The Sweater Curse

The Sweater Curse by Leanne Dyck

The Sweater Curse by Leanne Dyck

You are cordially invited to a virtual party. Here are the details:

WHO – You

WHAT – A virtual party!

WHEN – Monday, January 10th – all day

WHERE – Follow this link

WHY – To celebrate the publication of my friend, Leanne Dyck’s new book – THE SWEATER CURSE

HOW – On line. Please bring food, drink, and music. To do this, simply follow this LINK and leave a comment with a recipe for your favorite party food, punch recipe, or a link to your favorite party music.

Please tell a friend – the more the merrier!

12 thoughts on “The Sweater Curse

  1. I shall be there Laurie! I am still deciding what to bring but it will be good! I have had the good fortune of reading Leanne’s work in progress. It is so thrilling to see her release yet another book.

  2. Whoa! That book looks like a party! Sure, I’ll be there unless I get snowed in…I’ve always wanted to see what one of the Publishers parties are like. Congrats, Leanne!

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    • ReadersSam Juliano has just posted his Ten Best Films of 2010 list over at Wonders in the Dark. I’m not going to give it away here. You must go over and see it for yourselves. I left a comment and told Sam, “Sam – Not only do I LOVE this list, I LOVE the runners-up list too. I’ve printed the whole kit-and-kaboodle and fully intend to see each one of your recommendations by year’s end.” I recommend you do the same – enjoy!

  4. Laurie, I just took a red eye back from Leanne’s bash! Great lady, wonderful food and refreshments (I was being good of course!) but I got lost on the way in and encountered two young woman at a corner Burger King to ask for directions. They already has Leanne’s book and were issuing unreserved praise. Count me in one that one! Best Wishes to Leanne for the best sales ever for her!

    And again, thanks to you for your exceeding kindness and support, which can never be fully expressed in words!

  5. I just finished reading Leanne Dyck’s new thriller, THE SWEATER CURSE:

    Stitch by colorful stitch, Leanne Dyck knits a tale of intrigue with The Sweater Curse. Set against the backdrop of Canada and told in the first-person voice, the reader steps into the life–or rather, afterlife–of Gwen Bjarnson.

    With a physician mother who has her sights set on career advancement, and a father who’s left emasculated in the wake of his wife’s ambitions, Gwen is placed in the care and keeping of her Aunt Oli’s loving and capable hands–gentle hands that teach her how to knit.

    Her love of knitting stays with Gwen as she finds herself estranged from her family and squeezed into the lives of the upper echelon of society where trophy wives dangle from the arms of fragile, old millionaires. Drifting from house to house, she always has her knitting needles–the one constant in her life.

    Like a revolving door, men come and go, drawn like moths to a flame, enjoying erotic pleasures with Gwen. Until the fateful night when she meets Jaron Cardew, a self-published novelist who sees her for what she is–an artist–and believes in her.

    Drawing her into his circle of artistic friends, Jaron and Gwen become emotionally entwined. While purchasing skeins of yarn–a decadent blend of wool and alpaca–to knit a sweater for Jaron, the shopkeeper warns Gwen, “Knit your boyfriend a hat, scarf, socks–anything but a sweater.” But she doesn’t heed the sage advice. Knit with love, the sweater turns out beautifully–quite literally to die for!

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