O is for One

We're all in the same boat (the tides out in Nova Scotia, by Laurie Buchanan)

We’re all in the same boat (the tides out in Nova Scotia, by Laurie Buchanan)

We are all interconnected, we’re one. Because of this, everything we do—or fail to do—has a powerful ripple effect. Incredibly powerful in that the consequences don’t just extend outward, but travel back again, boomerang-style.

If I hurt you, I hurt myself, and in due course harm my children and grandchildren.

If I lie to you, I lie to myself, and in due course deceive my children and grandchildren.

If I steal from you, I steal from myself, and in due course take from my children, my grandchildren, and so on…

Likewise, when I do something that’s positive, uplifting, constructive and healing, the same boomerang-style ripple effect comes into play.

Our thoughts and actions don’t just affect us individually; they affect us collectively. The ramifications of what we think, say, and do aren’t just local in nature; the impact is global.

It’s my perspective that when we’re mindful of our personal energy signature, it has a positive influence on others. If we neglect to cultivate and maintain our personal energy signature, it has a negative effect on others.

You’ve heard the saying, “Never underestimate the power of one.” It’s true. As extensions of Source Energy—individual reflections of Divine Love—each of us has a sphere of influence. Whether we’re a global citizen like the Dalai Lama, or a local citizen; what we think, say, and do has far-reaching and lasting ramifications. Similar to putting a hand in wet cement, it leaves an impression long after we’ve left the scene. We exercise wisdom when we’re mindful of our influence on others.

The collective consciousness is the interconnected wholeness of life. This is equally true of the “noosphere” that Ken Wilber talks about. The information contained therein is an existing potential for each of us to tap into, enhancing the possibility of carrying the torch of human compassion and understanding a little further. I applaud the way Gregg Braden removes individual separateness when he says, “We are humans with a collective history.”

It’s my perspective that each of us has an undeniable responsibility to ourself and the rest of the world to be our personal best on any given day. The ripple effect is far too-reaching to do otherwise.

What’s your ripple effect?

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33 thoughts on “O is for One

  1. Not only did I read today’s blog, but I heard it. My day yesterday was filled with traffic jams, tourists blocking the sidewalk, shoppers pushing and shoving and sumdry grumps throughout my day. I was taking it all very personally. I woke up with some residual resentments this morning–this blog put me back on track. I am reminded that I am one with all those who crossed my path yesterday. Whew–my head is on straight now and I will be my personal best today. As I am making this mental shift, I’m amazed at how far off the track I was–and how easily it happened. Righteous indignation is not my personal best. There is lots to chew on in this blog–all of the links are intriguing. Looks like some research for the evening hours. Thanks Laurie–as always, you are a light on my path!

  2. Laurie, I am really enjoying your blog. Like Barbara, I too was feeling resentful about having too much to do with a house full of people for several days over Thanksgiving. While I was happy to see my family, I was resentful that I was in the kitchen much of the time and exhausted when everyone left. I was so aware that I was in a negative place and I truly did not want to be there but I could not shake the feeling. Afterwards, It dawned on me that I had skipped my meditation with all the activity in the house. When I went back to my practice, I felt so much more positive.

    Yesterday I found this link which is related to today’s blog. A few days ago Deepak Chopra announced the Global Shift 20 declaration and this video discusses using our collective consciousness to repair the damage we have created in the world–moving from a survival of the fittest to the survival of the wisest. Here is the link:


    Have a great day.

  3. For some reason, the image that popped into my head was cannon balling into a pool and making a giant ripple!

    But on a serious note, I’m trying to just make my ripple in my household less offensive so that things can be accomplished. I’m constantly trying to remind myself of this fact, but I do have a hard head. And my ripple causes myself problems and the other person problems. So I’m sorry that it could be causing earthquakes in another part of the world. I’ll try to remember that next time I was to yell about dishes in the sink. 🙂

    • Beth – I’ve been in your sphere of influence for many years and I’ve only been on the receiving end of fun waves from you splashing and playing, and yes, a cannon ball or two from the diving board 🙂 Living only a few miles as the crow flies from each other, I’d be well aware of any negative earthquakes you trigger.

  4. Hi Laurie,

    While I agree and align with almost all you say, I have difficulty with the “weight” that seems to be given to some of the senses of the idea of “we’re one”.

    Yes we are most certainly related, on very many levels, from the sub atomic, right on up through all the levels of matter, to all the levels of life, to all the levels of culture, to all the levels of mind. We are related in far more ways than most people have even the vaguest inklings, and I suspect in more ways than even the most mystic or most learned suspect; and at the same time – we are all individuals.

    We are individuals, who share a great deal in common – vastly more in common than in difference.

    Both of these aspects, our commonality, and our distinctiveness are important.

    I may be being a pedantic SOB, and the saying “we’re one” often has a flavour to it that seems to express commonality at the expense of individuality.

    For me, that is a great danger.

    For me, both aspects need to be held together, and respected together, as the equals they are, as the necessary relatives they are.

    In my understanding, the idea of a noosphere is something of a misunderstanding. It is an idea that is sort of useful at a high level, but if regarded as anything more than a useful approximation, it can be quite dangerous in its implications. The reality that gives rise to the “noosphere” approximation is one of many individuals, operating at many different levels of consciousness, with very many levels of relationship and information transfer (communication).

    So for me, it is a yes to all the relationships you have expressed, and quite a few more that I am aware of; and it is also necessary to honour “one” in the sense of being an individual; unique and special – as is every individual.


