Anticipation – It’s Half the Fun!

You remember the Heinz ketchup commercial with lyrics from Carly Simon’s “Anticipation” playing in the background:

We can never know about the days to come
But we think about them anyway, yay
And I wonder if I’m really with you now
Or just chasin’ after some finer day

Anticipation, anticipation
Is makin’ me late
Is keepin’ me waitin’

Ever-so-slowly the ketchup would reach the mouth of the bottle, but it was well worth the wait…

Different than dread, anticipation is expecting something positive—something good—and  preparing for it. For example, the anticipation of a vacation is half the fun!

Our little Claire is a 14-year-old Westie. Like clockwork, she gets fed 1/4-cup, four times each day. About an hour before each meal, she goes to the landing at the top of the basement stairs and stares down the steep steps. She knows that’s where her food bowl will ascend.

Anticipation by Laurie Buchanan

Anticipation by Laurie Buchanan

While waiting, her little grip-sized tail is taut—like a reverse exclamation point. When either Len or I climb the stairs with food bowl in hand, that tail is upright and full-speed-ahead—like a lone, turbo-boosted windshield wiper!

What are you looking forward to with great anticipation?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               — Laurie Buchanan and our Facebook page

© 2011 Laurie Buchanan – All Rights Reserved

28 thoughts on “Anticipation – It’s Half the Fun!

  1. It’s so good to look at anticipation from this angle, Laurie. Impatience is its twin sister, I think. I am eagerly anticipating my daughter’s next email from Naples, Italy. Can’t wait to see how they enjoy their time there. (She and I traveled to Rome, Venice and Florence together six years ago, but not Naples. She and her boyfriend are visiting Europe until early August and I am so excited about their trip!)

  2. Ah, sweet anticipation.
    I do wish your pup would have a nice long discuss with my cat. I have three cats. The oldest male is a self appointed alarm clock. His jobs–he believes–is to wake me so that I may feed him. His cries can become rather loud and frantic.
    What am I anticipating?
    The list is long… I’ll the most immediate.
    This weekend is the church fair on Mayne Island. And I am anticipating a sun soaked fun day. Please cross your fingers along with me.

    • Leanne – I love cats (and dogs, and sheep, and horses, and cows, and…) When our boys were alive (Patrick and Dougan, tuxedo cats who lived to be 18), they would Mewooooool (bellyache and whine) and practically fling themselves on the floor to let you know they were s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g and were about to d-i-e if we didn’t feed them RIGHT NOW!

      I will definitely cross my fingers for a sun-soaked, fun day on Mayne Island this coming weekend. Be sure to take photos and blog — ah, but I’m preachin’ to the choir 🙂

  3. Well, let’s see, I am anticipating Joey talking to me sometime!
    I am anticipating a cruise from San Juan in Feb 2012′ celebrating my 50th….and maybe some other things in the works…..most of all anticipating the end of court proceedings!!!!

    Love the picture…..they sure keep track of us without watches!


  4. Both of our dogs are just like Claire – I can tell time by where is the house they are lying down (back door – morning, garage door – kids coming home from school, and laundry room – dinner!) My list of anticipated events is very long right now…I think what I am looking forward to with great anticipation (or sometimes impatience) the most is for our family to be in a better position – not just financially (although that will help), but just a general sense of – it has to get better soon – I know it will – It’s right around the corner….waiting for me.

    • Chris – I love it that your house is like a giant clock with the dogs as the hands pointing to naps, kids coming, and dinner! I hear your anticipation loud and clear — and it is — right around the corner 🙂

  5. I am looking forward to many, many events, people, places, and things; but, most of all, I am looking forward to meeting myself each day as I encounter yet another endless stream of events, people, places, and things that get in my face and say “hey! wake up already! this is your life! live it!”

  6. I have become mindful enough lately, with a slowing down to smell the roses blessing of spaciousness of time, to notice how “anticipation” is 90% of my children’s enjoyment of anything. Could be there is something for this old dog to learn from that ? Like savoring what I think some planned situation will be like and then, delighting in the contrast. Like how I imagine what someone looks like when I speak to them on the telephone and then meet them, and they NEVER look like I was thinking they did in my imagination.

    • Deb – I agree that children are the best models of anticipation! I love the word you used — savor. And enjoyment, delighting, and contrast. Great descriptors that paint a vivid word picture of anticipation.

  7. Lauria, I love the photo of your little Claire waiting at the stop of the stairs. Ah! anticipation has been and is a slow ride to the place which is HOME to me, where I feel embraced by the place and the people. Remembering that letting it happen in God’s time I know it will happen much better that way than me trying to push through. I am eagerly anticipating His surprises through this journey I am walking.

    • Ann – You’ve got a solid plan there in not trying to push through. Easy does it and the boat won’t capsize. But feel free to throw unnecessary flotsam and jetsam overboard because as my mom always said, “Travel light, travel fast.”

  8. Way too cute! Claire (great name) is a smart one, I’d say. And aren’t animals tuned into time … our pets also wait at the exact same time, morning and evening … snacks in the middle … and keep time better than any clock I’ve owned! Just amazing. The rhythm of the Universe is second nature to them, apparently. (I’m anticipating time on the deck with a book this weekend!) With heart, Daisy

    • Daisy – You’re right, our companion animals do seem to have the best built-in clocks — they’re in sync with the Universe. Like you, I’m going to try to carve out some book time this weekend as well. I’m reading “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett and lovin’ every page I turn 🙂

  9. Good morning!

    I think I saw this post flash through my email yesterday but we had a big olde storm, the my connection was cut short.

    Muffin and Riley are the same way, around 4:00 pm it is that time, the time to be fed. Muffin will even jump up and down and talk, in dog talk of course. Of course they tell me when they want to go out for a walk, if I have been busy or not paying attention.

    as for anticipation of looking forward to something; hmm? I think I just went through that with the Solo Photography Exhibit! Of course I am looking forward to another opportunity for a First Friday Solo show in the near future!

    I love Barbara’s answer for I look forward to each morning, when I spend time in meditative walking and reading as well a the moment that blogging captures fire!

  10. Anticipation (love the Carly Simon reference here!) is a gleeful focus, and one that can be casually pondered or obsessively applied. I guess I count myself firmly in the latter category, what with a regular resolve to complete what I have initiated. Love the example of Claire’s meal anticipation and again commend you on that wise time allocation. We are not quite as regular here with our canines, and our portions aren’t small enough.

    Our family is also anticipating our planned brief seaside vacation for late August.

    I am also immersed in the preparation stage of our site’s film musical countdown due to commence in mid-August. It’s been a daily but glorious refresher course watching and listening to a number of older classics, while checking out some newer, inseen material. Yesterday, I got a thrill listening to some subline numbers including this one:

    Gleeful anticipation is hard to beat!

    • Sam – What a COOL clip! THANK YOU for sharing it here. I know you’re working diligently as the gap is closing between now and the launch of the musical countdown over at Wonders In The Dark. I hope you and yours are having a great weekend. I look forward to reading about what you guys have been up to in your Monday Morning Diary.

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