Some Like It Hot!

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Coming to you (almost) live from Coronado Island in southern California…

Hotel del Coronado
Built in 1888, the Hotel del Coronado was the largest luxury hotel in the world and the very first hotel to use electrical lighting. A grand dame, she still holds her head high with the best of them.

Some Like It Hot
The Hotel Del has been featured in many books and movies, but perhaps the most well known movie was the 1959 comedy with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon. “Some Like It Hot” ended up being the largest money-making comedy up to 1959.

Coronado Bridge
Coronado Island is linked to San Diego by a 2.1 mile long bridge that spans San Diego Bay. Construction on the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge started in February 1967 and was opened to traffic in August 1969. Beautiful in the daytime, the bridge is stunning in the evening.

The drive to and from Coronado over this impressive structure—along with the many photographs that I took—triggered thoughts about the use of the word “bridge” as a metaphor. In turn, this line of thinking stirred the pot and bubbled up bridging disciplines—something I use when Life Coaching.

Back in the day a bridge was a singular tool that got us from Point A to Point B—metaphorically speaking and otherwise. In today’s complex world many people move at the speed of technology: turbo-charged in the fast lane, while multi-tasking both personal and professional lives. We’re not limited to a single way of accomplishing something or arriving at a particular destination. Rather, we have a wide brushstroke of options to choose from.

Sadly, when I was researching the length of the Coronado Bridge for this post, I also learned that it’s the third deadliest suicide bridge in the United States—trailing only the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and the Aurora Bridge in Seattle. That information served as an excellent reminder to shift gears and slow down. It’s time once again to put one’s shoulders down and intentionally focus on the breath—inhale, hold, exhale, hold. It’s time to simply be.

Metaphorically speaking, what gets you from Point A to Point B?

 Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan

© 2011 Laurie Buchanan – All Rights Reserved

25 thoughts on “Some Like It Hot!

  1. Laurie I like how you refer to Hotel del Coronado as “a grand dame” because that is exactly how she feels to me. Stunning location and outstanding photographs. Are there any books stores and art galleries near by? The would be icing on the cake for me. I would be tempted to plan a trip someday if this was the case.

    The history of the bridge and your use of it as a metaphor gives new meaning to “life coach.” Breathing deeply with you Laurie.

    • Terrill – You would thoroughly enjoy Coronado Island. yes, Yes, YES there are book stores (not the big anchor-type chains) and several art galleries. I can just see you setting up an easel on the beach…

  2. You certainly “bridged” from one subject to another or are they really related, along life’s journey ?

    I remember the Hotel from the movie very well. I think there is a documentary about the hotel as well. and there is a replica at Disney World.

    Yes, I do get your suggestion/observations that we have many more ways to bridge our lives from one phase to another.

    Looks like you are enjoying your time away.

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Jeff – I’m sure glad you popped in today. I haven’t seen the documentary about the Hotel Del, but I’ll check with our local library to see if they can get their hands on it. We are, indeed, enjoying our time away (we’re actually homeward bound as we speak–back at HolEssence on Friday).

  3. In answer to your question…
    Narrow thinking (believing that there’s one right answer/way) leaves me strained on the highway.
    Broad thinking (believing that the world is alive with endless possibilities) encourages me to fully embrace “I can” and escorts me safely from Point A to Point B.
    Thank you. It’s lovely travelling with you. I hope to do more soon. : )

  4. Laurie, this brought back so many memories of our foggy trip to Coronado Island a month or so ago. It is fun to see what it looks like with blue skies! Another interesting side…as we were driving over Coronado Bridge I had a momentary thought about suicides here, although had never heard this fact. Sad.

    What gets me safely across that bridge from A to B? Breath, yes. As the Sweater Curse said, larger thinking/expansion. I think–sensing the larger awareness which is more deeply us and seeing how it encompasses everything that we can ever think or feel. Surrendering into that.

