What Buttons Have You Pushed Today?

The Best Buttons!

The Best Buttons!

We all use buttons every day: we push them on cell phones, appliances in the kitchen, the TV remote, on elevators, and we fasten/unfasten buttons on our clothing. We also use buttons in our phrases:

     Button your lip
     Don’t push my buttons
     Belly Button
     Button-down shirt
     Panic button
     Red Buttons
     Right on the button
     Hot buttons
     At the touch of a button

Even Ringo Starr said, “America: It’s like Britain, only with buttons.”

But THE BEST BUTTONS of all recently winged their way half-way around the globe and arrived just the other day. I received this beautiful button necklace from my friend Ailsa in New Zealand. She crafted it especially for me—and I love it. Needless to say, when wearing it I feel cute as a button!

What buttons have you pushed today?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan


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29 thoughts on “What Buttons Have You Pushed Today?

  1. So far this morning I have pushed the alarm button off, my computer button on, the spray button on my kitchen faucet to clean Hamish’s cat bowls, the microwave button, the toaster button, my iPod touch button, the weather channel button on the tv. I love your necklace!


  2. Ok Laurie you are pushing my buttons with this post! Not!

    I pushed the buttons on the computer to restart it. Buttoned my coat several times this morning, because it is freezing. Pushed the button on my camera so it would go click, click…

    Great necklace, you are cute as a button with in on too!


  3. My grandmother often told my sister and me we were as cute as buttons… That’s a beautiful button necklace your friend made for you, what a great idea! It looks like she used some larger buttons to frame some of the smaller ones?

    So far, the only button pressed today was to turn on my laptop. How about zippers? Used those a couple of times already this morning!

    • Barbara – In some places, the buttons are THREE layers thick with different buttons. I can’t begin to describe to you how gorgeous it is in person, and because of the colors she used, it matches practically everything in my closit.

  4. Love the necklace, Laurie! Looks perfect on you! And your blog post is most creative … button, button, whose got the button? (a game from my childhood memories). Let’s see, re your question, I haven’t pushed any interesting buttons today — all linked to technology, of course. But if the opportunity arises for another kind of button-pushing, I’ll keep you in mind! Have a lovely almost-spring day. –Daisy

  5. Hi Laurie
    Very glad you like the buttons.

    Been pressing many keyboard buttons this morning, a few cell phone buttons, a few remote control buttons, buttons on the microwave and dishwasher, bedside clock, blender, dog lead, and one button one my trousers. Also the flush button on the loo.

    • Ted – Being married to creative Ailsa has to be an amazing experience. Not only does she create art that can be worn, she’s phenomenal at playing the piano.

      Now on to the loo…

      … do you have one of those “tanks” that’s well above the actual “seat” part of the toilet so you get benefit of water pressure from gravity? I don’t know if I’m explaining it correctly, but that’s how it’s done in Scotland, the only other place on the planet where I’ve had personal experience with a “button” to flush (as opposed to a handle/lever to push).

      • Hi Laurie – yes exactly like the Scottish system you have seen, and not at all like yours.

        And yes – living with Ailsa is an amazing journey, far beyond anything I ever imagined possible at the time I met her.

  6. Buttons…well, I am thinking of emotional buttons. Lots of things have pushed my emotional buttons in the last couple of days. And it has felt good…like I have been able to take the raw material of fear, suffering and pain and transform it through writing to hope and possibility. Hopefully.

    • Kathy – As a regular visitor to your blog, Lake Superior Spirit, I know you’ve experienced the emotional turmoul associated with the tsunami in Japan and the resulting devastation. And I am only one in your following of many who appreciate the way your posts are positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing–pointing to hope and possibility. Thank you.

  7. What a great photo, and a buffo necklace, Laurie! Yes we are always pushing buttons! For me today during my prep period I was pushing more buttons than I’d like to remember, sitting at a desk in the principal’s office (who is my wife) letting parents and kids in the front door of the annex builsing! Now that’s pushing them!

    • Sam – For you being sent to the principal’s office is a great thing because you’ll encounter your beloved, Lucille. When I was in elementary school I was sent to the principal’s office on a regular basis (Mr. Fleck). I rather enjoyed the experience because he had a glass eye that sort of “roamed” around as he spoke and it was interesting for me to “look him in the eye” during one of our many serious “chats” regarding my conduct, or rather–the lack thereof 🙂

  8. hmmm . . . I wonder if it is possible to have a buttonless day? Some days, I push so many buttons my fingers are sore. Then there are days when all I seem to do is push other people’s buttons and THEY get really sore at me. I love your button necklace, by the way. What a treasure that is!

    • Barbara – One of my favorite posts of yours over on Eternal Presence was “The Power Button” that you posted back in August of 2010. It left a wonderful and lasting impression on me–just another fine example of the food for thought that you deliver on a regular basis.

  9. Gorgeous button necklace! My Grandmother was a seamstress and had a button box with God only knows how many buttons. When Linda and I were little girls and would go to visit, one of our favorite activities was playing with those buttons, I haven’t thought of that in years! You hit my memory button!
    I’ve been pushing buttons all day, some electronic. some mechanical, and some just regular in-your-face-buttons. Just came from a Master Gardeners Meeting and pushed button there too. It’s been a great day for buttons!

    • Sandi – Your grandma’s button box sounds like it was fun to get into! I know you enjoy attending the Master Gardeners meetings. And if you pushed any buttons, I’m sure they were green and all the right ones.

    • Roamer – “Some days you forget to push the enlightenment button.” You’re steps ahead of me…some days I have trouble finding it… I always enjoye your visits, thank you for stopping by.

  10. Luv the necklace Laurie.

    As for buttons pushed, well, I think I’ve pushed my own buttons today by challenging myself to stay open to all the great receiving I did yesterday on my birthday. Today it felt almost mandatory to ‘shut down’, ‘get back to work’, ‘stop celebrating’. And yet, ya know, I just couldn’t seem to do anything other than not worry and be happy!! Maybe I’ve made a dent in ‘those’ buttons!!

  11. Someone pushed my buttons last night! Went to Duke O’Brien’s like every year. But we didn’t get there early enough. So no green beer, no shepherd’s pie. Went to a different place and they had no more corned beef!!! Sacrilege!

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