June Is Bustin’ Out All Over!

June is Bustin' Out All Over by Laurie Buchanan

June is Bustin' Out All Over by Laurie Buchanan

You remember these lyrics from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “Carousel”…

June is bustin’ out all over
All over the meadow and the hill!
Buds’re bustin’ outa bushes

Buds are Bustin' Outa Bushes by Laurie Buchanan

Buds are Bustin' Outa Bushes by Laurie Buchanan

Well that’s precisely what’s happening at our home. Our climbing roses started out with zillions of buds. Then like ruffled petticoats, in a matter days, hints of pink started winking through.

Like ruffled petticoats, hints of pink started winking through by Laurie Buchanan

Like ruffled petticoats, hints of pink started winking through by Laurie Buchanan

Finally, the bush exploded with fragrant, tea-sized roses.

Bursting with fragrant tea-sized roses

Bursting with fragrant tea-sized roses by Laurie Buchanan

While taking these photographs we discovered that a pair of cardinals had set up home—with a cozy little nest—in this climbing rose bush.

A pair of cardinals have set up housekeeping by Laurie Buchanan
A pair of cardinals have set up housekeeping by Laurie Buchanan

Shhhhhhhh, be really quiet and tiptoe forward a wee bit. Don’t be shy, just a little bit closer. There now, upon closer inspection—and taking great care not to disturb anything—look who’s there. Simply click on the photo to enlarge it – enjoy!

Look who's there by Laurie Buchanan

Look who's there by Laurie Buchanan

Note: directly through the exterior wall that the roses are climbing on, is our headboard. We can assure you that the babies (and we think there are three of them) have great lungs—chirp, Chirp, CHIRP! chirp, Chirp, CHIRP!

What’s “bustin’ out all over” in your life?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               — Laurie Buchanan

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27 thoughts on “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over!

  1. Laurie,

    Good morning! Well let me try this again… My first message went bye bye!

    Your yard looks as if it is bursting all over. Of course you are a few weeks behind us here! We are still bursting but the heat is slowing things down, everything but the birds of course, they don’t care they do their thing… The Mocking birds were singing their love songs for many nights in a row, I hope they have all found mates now!
    We have blooms on the tomatoes, we have been eating lettuce from the garden, the cucumbers are beginning to climb the trillis I made for them. The lavender is blooming, and the sage has bloomed and is creating new fragrant leaves…
    For me, more social presence is blooming, more creativity, a few more photography exhibits… I take the three pieces today to exhibit for the next few months!!! Yeah!

    I am Love, Jeff

  2. We’re in full bloom here in the western mountains of North Carolina Lauria, we done ‘busted out’ already! I LOVE the new addition to your family. . . . they look like mighty happy birds. And I can almost smell those roses!!

  3. I love climbing roses, Laurie! And those cardinals. We had that happen in Indianapolis, right outside a kitchen window in a small bush — couldn’t believe it! (Hey, Nice Award, btw! Stylish Blogger fits you to a tea!) Best for the day and may the sun warm your roses and the baby birds. — With heart, Daisy

  4. Laurie, I have a white Scottish brier rose which we call “grandma rose” because my grandmother had the first one, is about to bust out into bloom as well. It will be its first year such abundance here on Mayne Island. Enjoy the baby birds!

  5. I love the baby birds, Laurie. How special and significant it is to witness our fellow creatures in their infancy and complete helplessness. It speaks to what new births are evidencing in my life (in all our lives) every day and like those baby cardinals, we look to our Universe to protect and feed us until we can fly.

  6. We have sunshine today! and that is so busting out that I had to take my jacket off for our walk this morning and I am still dripping…
    Lovely pictures – oh those baby birds….we have a nest of some bird just by our roof line at the bedroom window…so far no chirps just stripes of pooh down the windows – they are our highest windows…

    Also the cleaning equipment is busting out, because my 2 books groups meet here Monday and Tuesday nights and then on Saturday next a family from Denmark are arriving for a visit…then borrowing our camping gear to go and discover Canada and the Cascades….I am so happy the greens in the garden are busting our too 🙂 Lots of cooking ahead…

    To life, To life!

  7. Wow! so lovely, and cool about the babies.
    I have not seen the robin lately who built her next and have no idea if there has been any activity in there as it is too high to see inside.

    • Ann – It’s a good thing your robin built her nest so high. If you haven’t seen any activity recently, maybe the babies have already hatched, had their flying lessons, and are hither and yon.

  8. Ah, Laurie, I have think you opened your post here with some infectious verses by those beloved purveyors of eternal optimism. Heck, I wouldn’t mind another viewing of CAROUSEL this week, what with teh musical countdown in preparation.

    June is here indeed, and the heat is reaching record levels. It must be about 95 in fact, today, and it was a few degrees higher than that yesterday. A wonderful outdoor picture essay! Loved the cardinal nests and the new-borns.

    Our long pants are bustin, yielding to light-colored shorts, and it looks like the chilled weather apparel won’t be seen again until October. Let’s hope so anyway!

    • Sam – In the 6th grade our school chorus performed that song and I’ve never forgotten it. Every since I typed that verse into the blog, my toes have been tapping and I can’t get it out of my head! Light-colored shorts are a great thing to bust out in this sweltering heat 🙂

  9. Laurie, it’s all so lovely and spirit-lifting! The roses, the nest of babies, the song.

    I’m indulging in one of my newest guilty?! pleasures…. Classic Turner Channel Movies and just finished watching June Bride so your title captured my attention.

    And smiling at your question of what’s bustin’ out all over. That will be me, soon, if I don’t stop having a whole avocado for lunch.

    • Colleen – Oh how fun, I remember Bette Davis in June Bride! I don’t think I could stop myself at half an avocado. Like you, it’s ALL or nothing (trust me, it’s ALL) when it comes to avocados — I love them!

  10. I like your imagery.
    But gosh – right by your head board. You really are being tolerant.
    And as authorleannedyck says – they really aren’t the most cute birds I’ve ever seen – at this stage anyway.

    • Paul – At this stage they have “faces that only a mother could love.” And are they ever protective. If I go out just to try to take a peek, I get dive-bombed and squawked at!

  11. Hi, Laurie, love your new tenants! Especially the little guy at the edge of the nest, I can just hear him piping, “Mama! Mama! Bug, Mama! Hurry!” I had three little birds to care for long ago, hustling up meals, braiding hair, ironing blouses and dresses kept me on the hop too. My birdies have grown up and flown away with nests of their own these days, but I still can’t walk into a grocery store, hear a child shout, ” Mama!” and not turn my head to look. We are having some wind and thunder at present, we’ve had the same action every day for the past 4 days. So far no rain…at all. I have 3 rows of field peas in my garden that have never seen a drop of rain in their lives and they are nearly a month old. They are soaker hose babies and pretty puny to tell the truth. Maybe we’ll score today and get some of that rain that’s falling somewhere in Georgia. I am doing my best not to go out and stare holes in the clouds.

    • Sandi – And do they ever have great lungs. My gosh can these guys set up a unified roar!

      When children shout “Mama!” in the grocery store I turn my head and think, “Better her than me! I’m so glad that stage is well behind me!”

      I hope you finally got some much-needed rain in your neck of the woods 🙂

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