Don’t Kick the Bucket Before You…

“The future you see is the future you get.” — Robert G. Allen, author

Don't Kick the Bucket Before You...

Don't Kick the Bucket Before You

Spring has finally sprung in our neck of the woods so everything that has roots is growing by leaps and bounds—including the weeds. Unlike my friend Sandi who actually enjoys weeding (I wish she lived closer!), I don’t.

With weeds up to my shins (you can practically watch them grow, crowding out the intended crop), it’s time to do the dreaded “W” word—weed.

Scooting on the ground pulling an over-sized bucket along as I work, I decide to replace my I-hate-this-task thinking with something a little more productive. As my hand grabs the handle for yet another tug, it comes to me. Think about your bucket list (a list of things you want to do, feel, experience, see, and achieve before you “kick the bucket”—die)!

As a person who loves to travel, the first and foremost item on my list is to visit each of the seven continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               — Laurie Buchanan and our Facebook page

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40 thoughts on “Don’t Kick the Bucket Before You…

  1. I’m with you Laurie! Travel is my favorite treat and I look forward to sharing travel stories as we both check off these bucket list items!

  2. Creating or helping to create – or maintain – worthwhile things, experiences and relationships.
    Progress is mixed.

  3. Laurie I am listening to the wind chimes as I read your post. Then sun is coming in the studio from the East. I just talked to my daughter and I am on my way with them this evening to spend time with my sister and her family and mom and dad. My last painting is done for my solo show at the end of June and the housing option recommendations have been approved for the community task force I chair. My sweetie is doing outstanding in his recover and will be keeping the home fires burning while I am away. I have recently spoken to or emailed all of our collection of eight children recently. I feel I am in right relationship with all those close to me. I tell you all this because if I were to die in the next few minutes… I know that all that is important to me and matters to me are in order. I could say I have lived my bucket list with simple abundance and great joy.

    But I do keep one thing on my list that I am not sure I will ever really do. I keep it there because I believe we should all have something to look forward too – something that is just out of reach. Can you guess what it is?

    I would like to take a long ride across the country side in a hot air balloon. I am terrified of the practical aspects of the whole thing but I still would like to do it. But I have never actually made any efforts to make this happen. I think this is because, what else would I replace it with? I have enjoyed imagining this trip so much that I am not sure it matters if I ever do it.

    Great Question! Thank you Laurie 🙂

    • Terrill – What you’ve shared here makes me think of my mother’s philosophy: “You’re not ready to really live, until you’re ready to die.” In my perspective, knowing that you’ve lived your bucket list with simple abundance and great joy is the hallmark of success (my personal definition of success if simple — fulfillment). I like the “dangling carrot” aspect of the one item you keep on your bucket list.

  4. Actually, I have two bucket lists–my own and my mom’s. After she died, I claimed the “I wish I had” dreams she shared with me–visiting New Zealand and taking a balloon ride. In 2007, my husband helped me accomplish yet another bucket list dream–visit Iceland. I’d wanted to visit Iceland since I was 11. My bucket list grows along with me. Some items are accomplished, others added and still others deleted. Two bucket list items will be accomplished this June–sit on a panel and meet with a literary agent. Dreams…sweet dreams…have accompanied me throughout my life.
    However, as Terrill has written, it is good to acknowledge the life I have and to marvel at its wonderful fullness.

  5. How many of the seven continents have you been to so far, Laurie? I love weeding – it feels so grounding and healthy – until August when the ragweed pollen drives me inside until first frost.

    Visiting Norway for summer solstice and winter solstice would be at the top of my bucket list, along with seeing the northern lights…

    • Barbara – I’ve been to 3 of the 4 continents. I can hear John Wayne’s voice Now: “Ya better ride fast pardner, daylight’s burnin’!” Oh, the aura borealis. Yes!

  6. Wow, the old bucket list, huh? 🙂 Well, Laurie, this may sound strange but my list is short. Would like a few more brownies and pieces of apple pie; would like to read a few more books and gaze at Terrill Welch artwork for aimless hours on end; and would like to savor a sense of peace. Anything more would seem like frosting on the cake! Great post, as usual. You are a most gifted kindred spirit. With heart, Daisy

    • Oh Daisy you sure made me smile as I came back from holidays and was reading the comments on Laurie’s post only to find that my paintings made it to your very short bucket list. What an honour. Thank you for your appreciation of my work.

  7. Travelling this galaxy of ours, after having lived long enough on earth to see all people living in a cooperating society of free individuals, aware of and responsible for their relationship to the ecosystems that support us all; and personally experiencing all of those ecologies.

  8. Laurie, knowing you, you’ll make it to all those continents before you kick the bucket! I wish you many plane rides through the friendly skies. What’s on my bucket list? First and foremost~~waking up even further to the preciousness of this amazing moment.

