Blossoming—What Unfurls Your Petals?

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Earth laughs in flowers.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most of you know that Len and I were recently in California enjoying temperatures that were approximately 30-degrees warmer than the current ones here in Crystal Lake, Illinois. We also took great delight in the multitude of colorful flowers that were in full bloom.

What is it in your life that unfurls your petals—that blossoms you?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               — Laurie Buchanan

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22 thoughts on “Blossoming—What Unfurls Your Petals?

  1. Beautiful flowers, Laurie! Loving the way the Earth is laughing here on your blog. What blossoms me? The feeling of being interconnected, inseparable, all One. (Of course going on trips is also a blooming good time!)

    • Kathy – Glad you popped in this morning. I was seeing the same lovely flowers in California that you’d seen just about a month before us when you visited Christopher and his fiance.

      Interconnection, ahhhhhhh, yes…

  2. Scrumptous Laurie, just beautiful. Such a great way to start my day. Thank you for the inspiration. Indeed flowers in every color, shape, size and variety do indeed cause me to blossom with sheer delight. There’s just something about em isn’t there!!

      • Readers – If you haven’t been over to Creative Potager yet today, I encourage you to do so. Terrill Welch has written an extremely comprehensive about a dangerous process that effects all of us. It’s called, “Quit Fracking with our Water.” It’s well worth the visit – here’s a LINK.

  3. Love, Love, LOVE those blooms! Show me pictures of anything blooming and you have my attention! What makes me bloom? Playing in the garden, of course!

  4. Loved the pictures and the quote…

    yep a little bit of sunshine unfurls my petals….we had a whole day last Saturday – wow..

    but here, when the sunshines all day we need to take a Sun Break like a snow day from school because this year we have gone months without a whole day of sunshine and so much rain last year – even in summer ( could not even get our beans to bloom – now that is cold) Then again, we just must buckle down and get our work done when it rains…it takes folks a few years to learn this tactic – we get a lot of work done

  5. Hi, Laurie — happy to hear you are home safe and sound. I am thinking about what blossoms me . . . and I know that January is someone who makes me blossom just by being in her presence; Jonathan makes me blossom because he is such a challenge to live with (a fun challenge though); the idea that I can evolve to a higher level of myself unfurls my petals; and, of course, being connected with friends like you makes my blossoms grow.

    • BarbaraAh yes, like sun, rain, and fertile earth are to flowers, the people in our sphere of influence can be great contributors to our blossoming. I’m so glad you stopped in – thank you!

  6. Ah Laurie, it was my turn to wait until the end of the day to drop in on your blog for a feast to eyes. Yum! Today what unfurled my petals was watching my sweetie and his daughter as they visited and hung out together. Love doesn’t need many words and these two demonstrate this well. Thank you for all that you do and be in the world Laurie.

    • Terrill – I love what you shared, “Love doesn’t need many words…” I can well imagine it was fun to watch David and his daughter visit. I can also imagine that you were extremely busy yesterday over at Creative Potager where you stirred a wonderous amount of positive energy with your well-researched post QUIT FRACKING WITH OUT WATER. As you know, it lit such a fire under me that I Tweeted it, Facebooked it, and included it in the HolEssence May newsletter. Thank you for the eye-opener — it effects every one of us!

  7. Lovely photos Laurie
    Petal unfurl in response to a chain of genetic and environmental cues.
    For me it is the evolution of knowledge, and with that, the evolving opportunity to make contributions to the systems that support life and humanity.

    It has been amazing to me, how many new visions of the deep level systemic structures within and beneath our political and economic systems I have see in the last year.

    I am trying to communicate them, to share them through my blog and elsewhere. But I have not as yet got the ideas to a level that they have gone viral through the population. And I keep trying.

    • Ted – I’m confident that you folks in New Zealand enjoy a whole different type of lush vegetation. I so appreciate what you shared about knowledge, contribution, communication, and perserverence. Those are, indeed, heady ingredients that serve to unfurl our petals and blossom us!

  8. Random acts of kindness,stories with an unexpected positive twist,a segment called Person of the week on news,and unselfish people in general all help in my blossoming and sometimes even leave a few small lyrics in my heart.
    glad you had a nice spring break with Len.

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