  5. Awesome post Laurie. The Hotel Del is one of my most favorite places in the world. When I lived in San Diego I visited the island often and ejoyed the galleries and shops as well as the hotel and the beach. Time spent on Coronado was always a magical experience for me.

    I’m not surprised to hear the statistics regarding the bridge though, I always said a silent prayer every time I drove over it,

    As for what gets me from point A to point Be – inspiration like this ranks pretty high that’s for sure, along with quiet time, reflection, trists with nature and lots of deep breathing.

    Thank you so much too for the picture portfolio, I love ridding shotgun in your travel experience.

  6. Thank you for providing a bridge to cherished childhood memories. I remember when the “Blue Bridge” (as we called it) was completed. Prior to the completion of the Coronado Bridge, we could go to Coronado by ferry. Those were wonderful trips with my family. When we lived in southern California, it was a tradition for my parents to celebrate special events at the Hotel del Coronado. Thank you again for this lovely visit to my past.

    • Cindi – I’m so glad this post triggered cherished childhood memories for you. I can well imagine that taking a ferry across as a child would have been especially thrilling 🙂

  7. William Bridges wrote an excellent book called Transitions that I have referenced often to talk about making change in ones life. His research assistant was Gail Sheehy and she took all his preliminary work ( w/o permission) and wrote a book about the 10 year increments we make or think about in our development – stages. Bridge’s publishers sued her, but Bridge himself did not, because he took the research to a finer tuned point of how we make changes as a process, no matter what is happening within our society and culture or present fad.

    There are endings ( a wedding is the ending of being single) there are new beginnings ( the marriage truly usually begins about 2 years after the wedding) and there is the Neutral Zone or the Bridge ( the honeymoon period) in between. There are lots of false starts and interesting signs in the neutral zone….and one must slow down and take care in that zone….I would think that suicide from a bridge is significant in that a person wants to designate the ending of something, but is not willing to cross the bridge all the way and live through the neutral zone to get to the new beginning – just an idea
    Beautiful pictures and nice story telling

    • Ted – We are having a complete and total blast! I’m waaaaaaaay behind in all of my “must” do’s–but that’s part of being on vacation. We’re homeward bound (headed east again) as we’re back in the office on Friday. Our target for this evening is Salt Lake City, Utah.

  8. I get from point A to point B because I have no choice. I have set myself in motion and to cease that motion means to spiritually die. Even after my physical demise, I anticipate continuing my journey from here to there and everywhere.

    I used to vacation with Bethany in San Diego. From El Paso, Texas, it was a 13 hour drive but also flights were cheap. We would get a condo and spend all day jumping waves.

    Have a safe trip home.

    • Barbara – Like you, after my expiration date (the “good through” date on my physical package) I fully expect to continue journey-ing. Although I think it will be more like “From all of A-Z to all of A-Z” in a blink of a gnat’s whisker. Anywhere and everywhere–all at once.

      Your memories of good-times with Bethany sound great. You guys probably went to Seaport Village and/or Moonlight Beach and/or Swami’s and/or La Jolla (where Dr. Seuss lived) and/or the possibilities are endless…

      Thank you for stopping by. We’re homeward bound. Heading safely for Salt Lake City as we speak.

  9. I am laughing as I read this, my parents were very careful about what movies we watched as we were coming up, I didn’t see “Some Like It Hot” and a few others until I saw them as re-runs on television after I married. They saw “Cleopatra” at the drive-in while my younger siblings and I “slept” in the back of the family station wagon. Mom had eyes in the back of her head, she always knew when I was peeking.
    Beautiful photos, so clear and colorful!

    • Sandi – Your comment has me laughing because my mom did the same exact thing with us (eyes on the back of her head) while she and dad were watching “Doctor Zhivago.” We got to go in our pajamas and wear flip-flops so we could go to the bathroom quick-like when we had to. I’m pretty sure the drive in movies from babyhood is where I got my love of red licorice 🙂

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