EGGstra! EGGstra! Read All About It!

The EGGstremely large compost bin that Len built

The EGGstremely large compost bin that Len built

May 2nd was the first time this season that the lawn needed to be mowed—an EGGsample of an outdoor task that I relish because of the EGGsertion! While zooming around the EGGstremely large compost bin that Len built a few years ago, a flash of EGGsceptional color caught my eye.

What have we here? I’m no EGGspert, but upon closer EGGsamination, I discover small bluish-green bird’s EGGs in a makeshift “nest.” I’m not EGGsactly sure why the mom selected that particular spot, but I EGGstended a hearty welcome and went about completing my task.

Makeshift nest in compost bin

Makeshift nest in compost bin

Remember the old adage: “Don’t put all your EGGs in one basket.”

What kinds of plans are you hatching? No YOKE, I really want to know!

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               — Laurie Buchanan and our Facebook page

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46 thoughts on “EGGstra! EGGstra! Read All About It!

  1. Love the post…love the eggs! do you know what kind they are? i’m such a nature lover…watch eagles on the internet in Canada daily! Keep us posted !!

    • Justine – I looked on Google to try to determine the type of eggs they are. I know they’re not robins, thrush, grackle, or house wren. They’re perfectly round (as opposed to “egg” shape), and they don’t have speckles. One of my clients suggested they may be “lizard” eggs. But I’m thinking that reptiles put their eggs in the ground (although I’m not positive).

  2. Laurie,

    What an interesting find! Mother was a bit lazy, or she decided the compose was much warmer.

    My plans are to take care of a health issue as you know, as well as a few photography exhibits?


  3. How EGGciting. I want to join Justine in EGGing you on to tell us EGGactly what bird laid them there.

    • Paul – Your response CRACKED me up (pun intended)! I just shared with Justine that I know what they aren’t… I know they’re not robins, thrush, grackle, or house wren. They’re perfectly round (as opposed to “egg” shape), and they don’t have speckles. One of my clients suggested that they may be “lizard” eggs. But I’m thinking reptiles put their eggs in the ground (although I’m not positive). Our back yard backs up to a 10-acre “protected wetlands” that’s home to all sorts of interesting critters.

  4. What a find Laurie! I am eggstremely curious about what kind of eggs those are! I have been doing a bit of google sleuthing to no avail yet. If they are lizard eggs all advice is “don’t turn them” but you would know not to touch them anyway so that wasn’t much help. It also said to incubate the eggs but the compost bin is doing that so should be good.

    Hummmmm….. I love a good mystery and will be checking back to see if anyone else has figures it out.

    • Terrill – I love a good mystery too. My concern is that Willa (Irish Wolfhound) is going to find them before they have a chance to hatch. She’s been known to use the compost bin as a “chaise lounge” while she sun bathes. If I cover them, the mom won’t be able to get at them either. Relocating them is out of the question, for the same reason and others (shouldn’t be touched). We’ll see how this all plays out…

  5. Is possible to restrict Willa’s access to the compost bin? Like an expectant aunt, I’m concerned about your find. : )
    Plans for May…
    –this weekend I hope to attend a concert of cowboy music on Mayne Island
    –next weekend I hope to celebrate the opening of the Farmers market by watching the Green Man parade. And I won’t forget to attend the book sale at the Mayne Island reading centre.
    –I plan to continue working on Turning (a coming of age adventure). So far, so good–45, 475 words and counting.
    –Oh, yes and I plan to keep knitting. Currently, I am knitting a cardigan–that I hope to sell at a gallery on Salt Spring Island (ArtCraft)
    –Right now I’m planning to have a break to enjoy breakfast.
    Happy planning all

  6. I think I have discovered a business that I can actually make some money at…am at the excited stage this morning and it must be a bit like finding those eggs as you worked around your yard – exciting and yet do you put more compost on top? are they fragile? What actions will you take? Will a neighbor’s cat make a discovery or a raccoon?

    Lots to think about

    • Patricia – I’m excited for your find, whoohoo! You’ll have to keep us posted as your plans HATCH! As far as plans for the eggs…I can’t touch them or the mother will never come back. And if I moved them without touching them (gloved hands), she wouldn’t know where they went to. I’m not concerned about the neighbor’s critters, I’m concerned about my own Irish Wolfhound (basically as tall as I am when she stands on her hind feet). If I cover the eggs, two things will happen: (1) they’ll over heat — compost bins are notoriously hot, and (2) the mom won’t have access.

  7. What a find!! I love the color too.

    I’d share my plans for the hatching of a whole new adventure but I don’t want to jinx it Laurie. I can say this though, It will be as spectacular as those eggs in the compost pile and in the same color scheme – I promise to ‘share’ away later on.

  8. this was a riot, Laurie — no yoke! how punny can we get? great EGGspectations? I’m still hatching plans on what I will be doing in the Eternal City in less than two weeks . . .