  9. my bucket is overflowing, Laurie — first, I want to live daily by don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Four Agreements” (be impeccable with my word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, and always do my best). These ways of being in the world will help me plow through all the rest of my bucket candy: to be the best grandma ever, to live long enough to see my great-grandchildren and actually know them, to finish my Ph.D. in pastoral counseling, to be of value to others, and (echoing Ted’s sentiments) to know that humans realize we are all part of each other and treat ourselves with the utmost respect and dignity.

  10. Well Laurie, this post certainly brings to mind the Jack Nicholson-Morgan Freeman film of a few years back, which in large measure was an innocuous enough entertainment.

    Alas, I am with you on the travelling aspirations, particularly to the UK, where there are some tourist attractions I’ve long had hankerings to see. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over my fear of flying, though I’ve flown to Washington D.C. on two occasions and travelled to and from Aruba on our honeymoon in 1995. Of course I’d love to see a few of my kids graduate college and secure worthy positions. What parent wouldn’t?

    • Sam – I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the items on your bucket list. [pssssst….. a good clinical hypnotherapist in your neck of the woods should be able to help you with the flying aspect of things.]

  11. Count me in on the Africa trip Laurie. It’s long been a dream of mine to go on a photo Safari in the Serengeti as well as visit The Sechells. I too looooooooooooove to travel:) Weeding, ehhhh not so much. Goo don you for finding a way to raise the vibe around your challenge.

  12. I used to enjoy weeding, but with my knees so painful and the hiatal hernia…I can only do the garden beds that are raised up from a stool…I love using the dandelion tool from a standing position.
    I cannot get up once I get down on the ground. I do lots of the deadheading and pruning work – picking, harvesting, cooking and preserving. My partner is allergic to grass – so mowing is my task too and I am never very happy doing that job…but I am great at thinking about straightening my spine and tightening my abs, stretching my arms up and over my head…and doing a mantra in my head at each turn….I learned that from watching the first Karate Kid movie 🙂

    I would love to see the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC – the nations attic…and maybe the whole Capital Campus. I would like to go back to the UK and really explore and do a walking tour of Scotland – not just a bus ride.
    And sooner rather than later, I would like to meet another blogger in person!
    My list is longer but those are at the top

    • Hi, Patricia — I live right outside Washington DC and have been to the Smithsonian Museums many times. When you plan your trip, let me know and I will be happy to meet you there. My blog is Eternal Presence (Laurie has it on her list). It is worth the trip but come before June or after Labor Day.

    • Patricia – I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the Smithsonian Institute! And having walked 211 miles across Scotland myself, I can tell you it’s the walk of a lifetime. And if you keep reading the other responses, you’ll see that Barbara Kass has just offered to meet you when you visit the Smithsonian — Whoohoo!

  13. Hi Laurie,
    My bucket list, complete my Psych degree, travel to Scotland, Stonehenge and Egypt, and work for my local government. (Gil for mayor!)
    When you come to Africa you must visit with me!
    love and laughter

    • Mayor Gil – It’s so good of you to pop in 🙂 I enjoyed reading the list of items on your bucket list. You’ll be my first stop when I visit Africa — thank you for the invitation.

  14. Thank you Barbara and Laurie…
    I wish I could just hop on a plane and come, but my partner is doing a 5 week bike trip through the Cascade Mountains from Canada to Mexico – it is his turn this year.

    I will book mark this post for future reference!

    I gave up on job hunting and am opening a new business called Wise Ears very soon for professional listening…then when I get to making a living wage, I can just go on vacation – anytime will be perfect 🙂

  15. Hi, Laurie, when you are very old and sitting on the garden stool outside the door of your Scottish cottage, I will come skipping blithely up your walk, ask to see your kaleyard and then fall to, harvesting your weeds to add to your compost pile. Then while you wet a pot of tea and put together a plate of biscuits, I will tell you about my eye-popping time spent at the Findhorn Foundation on the windy coast of Scotland. That’s where the nature spirits help the gardeners learn the best way to grow crops to feed the hungry world. After that, I’ll drop in on Stonehenge, catch a few vibes and plan the rest of my trip. London of course, for the signing of my 3rd book, Gardens of the Mind, and then to Wales, to see the landscape. I’ll probably want a nap by then, catch that on my way to Spain and Portugal for the Blessing of the Fleet and a plate of Sardines.

    • Sandi – Your response has caused a huge grin to split my face. I can clearly SEE this scenario in my mind’s eye with the wonderful word picture you’ve painted here today. I can well see why Findhorn would be pulling you like a magnet. A Master Gardener magnet! I’d like my copy of your bestseller — Gardens of the Mind — to be inscribed, “I’ll gladly take care of your weeding.”

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    • Readers – Our friend Sam Juliano has made a ginormous statement in his Monday Morning Diary over at Wonders in the Dark: “…I am now of the opinion that this ravishing opus [Barry Lyndon] is Stanley Kubrick’s greatest film.” I highly recommend that you go check it out! Here’s a LINK.

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