It’s a Dog’s Life

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The other day while visiting Creative Potager, Terrill said that she hadn’t seen my dogs in a while and wondered how they are. So I grabbed my camera for a quick show-and-tell:

Claire—our West Highland white terrier—will be 13 in December. She rules the roost with an iron paw. When we’re all in the backyard, her favorite pastime is to stay between us and Willa. Great at keep-away, she’d make an excellent goalie.

Lexi—our Standard Poodle—turned 7 in June. Often referred to as Her Highness, she’s a princess through-and-through. Her favorite thing to do—indoors or out—is to garner praise by prancing around and posing for attention.

Willa—our Irish Wolfhound—will be 3 next April. Very much the rough-and-tumble tomboy, she loves to chew (hence the femur bone). Her favorite thing in the world is to ride in the car—if she can stick her head out the window, all the better.

Let me qualify the word “our” as used above. They are no more ours than the man in the moon. We are, however, theirs.

Please leave a comment and tell us about the companion animal(s) that have left indelible prints all over your heart.



25 thoughts on “It’s a Dog’s Life

  1. “We are, however, theirs.” Heart melts… what sweethearts. They remind me of my brother Scot’s family dogs.

    We once had a part-coyote (we suspect) named Tasha. She was an amazingly gentle dog who we found pitchforked. We brought her to the vet and she lived for several years before she disappeared. Yes, Laurie, that is another adventure. I should write about Tasha some day. Except I don’t think we have any pictures… unless they could be scanned. Hmmm….

    Thanks for the update to your pups! They are cuties.

  2. Good morning!

    Good gracious a wild bunch of furry creators! Cute, and lovable, each with their own personality, so to speak.

    Thank you for sharing them with us once again.

    I have my two Golden Retrievers, Riley, the Male is 12, and red haired, Muffin who is 5, the female, is golden blond, the are my centering tool, they have taught me more about myself than any other experience I have had…

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Jeff – I’ve seen photographs of Riley and Muffin, they’re both beautiful. Between them there’s a lot of brushing opportunities. I find the rhythm in that task very grounding and centering. I usually sing during our brushing sessions which brings a whole nother dimension to it.

  3. Thanks for the update!
    I hope to see them in-person(animal!) Some day.

    My dog OREOZ is and has been imprinted on my heart! He is always there, interested in and curious about everything!….this morning – have another friend-moms cat Dixie, my stays away and is not friendly…

    • Kim – I’ve met OREOZ and can say from first-hand experience that he is gentle-hearted. I’ve shared with you before that I think both of you landed right-side-up when you found each other.

  4. First I’d like to share my blog because it’s all about pets today:
    My most recent saved pet is my little sweetness – Boots. My neighbor receive her in but is terribly allergic to cats. They asked we would take Boots on a trial run and if we didn’t want her, they drop her on the roadside. Well having lost a cat to a coyote 2 years ago, my big fat cat Persia has been without a friend.

    So we took in little Boots the tuxedo cat. She’s so sweet, tiny, and makes a cute little meow. Our nickname for her is meow meow. Every night she gets under the covers with me like a teddy bear. I snuggle her and most of the time she lays on my neck (my own personal scarf!) hahahaha

    • Beth – I’ve met your feline friends, Persia and Boots. I’m a fan of cats too. Last year we lots our two tuxedo cats — Patrick and Dougan — at the ripe old age of 18. I’ve often said that when I die I want to come back as one of my cats because they had amazing lives — spoiled rotten 🙂

  5. They are just so sweet.
    I use to have dogs but now I have 5 cats!!!
    Kerry would like a dog again, but he may have to wait until next summer when he will have more time to train them.
    P.S. I added you blog site Speaking from the Heart to my list of blogs.

    • Jean – I saw a funny bumper sticker that said, “Dogs have owners, cats have staff.” If you guys get a dog, it’ll be interesting to watch the cats let him/her know who rules the roost! Thank you so much for adding Speaking from the Heart to your blog list.

  6. Hi, Laurie — you know my Magic cat is forever with me. I had her image carved on a new Shamanic rattle I took to today’s workshop. She and I were soul mates and took very good care of each other. We had another kitty along with Magic, The Princess, who just ran in my house one freezing night in El Paso and never left. Long ago, in high school, I had a golden retriever/collie mix named Nicky who was the best-dog-ever. Many, many moons ago when I was ten, I had a cat named Paws. My parents made me give him away when we moved from San Antonio to El Paso and I vowed never to get attached to another cat again. Then, there was Magic . . . so much for that idea! I am waiting patiently to see if another animal makes its presence known to me.