  5. Yes, indeed! A truer letter was never created. The letter of O or 0…that which is a circle and encompasses everything. I believe there is a field of connection which exists around, between, through and encompasses everything. Oneness doesn’t, for me, imply that we can’t be all magnificent shining individuals. (or clusters of selves, lol). Oneness to me feels more like a giant puzzle that you put together on the floor. The individual pieces are stamped with incredible beauty. Yet the puzzle is really One. I think it’s hard to talk about Oneness because every time we say ANYTHING the mind tries to understand it in dualistic terms. When Oneness is really beyond dualism. Thank you!

    • Kathy – I really like the term you use: “I believe there is a field of connection which exists around, between, through, and encompasses everything.” And I heartily agree that we are all “magnificent shining individuals” — I’ll promise to address that when we get to the letter “U.”

  6. I think I actually “got” the truth that we are One when I took environmental science in graduate school and the Gaia phenomenon was still in its infancy. Reading and witnessing how science has proven since that time that we are interconnected not just with each other but also with the molecules of air on the other side of the world. A simple example is the food we eat. I eat an apple that grew from the tree nourished by the sun and the water in the ground. The tree inhaled the carbon dioxide that I exhaled during the day and at night it released oxygen for me to breathe. Creating that apple was a joint effort. My ripple effect is probably greater than I care to know. I am, after all, a participant in this civilization. I respond to my survival instinct that says I must use electricity, I must use a vehicle, I must purchase food that is available to me. Overall, I try to limit the impact of my footprint, and in the end I trust the greater strength of One to adapt and continue.

    • Barbara K. – When you said, “My ripple effect is probably greater than I care to know” it made me think of the wonderful quote, “Never underestimate the power of one.”

  7. I agree-To thine ownself be true,everything starts there,sort of.I feel we are all beads in a necklace interconnected in one way or another.

  8. Powerful Laurie… Your line: “It’s my perspective that each of us has an undeniable responsibility to ourself and the rest of the world to be our personal best on any given day. The ripple effect is far too-reaching to do otherwise.” is how I see it. The ocean is made up of a lot of drops of water. One is where things start and ripple out.

    What’s your ripple effect?

    No matter what religion, background or walk of life, those who work for the good of others are working for a cause thousands of years old. Good will is not just a religious idea. It’s a human ideal. I know a lot of us are proud to support the selfless individuals who volunteer in the face of adversity, who give in times of economic strain, who dare to believe that no matter how hopeless no matter how broken or how lost, there is yet a glimmering hope.

    True help starts with one person… then 2 and exponentially reaches outward… 20, 200, 2,000, 20,000, 200,000 and more DAILY in 150 countries…common membership whether christians, buddhists, muslums, jews, seiks, hindus, new age religion or other faiths non denominational, non discriminatory all help starting with ONE:

    character building
    drug education
    human rights education
    drug rehabilitation
    criminal reform
    mental health reform

    Together we are creating a world without war, poverty, violence, racism, hunger, corruption, illiteracy, and I believe it starts with 1 person, 1 teacher,1 parent, 1 student, 1 writer, 1 pro in any field. Their help is ours.

    Thanks so much for your enlightenment. Love to you!!!

    • Kathy S. – WOW! What a beautiful comment (or to use your words, “heart print”) you’ve left here. You’ve launched my day on a positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing note. Thank you!

  9. Laurie as always I love your perspective as it resonates deeply for me. My ripple effect has often been described as my belief in the integrity of another, resulting in belief and respect for the integrity of self. Or – “when you see the good in me I can see it too”

    • Terrill – Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada — your island — is getting hammered by rain today. That very element is going to make your artwork sales grow, Grow, GROW! I’m glad you stopped by today, thank you.

  10. My Word! So many fascinating takes on the Power of One and the ripple one sends forth. Oddly enough, my ripple starts with one person…ME. It’s not someone else’s opinion on the matter, not a website to visit and ponder over, not a book to read about how others do it. I throw the first stone. I look up, make eye contact with the one closest to me and smile. 99% of the time I’ll get a smile in return. I see a gracious many people everyday who are already stressed to the limit, the holidays are taking their toll and you can see the nerves jumping under their skin. I smile, inquire about their day, and let them know that I appreciate their presence. If they take that smile and give it to someone else, it doesn’t take long to lift the vibrations of an entire huge room. I’ve watched it happen. Even if the smile walks out of the door on the face of another person, that smile will transfer itself from face to face, place to place. I don’t have to lift the spirits of everybody in the World, just the one closest to me…..again and again and again. The ripple takes over from there.

    • Sandi – I so appreciate what you said: “If they take that smile and give it to someone else, it doesn’t take long to lift the vibrations of an entire huge room.” Isn’t that the way of it though…it’s got a life of its own 🙂 I’m glad you stopped in for a visit, thank you.

  11. Just as I felt reading these posts, one ripple at a time lapping over for me, like a wave reaching the shore, for me ONE is simple and yet profound. ONE LOVE.

  12. I adore the concept–the power of one as the catalyst for the connections that we appreciate and are driven for and by in our lives. Hence when you acutely pose that ‘what effects one, affects everyone,’ in regard to family, it’s far more than even a revelation, but rather the defining essence of familial relationships. Of course it could be shared diappointment or grief, but the in a healthy and positive world view, it’s a profound sharing of all that means the most to us in this life.

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