precisely—I have to stop behind a railroad track, or the age/weight of children required to be in a safety seat (mine’s 27 years old so it’s been awhile). I’m not sure what the posted signs would mean if the words were wiped clear and I had to rely on color/shape alone…

…so off I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get the Illinois Rules of the Road handbook so that I could study, Study, STUDY.

Illinois Rules of the Road

Illinois Rules of the Road

I got my new driver’s license. This time the organ donor information is built right in (instead of a separate card), and just in time for an adventure! You’ll find out more about that on Thursday. Stay tuned…

What was the last test you took?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               — Laurie Buchanan and our Facebook page

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36 thoughts on “The Four-Letter “T” Word — Test

  1. Good morning Laurie. Assuming that the Illinois and the California Rules of the Road Handbook are much the same, the last test I took was probably very similar to yours. And as we were new to the state and from another country, the road test was also required. Which was a hair raising experience, being new to the area and not at all used to the sheer volume of cars on the road and these Bay area freeways!!

    Looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventure 🙂

  2. The last TEST I took Laurie, was the same one you took. . . .had to do a written exam to get a N.C. drivers lisence when I moved to Asheville 2 years ago. The picture on the front shows me waxing etherial. . . .. I PASSED THE TEST. I literally called on every saint, spirit guide and angel I could think of for extra support with some of the answers. Like you, I just drive – and have been doing so successfully for quite some time now. Never again will I let the darn thing expire and as for moving, ohhhhhhh noooooo not me, I can’t take the stress of one more writtern exam!! Can’t wait to see what your Thursday adventure brings.

  3. Congratulations and happy driving.
    Not that long ago tests were a significant part of my life. Now, well not so much. The last time I was tested was when my knitting was juried by the seasonal gallery that sells these items. I was nervous. Would I pass? Was my knitting good enough? I was so releaved to discovered that I passed with flying colours. : )

  4. I still have 2 children living at home and another school year has just begun. As a result, my most recent test came from my fourth-grade son, “How do you spell ‘descent’?”
    Knowing my son’s talent with pronunciation, I asked for clarification, ” ‘Decent’ or ‘descent’?”
    “‘Descent’, like, going down.”
    As tempted as I was to cheat, I didn’t. I gave him the right answer instead.
    “Look in the dictionary.”

  5. Right now, the people I am living with are testing my patience. My family tests my love and acceptance of them on a daily basis — each new self-imposed crisis brings yet another opportunity to study boundaries and responsibility. My employers regularly test my commitment to do my job in spite of the fact that my projects are woefully underfunded and unsupported. It is hard to tell what is a passing grade for any of these tests . . .

    • Barbara K. – I love your observation: “…each new self-imposed crisis brings yet another opportunity to study boundaries and responsibility.” oh so, Oh So, OH SO true!

  6. Human limitations are always a test — can we surrender to what is with grace? Can we put ego away and live with more spiritual presence? Can we bring joy into the world? And peace? Thanks for sharing, Laurie. Love dropping by to celebrate your creativity and positive spin on the world! With heart, Daisy

    • Daisy – “Can we surrender to what is with grace?” Ohhhhhhh, I just submitted an article about that very topic (acceptance as a key to healing) for the Oct/Nov edition of Sibyl Magazine. I’m so glad for your visit, thank you for stopping by.

  7. Can hardly wait Laurie. You are always off on some fascinating adventure… are you taking the bikes? Oh, don’t answer that! I can wait 🙂

    The last test I took was a hearing test about a month ago. I past with flying colours in the 80 – 90 % range and the technician said I had exceptional hearing. What I forgot to ask is if that was exceptional hearing for someone who is just about 53 years old or if it is exceptional hearing for an average human being. Either way – hearing loss is not the cause for an insistent ringing in m left ear. Next step is to get in to see a nose, ear and throat pro. Sometime soon… but not today. We are off to meet our newest grand baby born Isaac ast Monday.

    • Terrill – Another grandbaby — Isaac — oh how wonderful! I’m glad that you past your hearing test with flying colors. Is the “insistent ringing in your left ear”…is it tinnitus?

  8. “I don’t know about you, but when I drive I don’t think about how many feet—precisely—I have to stop behind a railroad track, or the age/weight of children required to be in a safety seat (mine’s 27 years old so it’s been awhile). I’m not sure what the posted signs would mean if the words were wiped clear and I had to rely on color/shape alone…”

    Me neither Laurie, me neither. And just a few weeks ago while visiting someone at nearby Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, N.J., I ignored (or better, was unaware) of the rule regarding street parking that prohibits 50 feet parking behind a stop sign. Now I’ve heard it all. But my lamenatble cluelessness cost me a cool $53, and has succeeded way better that a six-week crash course would have to extoll the virtues of parking lots. The lot fee was never teh issue though, just the long delays in navigation on both ends. Ah well.

    Terrific news on the results of the driving tests. I know Illinois isn’t the only one to institute such stringent renewal policies.

    The last test I took was about three months ago–an eye test, required in diabetes or borderline diabetes cases. I passed in flying colors–no obstructions behind the eyes of any kind.

    • SamOhhhhhhhhhhhh, fifty-three dollars could have bought you and Lucille each admittance to two movies! I’m so happy to know that your eye test went spectacularly — whoohoo!

  9. Yikes! I’m glad you passed your driver’s license renewal test, Laurie. I don’t think they have renewal tests in Connecticut. Can’t say I remember the last time I took a test, but I do remember that I do well with multiple choice tests. Having to choose the right answer was always easier for me than coming up with the answer!

    • Barbara R. – You mean once a person has a driver’s license in Connecticut they have it for keeps (unless it’s revoked for breaking the law)? Wow — Illinois makes $30 a pop with each license renewal…times a zillion residents that’s a lot of income. I’m surprised that any state would take a pass on that type of income. That’s how Illinois also keeps track of people for jury duty…

      • We have to renew it every six years for a fee of $66, but all we have to do is show up for a new picture – no tests. I got my license 34 years ago and have never had to take a test since then.

      • Barbara R. – Ha! So Connecticut does get it’s money after all (and a steep price that is). But no tests. Ok, scoot over ’cause I’m moving to your state 🙂

  10. Laurie, congratulations on passing your test! I can remember the last written driving test I took–and it was challenging! I feel like I’m being tested every day lately with different family scenarios. Sometimes passing with flying colors…other times not. (Just wondering when the tests will cease for a while…)

    • Kathy – Sometimes I, too, pass the daily tests with flying colors, and sometimes I get a pointed little hat, and am told to sit facing the corner quietly until I’ve learned my lesson 🙂

  11. Hip Hip Hurray on passing the driving test. I need to have an eye test, but as the acupuncture is working on the inflammation in my heel my eyes are improving and the problems are going away…I am hopeful.

    The last big test was watching all the videos on my new newsletter program for Wise Ears and then attempting to post my next newsletter – I failed miserably, but after a long day the folks at Constant Contact were able to help me recover my newsletter template. I am watching the videos again to see if by next week I can get another newsletter successfully sent this time.

    It took me many, many attempts to get my driver’s lic. with dyscalcula – when I found a knowledgeable teacher at age 28 I was finally able to pass…I feel very fortunate to have been allowed this privilege in my life.

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