B is for BEing



Be bold.
Be thankful.
Be quiet.
Be original.
Be spontaneous.
Be punctual.
Be a star.
Be young at heart.
Be love.
Be crazy.
Be in the moment.
Be loud.
Be random.
Be adorable.
Be unique.
Be humble.
Be courageous.
Be the change.
Be yourself.

Recently Gil gave a great example of BEing on Barbara’s blog, “In the Presence of Others.” She said:

“I am training to be a therapist at the moment. This week I had an epiphany! I can’t fix anyone; I can only help them to help themselves. I can’t DO anything for them, but there is something I can BE. A listener

How do you express your BEing?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan


© 2010 Laurie Buchanan – All Rights Reserved

47 thoughts on “B is for BEing

  1. I love it! I was in a seminar and the speaker was Italian. A lady raised her hand and asked some random question. His reply with that beautiful accent was “Be Cowza!” So she asked if that had something to do with the culture of India. He looked confused and told her “not cowza that go moo!”
    and he spelled it on the whiteboard… cause. Be cause!!!

    It did get a warm round of laughter and applause. So I choose to Be Cause but feel all of those listed are important and fun to be.

  2. That Gil is full of wisdom 😀
    You have listed all sorts of wonderful ways of being in the world, Laurie. It would be fun to pick just one from the list or one of our own that we want to express more and then just be that as often as we can throughout the day. Today, I will be healing (still trying to shake this silly cold virus).

    • Barbara – Yes, everyone’s “BE” will be different. For instance, today your BE is “BE WELL.” Today at HolEssence my BE is “BE AVAILABLE.” and so forth. When I think of Terrill at Creative Potager I think of “BE CREATIVE.” When I think of Ted in New Zealand I think of “BE VITAL.”

      I hope that you can drink hot liquids and sleep all weekend. BE WELL!

    • Hey, I got it from listening to all of YOU! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. At the moment I am going to BE a hostile environment to a virus. lol

  3. Laurie,

    At first I was a bit “let down” by this blog. When I first begun to read it… Than I let it Be…

    Being is an important action in our state of doing, so while doing what ever your doing pay attention what you are Being, while doing. Just being present while doing chores or working, or driving, or Loving is a higher vibrational state of being…

    I hope I am Being clear…

    I am Love, Jeff

  4. Right now I am BEing Thankful for those blogger friends that are the BEst!

    I am being courageous and bold in traveling to WI once more on Sunday to BE with her in her recovery.

    To BE the helper..

    Great post…5ead on…
    Laurie you are a dear BEautiful friend.

    • Kim – Thank you for BEing available to pop in today. Have a safe trip back up north to BE at your mom’s side as she continues to recover. She will BEnefit from your presence.

  5. How do you express your BEing?
    Yes, I agree you have listed many ways of Being. Right now my being is saying be patience. Didn’t see it on your list, however I’m sure it’s just automatically in your being. I’ve been busy looking at what it is and how I want my “being” to be in relationship to family, friends, business, community. How much responsibility does my “being” want to assume? So I have taken the position of being patience and practice being still and silent and letting ideas come to me instead of developing and pushing so hard.
    So I had my energy and heart charka opened and I used the essential oil for joy on those areas and a little lavender to calm my anxieties of thinking I’m not doing enough!!! So I can experience Being in my moment. Being still and listen to my heart and prepare from there my dreams and desires.
    Wonderful question.
    Thanks Laurie,

    • Jean – This “BE” list was put “on the board” this morning simply for the purpose of priming the pump … to jump-start ideas on ways of BEing. I like what you’ve shared, “BE patience” and “BE still.” And your approach with heart chakra, joyous essential oil, lavender. Wow!

  6. This is a perfect lesson at the beginning of the alphabet, just after alchemy. I have a wonderful list sitting by the computer called “Some reflections on personal presence”. Have been thinking about blogging them. Gil’s revelation is right in line with these reflections.

    We can only help people to be more of themselves.

    Wow! That is so big. If we but lived it, how incredible the world would be!

    • Kathy – I’m so glad you came by for a visit. You’re so right; if we all helped each other blossom, to BE our own type of bloom, what a beautiful garden the world would be.