    • Barbara – Yes, I know full well that your cat Magic is with you. Your Nicky sounds like she left an indelible print on your heart too. It’s going to be very interesting to see who the next companion animal is that selects you.

  7. Laurie I am so glad that you brought these three special dog beings by for a visit! And thank you for your link back to Creative Potager.

    I am traveling so will keep this short. Spent my evening with a member of the SWAT team with a wicked looking bullet hole in his head. Surprised he could still walk around:)

    Thanks a bundle for posting these potraits for us.

    • Bullet hole in his head? SWAT Team! Well for heaven’s sake, Terrill, you can’t just drop a verbal bomb like that and then sashay out of the room. I fully, Fully, FULLY expect to read about the details of this event/encounter/episode/incident/adventure in your next Creative Potager post. I assure you that Monday won’t get here fast enough!

  8. Ah Laurie, beautiful animals there! Our own house is a home to three dogs: a black lab (6 years old) and a white lab/hound mix (4) and a black pug (3), as well as two cats and two parrots (one is almost 20 years old, the other 4) Parrots are expected to live the equivalent of 70 human years. Amazing. With five kids we have our hands full, but Lucille and I both would never part with an animal once it’s here. The two cats were “rescued” from an animal shelter, and were scheduled to be destroyed.

    The white lab/hound is lovable, but unlike a pure lab she has that hunter’s instinct, and we lost three rabbits as a result of her being in the house. That was a very unpleasant experience, to say the least.

    • Sam – I think I shall refer to you as Dr. Doolittle from now on. My goodness, you got quite the menagerie! I’ve heard that parrots have quite a long lifespan — do your parrots talk? We’ve had a few squirrels, chimpmunks, mice, and vole left on our back step by our girls too. It’s never pleasant, but as you say, it’s a natural part of their hunting instinct.

      • Laurie, the 20 year old parrot does talk, almost to the point of annoyance! Ha! He says ‘hello’ over and over, and sometimes segues into “How are you?” and “Fine.” It appears that it’s pretty much impossible to broaden the vocabulary, though.

      • Sam – I can see where that would get old pretty darned quick! And you’ve got FIFTY more years of that looped message to listen to? Ouch! I wonder if you left a “recording” going during the day if he’d learn anything from that? You know, have one of the family members say something (repeatedly) onto a tape that you repeat through the day.

  9. I’ve been blessed with many dogs through the years – Keika, Dancer – and we now live with a pack of four…two English cockers, a Chinese Crested and a black lab mix. While they’re all loved, my big old Jack is my bestest! What fun they bring to our days … most of the time, anyways!?!? 🙂

    • Cindy Lou – A pack of four. You’ve definitely got a lot of love going on in your household! They do, indeed, bring a lot of fun. And I bet your big old Jack tries to get right into your lap. My couch-sized Irish Wolfhound is convinced that my recliner is meant for both of us to sit in at the same time–her on my lap. I’m glad you stopped in, thank you.

  10. Hi, Laurie, I love dogs, cats are useful outside for various reasons but I choose not to have any pets that I can’t devote a lot of time to. I see to many left chained up in yards or left alone all day inside. I think that has to be hard on them, there should be at least 2 dogs, 2 cats, or what have you so they can play, argue or ignore each other while you can’t be with them. Give them a choice. For myself, the Chicken Ladies and I have a good working relationship. I take care of all their worldly needs and they make fun of me behind my back and refuse to lay eggs without a bribe being offered. Emotionally, they are sufficient unto themselves, no begging for attention from me, just lay down the pizza and go is about it. I do have my Favorites, Miss Ginger who stands on my shoes when I try to walk, Alice who likes a back scratch before bed and Camiila who likes to boss the others around and won’t let them in the condo at night unless I poke her with my big stick. Miss Blackbead thinks she is Joan Jet and Grandma doesn’t think at all any more, sits in the Sun and Hums a little Hum. They are very entertaining if you are easily amused and are good at bringing your blood pressure down if you have the time to stand and watch. I imagine that they will one day eat me out of house and home and will take off to ingrate themselves to one of the neighbors. At this point they are most useful at guarding the pecans from the squirrels and chipmunks, since they can’t eat the pecans themselves I think it is a rather dog-in-the- manger- type attitude. However, they are only chickens and haven’t got a single Christian virtue to their names.

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