  9. Can’t wait to see what they are….I am sure you will be checking as long as they are there.

    My EGGstra hatching these days is colored with all kinds of thoughts, no specific plans yet…..I guess the rainbow of colors is in my head with some clouds and sun….think of a time when a rainbow formed and you did not know if it was goingk to continuek to storm or the sun was going to shine….I love that…I amazed myself with that story!! LOL

    Reminds me I need to hatch some plans to weed my area around the front door, as I see a few popping up. The subdevision keeps up the lawns and mulching, thats about it…

  10. What a delightful mystery, although I hope Willa won’t find them before they’re hatched and on their way!

    I’m hatching plans to get my chores done today so I can enjoy a carefree weekend…

  11. EGGceptional post Laurie, with your typically engaging humor and effervescent spirit. Geez, I had to mow our lawn a few weeks back for the first time, and it was tough pushing through the high grass. Lucille reminds me that it’s needs to be done again very soon. I’m figuring on tomorrow. Just yesterday we were formulating summer plans as to a short vacation to our seashore hideaway.

    Your photo reminds me of the Easter egg hunt that was held in town several weeks back. It’s always an EGGspertly-planned affair. Ha!

    • SamOhhhhhh, to be making plans to visit a seashore hideaway — that sounds like a wonderful time for you and yours!

      On the first pass through the yard, Len raised the height of the mower deck for me so it wouldn’t be quite so difficult. After that it gets set back to the middle position. For some strange reason, I like mowing and trimming hedges. The yardwork task I don’t enjoy is weeding.

  12. Nice compost bucket, and cool eGGs. Gardening season hath arrived! As I told you a few posts back perhaps, I’m hatching plans to be more fully in present-moment awareness. Thanks for asking us.

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    • Readers – If you enjoyed the book, the film, or both — TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD — then you’ve got to visit Sam Juliano’s post today. In it he points to a mystery that I was completely unaware of. Here’s a LINK.

  15. Hey Laurie just checking in….how are the eggs ? do you ever see any birds near the nest? Update pleeez!!! have a great day!

    • Justine – Thank you for checking in. Two of the eggs are broken (not as in hatched, but as in broken open by something — a squirrel perhaps?). The rest of the eggs are intact. I haven’t seen a single bird near the nest. Fortunately, Willa (our Irish Wolfhound) hasn’t discovered them yet. If she had, they’d be gone (in a single gulp).

    • Justine – By jove, you may have hit the nail squarely on the head! I just Googled photographs of bluebird eggs and these come the closest. Some bluebird eggs have speckles, and some don’t. Ours don’t, so that’s ruled out other eggs that look somewhat similar. Bluebird eggs are so darned close (size, color, shape) you may well be right! That said, I’m going to pay closer attention to the feeders to see if we have any bluejays this year. We’ve seen them on occasion in the past, but they haven’t been consistent. THANK YOU!

  16. Hey Laurie! sounds to me like the nest has been abandoned…momma should be on them quite a bit incubating them..aww…Probably blue birds…not blue jays…but interestingly I am seeing a return of the blue jay in this area…they were gone (at least in my hood) for many years!

    • Justine – I sat for the longest time in our garage attic watching out the little window down at the nest in the compost bin. Not once did a bird come by. I think you’re right — it’s been abandoned. I’m glad you’ve got blue jays back in your neck of the woods — I so enjoy visits from them here.

  17. aww…sorry to hear that …i think there were about 6 eggs…wonder what possessed her to lay them there 😦 well..natures way …sounds like it’s time for a bluebird house in your yard!! You are so lucky to have them! I found a wren nest in one of my houses today! lil cutie pies!!

    • Justine – Thank you for checking back. We have a multitude of bird feeders, but we only have one actual bird house (not sure what type of bird it’s meant for, but it’s currently occupied). It’s waaaaaaaay up high in our neighbor’s tree that hangs well over our fence so it seems like our tree. With three dogs (one of them exceedingly large — an Irish Wolfhound), I’m not sure that I want to lure birds into our yard to set up residence — only because Miss Willa could easily have them as appetizers.

  18. oh! you don’t have to copy and can just click on it ..then the screen will open with a photo of a large eagle click on the forward button and it will open to the nest…may take a minute..they always have a commercial first but it’s a beautiful place to visit for serenity!

  19. I know I am way late on this one. Trying to catch up on so many blogs I have not read yet.
    So, how are the eggs, did they hatch?

    I have major EGGS to be hatched that I am working on, thinking about, praying about 🙂 Sadly they all involve finances in one way or another and yet I have decided to work on a paradigm shift. I need to let go of the $$ aspect and think of them differently in order to see how I can hatch them 🙂 It will be a challenge for me, but interesting.

    • Ann – I’m sorry to say that the mom didn’t come back. Two eggs broke, and the rest simply “shriveled” up (at least that’s what appears to have happened).

      Your up-and-coming eggs hatching sounds very, very intriguing. I do hope you’ll keep us posted.

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