  7. Great question and great comments all.

    I just had this image in my mind of a multifaceted jewel, with what seemed like an infinite number of facets. Each facet a distinction, that gave a small view of the whole jewel, and the jewel is the infinite potential contained within each of us; with the particular expressions we bring into being, moment by moment.

    I be what I am, when I am.

    My intent is bring the highest level of being that I can manifest, and to be the greatest contribution I can be into the eternal present, and ripple out to others.


    • Gil – I wasn’t familiar with the 1979 movie — Being There — so I went out to Blockbuster and watched the preview (there are several heavy-hitters in that movie, including Shirley MacLaine). Then I checked on-line with our local library and ordered a copy that they can get from a sister library in our local area network. Cool!

      • You will love it. The central character is such a wise, loving and humble man. Just being his authentic self, so powerful, simple, yet so easily misunderstood.

  8. For me, BEing means to exist. To simply BE I must just be breathing – living or I would not exist. When I “think” about what I should or would BE – patient, fun, healthy, on time, spiritual, etc. it requires intention and some times action. It is then that I am no longer just BEing, I am once again in the way of BEing.

    Off to BE.

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  10. From hour to hour my sense of Being drifts with tide of events that surround me. There are times when I am content with going with the flow and participate as needed. There are times when my Being, named Sandi, stretches and struggles to manipulate and influence the ebb and turning of the tides. Some is wasted effort and sometimes harnesses energy that is put to positive use in my life and the life of others. There are times when my Being stays still and lets herself connect with the Greater Being who resides in all living beings. That Greater Being often tells me to relax and enjoy this sense of physical being, this is simply another level in the course of Learning how to Be. Learning how to Be Grateful is an eyeopener!

    • Sandi – I particularly resonate with your words, “That Greater Being often tells me to relax and enjoy this sense of physical being, this is simply another level in the course of Learning how to Be.”

      And of course, to be grateful. To appreciate.

  11. Laurie, I was attracted by the word BEing. The other day I was at a holistic event and one of the presenters suggested that you can’t just “be”, sometimes you have to “do.” I understood what she meant. She was urging people to take action in order to actualize their desires, but her words also indicated that she hadn’t yet grasped the essential difference between “BEingness” & “DOingness.”

    In beingness, I can “BE” active, proactive, responsive, hurried, motivated, agressive, etc., while my body is doing whatever it’s doing. “BEingness” refers to the attitude I bring to the present moment. “Doing” refers to the activity my body is engaged in.

  12. BEing patient with myself at this change of seasons…trying to fight wanting to hibernate and eat!

    Trying to BE happy with who I am and where I am, BEing able to find small (or big) moments of joy in each day.

    • Cindy Lou – When I want to eat Eat, EAT I make myself a huge bowl of air-popped pop corn (no butter/salt) and eat it slowly while I read a book and drink water or a cuppa hot tea. The liquid makes the popcorn expand and I soon feel stuffed to the gils — having consumed very few calories while ingesting a good source of fiber. Maybe you could try my trick to see if it works for you?

      Maybe if you don’t TRY to be happy and you don’t try to FIND joy, you’ll be STILL enough that it will simply land right on top of you 🙂 In my experience when I’ve done that it ends up being manufactured. However, when I’m STILL, the real deal gets me every time.

  13. Gee, I must say I can’t wait to hear your reaction of Hal Ashby’s BEING THERE, Laurie, one of the greatest of film satires. Sellers will have you in stitches. Another one that could enter this discussion is Oscar Wilde’s THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST.

    Anyway, the overriding “being” here is “being yourself” which in the final assessment will inform all the others that precede it on this wonderful scroll of self-realization.

    • Sam – I agree with you that the overriding BEing is being one’s authentic self.

      And with your other comment, I just got on-line with my library and ordered The Importance of Being Earnest – the cast looks great: Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Frances O’Connor, Reese Witherspoon, Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Anna Massey, Edward Fox.

  14. I am being late and embracing it with passion. I am being open, light, playful and calm. I am being a friend, a partner a mother. I am being love as Jeff might say. I love the Bees 🙂

    Laurie the beauty about being behind is you get the gifts of so many other comments before your own. What a treasure.

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