Put On Your Big Girl Panties

You're a Big Girl Now by Laurie Buchanan

You’re a Big Girl Now by Laurie Buchanan

Happy birthday blog!

One year ago today you were born…it seems like it was just yesterday. You were such a wee little thing, but look at you now with over 27,450 visits.

And you play well with others. Why you’ve got friends in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Belgium, Scotland, France, and all over the United States.

I remember the day you were Freshly Pressedoh my! – with no advance warning, I didn’t even have time to freshen up the house before all the guests arrived, 1,974 of them. My head’s still reeling from all the excitement. I’m pretty sure that’s when you picked up a few of your 102 active subscribers.

I see you there pulling yourself up and standing on your own little elfin feet. Before you know it, you’ll be into everything and running at break-neck speed!

I have a sneaking suspicion the terrible two’s are just around the corner

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43 thoughts on “Put On Your Big Girl Panties

  1. Happy Birthday Baby! It has been a special year and I am proud to be a witness to your growth. I too will be delivering a blog soon, just a wee bit more development before its birth. I know you will be great friends! Have a beautiful day!!

  2. Oh, my word! Just look at you! I was on hand the very first day you came in to the World….and now…just look how you’ve grown! It won’t be long before you’ll be pulling up your socks as well and taking Big Girl steps out into the bigger, wider world and I’ll be there to witness that as well. Even though your mama has often had a busy, hectic schedule she has always had time for you and your friends. She’s taken lovely photographs every inch of the way and recorded your growth carefully. We can always look back on your first year as a time of learning, laughter and life lived in wonder. Here are my best wishes for a Happy Birthday, looking forward to the next year of watching you stretching up, Up, UP!

  3. Oh wow, Laurie, congratulations!! Your little girl is most certainly going to continue to grace this world with her wisdom and beauty, for which I am extremely grateful!!
    Love, OM

  4. Happy birthday, Baby Blog! Look at you walking all over the place…sharing your contagious love and healing wherever you go. (I laughed so much at your headline, baby. You really know how to talk at such a young age!)

  5. Laurie…congratulations!! I read your beautiful blog often, but don’t comment much. You’ve inspired me to put on my big girl panties and write a comment 🙂

  6. it has been a blessing and a very much enjoyed treat to have been with you this past year, Laurie. I look forward to arriving for a visit, have a delicious helping of your wisdom, and leave knowing more than I did before. I love this connection.

      • Fortunately, Laurie, my calories only show up in the weight of one’s presence not on their scale! We should write a book using the metaphor food for thought.

      • Barbara – You could single-handedly sell “Food for Thought” straight from the meaty posts in your blog. And I’d be the first one in line (actually, Sandi and I would be pushing/shoving for the head of the line) at your book launch!

  7. Dear Laurie, Mazel Tov and Best Wishes on your remarkale acheivement. You have offered so many reader education, encouragement and laughter! What “love”ly gifts! Your fresh and thought-provoking perspecitive is always a welcome surprise in my email in-box that I look forward to reading, even it I dont’ send a comment. Thank you for sharing your Birthday Gifts with me! Warmest regards, Sheila

  8. Wonderful, Laurie! Amazing track record and so much lovely blue sky beckoning you on with spring coming to life around us all. Wonderful timing for a blog birthday! Looking forward to your wise and wonderful ways. — With heart, Daisy


    Wow I am impressed and what a nice announcement.

    I have been blogging 3 years and only have 16 subscribers and about 300 readers a week….

    I love having folks read my words and ideas, but am seriously thinking I need to put my efforts elsewhere as blogging is not a game i am playing well…

    Folks used to purchase lots of books from my site, but not any more…it makes no money. Now I have to figure out what I will try next…truly a failure at making any money in my lifetime.

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